Atomos Ninja V great recorder, but average monitor | SmallHD Focus 5 Comparison

hey there every person today we are comparing this monitor and also recorder atomos ninja 5 to my little hd emphasis 5. In fact i sold it and also i acquired this one as well as today we’ll compare it carefully allow’s go what’s great guys my name is alex nikita and you’re watching no limitations on mtech kitchen area this network is concerning a benefit of being a consultant tips and also pieces of guidance about inspiration personal development equipment technology reviews as well as numerous even more welcome to the network so i have a checklist of contrasts and we’ll obtain the check marks for small hd focus and for adam’s ninja 5 so allow’s begin first of all the dimension as well as weight in fact this recorder and screen is larger and bulkier total even with the cage applied to the little g focus it is still a little bit heavier a little bit larger due to the fact that of this caddy with ssd inside so the check mark goes to little hd concentrate the following thing is boot time this monitor boots up for regarding maybe 6 seconds maybe a little bit less and smaller sized defocus is a much faster one so for expert job small g focus is a far better option the most annoying and also weird thing about this recorder and also screen is when you turn it up it shows you the wrong image and you have to go into the monitor food selection go to native as well as then apply a