This MONITOR made my a BETTER videographer

what’s heros my name is choose nikita as well as you’re seeing no limits on network from russia with love as well as today we’re having a look at seven inch monitor which is andy cine 4k c7 so allow’s have a look however initially full disclosure and the elderly business did send me this monitor free of cost but they don’t pay me and also i’ll share my truthful point of view concerning this screen as well as they do not reach sneak peek this video prior to it’s published so guys typically first of all let’s chat about the kit besides the box we do have two cable televisions which are miniature hdmi to complete hdmi and micro hdmi to full hdmi and additionally the guidebook and the cleansing towel which is okay then we have the motor itself no batteries included it makes use of sony npf batteries it has twin battery system and also it lasts about 3 and also a fifty percent hours on one 970 the largest mpf battery which is alright at full illumination of training course however to contrast around seven hours we’ll receive from the same battery on the atomos shinobi keep an eye on so simply to keep those numbers in mind additionally it includes this install which is type of l install brace and it’s quite alright you can rotate the screen virtually in

every setting it has the cool shoe mount yet the this component the locking system itself is not as tough and also when you have two 97 is larger sony mpf batteries powering your monitor it doesn’t hold the horizon so it just turns it has insufficient friction but all in all it’s okay it’s good that it comes with this l place since for example the shinobi or the atomos ninja 5 which i’m considering right currently does not included any type of placing accessories in any way except if you are denying some bundles on the body of the screen itself we have the power switch if you tap it once it shuts off the touchscreen likewise right here we have three mounting factors for your devices quarter inch strings which behaves we have some space for sdi but it does not come with sdi it’s a different display a lot more costly one if you need sdi have a look at that version likewise here we have 2 hdmi ports in and also out so you can loop the signal which is additionally very good below we have the earphone jack the sd card so you can download and install or submit your luts to the monitor

which is likewise respectable and also below we have 3 adjustable switches and the wheel and also now let’s discuss the develop quality it’s made out of plastic and i can state that it really feels rather economical sadly and you definitely ought to not drop this electric motor that’s for sure as well as likewise it gathers fingerprints like crazy and pretty glossy as well as glary so it’s not actually bad outside due to the fact that it’s that brilliant 2200 nits is sufficient to look at it despite having the reflections but it’s it’s aesthetically not that fantastic that it gathers fingerprints a great deal all in all i can state that it’s all right let me claim 6 out of 10 build quality so guys now let’s discuss the features of this monitor we have 3 physical switches one 2 and also three they’re customizable i’ll show it to you in a min we have a wheel if we scroll it the backlight will certainly change and if we press it down we’ll have a quick menu which is additionally personalized allow’s press it back once more you see we have a grid we have an emphasis help we can turn it off transform it on and tap on the display to make it disappear or you can swipe from the bottom to call this food selection also if you swipe on the appropriate side you’ll transform the quantity of your earphones and swipe from the left the brightness it’s currently extremely brilliant so it’s 2 200 nits so allow’s maintain it at 1. Then allow’s go to the menu dual tap as well as here we have the landscape which has focus aid if we transform it on we have the features the focus level additionally the shade let’s turn it off after that the zebra setting allow’s transform it on at 94 we do have some too much exposure right below yet if we set it for circumstances to 95 percent it goes away so allow’s turn the zebra off we have monochrome mode it’s grey or black as well as white after that red then eco-friendly as well as blue likewise rather convenient two settings of incorrect color so we have here the numbers we can understand which shade is connected to which exposure which is great you can see on my hands a little bit of yellow right below as well as also let’s return double faucet the second type resembles so and also we likewise have the score right below after that allow’s come back as well as switch off the incorrect shade here we have the grid just the guideline of thirds transform it off turn it on the security pen with different percent so you can maintain your photo risk-free for broadcast for instance um yeah we have a great deal of options below a lot of alternatives then center marker on off thus marker matte allow’s keep it like this so it will be eco-friendly out the parts that run out the

marker which is wonderful if you desire to tailor your footage in the future to make it kind of motion picture two 3 4 two three 5 2 one generally allow’s transform it off additionally below we have the pen shade we can alter it if it gets on obviously and also the matte alpha value the next page is your waveforms the most effective one is all waves right here it is we have the vectorscope we have the rgb ceremony the sound meters as well as the luma waveform as well as the photo it’s likewise quite huge that’s the handiest tool of this screen in my opinion as well as it’s a fantastic point to just pop it on pop it off i have it on number 3 so i simply hit the button the adjustable button number 3 as well as it brings every one of the waveforms as well as screens that i require to evaluate the exposure the white equilibrium and also so on allow’s get back to the menu go to the waveform ceremony we have it below we have various kinds of parades of program we have the vector range on as well as off we have this pie chart on and off we have it was rgb histogram we have the regular histogram which is rather small in my opinion additionally the audio meters which are right here and after that dual tap again allow’s transform those off here we have our luts change it on or off likewise we can import the whole lot through the sd card uh then the hdr setting however it looks quite odd to my eyes so i’m not exactly sure if it’s properly set it claims aslock3 as

governor 3 cine however it doesn’t look right to my eye after that we have the color temperature level presets you can make your photo look cooler or warmer 6500 is pretty exact in my viewpoint after that we have the blacklight mode we have it an on order or menu so it can be changed instantly as well as does respectable job but let’s set it to handbook since it will certainly be overexposed on my top-down cam and after that we have the user tab we can call at a loss eco-friendly as well as blue values so you can calibrate this monitor to your own preference and after that we have naturally the illumination comparison and saturation right below additionally we have a shade and also the sharpness value which is additionally great we can bring it down or bring it up and after that the last web page which is the backlight with the wheel we can alter the backlight we can transform the volume with it or focus or zoom out so let’s keep it on backlight after that personalized buttons f1 f2 f3 the language it sustains a bunch of languages basically some japanese or chinese french spanish italian once again some oriental languages i’m uncertain which is which russian of course which is terrific as well as english i’ll establish to english when again we have constantly the alpha on or off reduced medium or high the osd time the quantity and also the mute switch on or off for your headphones so essentially you can regulate it with the wheel thus or you can regulate it with your gestures also squeeze to zoom makes it thus which is terrific i truly like this function as an example uh shinobi and atomos

ninja 5 they do lack this attribute as well as it’s not as hassle-free at the very least to me this is a fantastic point to have so let’s maintain going so currently allow’s chat concerning the difference between 5 inch display which i’m utilizing currently the ninja 5 versus 7 inch monitor as well as i can claim there is a huge difference so you have a great deal a lot more real estate you see the picture a lot better and also it’s a best size and also at the very least in my situation to judge the exposure to judge focus to evaluate everything generally specifically during intense sunshine so i choose 7 inch a minimum of if you are not actually trying to be really discreet and also sort of hide somewhere due to the fact that it’s a big monitor as well as it’s not as convenient to utilize in run as well as gun situations for run as well as weapon i would still prefer the ninja 5 for example but also for studio workflow it’s a terrific option since it’s really bright extremely huge you can appear such as this judge your exposure judge your white balance and also it’s a 16 by 10 monitor so if you simulate so you can see that we still have some additional location for an area or room for this information and also the image does not alter its scale which is fantastic let me simulate so so if you can attempt out the seven-inch monitor for your shooting needs just go on and attempt it out you’ll be very pleased i hunch as well as it’s tough to go back to smaller displays checks monitor i have another drawback at the very least to myself and it’s the 4k 50 60 or 100 frames per secondly is not functioning with this display it simply goes black if you’re sending out the hdmi signal 4k more than 30 structures per second which is a downer to me as well as i.

need to by hand set the hdmi out in my video camera to be a full hd signal 1080p however given that this display is still 1080p or a little more than 1080p i’m fine with it and also it’s a display not a recorder so most likely it’s fine i simply established it on cam and use it um as always and the picture top quality remains precisely the very same due to the fact that it’s still a complete hd panel an additional 4k panel anyway it states 4k right here yet it’s not so currently let’s speak about atomos shinobi which is specifically the exact same matter as my atomos ninja 5 but without the recorder capability it costs 300 as well as this display costs 269 bucks on b h it’s uh totally worth this rate and it is just one of the very best and also least expensive monitors we have also the fill globe screen which is exactly the very same yet with a different brand i really did not make use of feel world i think it’s the very same however uh given that andy cena did send me this screen i suggest acquire an andy cine one if you have an option so comparing five inch shinobi with this seven inch display i would state that i do choose the five inch monitor given that it’s even more compact and also the photo high quality itself the intensity the comparison of it the sensation about the photo is much better with the atomos so if you have.

additional 30 bucks and also some even more for accessories too for both of those screens i would pick the 5 inch monitor from atomos however if the budget plan is truly tight and additionally you do need a bigger monitor the 7 inch this andy cine c7 is one of the most effective on the market for its rate the most effective bang for dollar i guess incidentally andy cine company additionally does this point which is a smartphone owner a huge one it’s constructed of aluminum very light fatigued really light-weight and also it has the cold footwear places the threads the quarter inch three-eighths of an inch and i’ll be showing this unit later on in my video clips when i have an evaluation as well as contrast of 4 different little microphones both for your video cameras and your smartphones so stay tuned for that video also as well as we’ll unbox it as well as have a look at this tool too i’ll leave a web link down listed below for this particular phone holder so individuals to wrap things up i did delight in using this screen and i do recommend it for acquisition if you did take pleasure in the content on my network please wreck such as well as subscribe buttons as i state in my video clips and also hit the notifications bell my name is ayaki kitchen area from russia with love no limits on channel as well as i see you men in the next make sure bye.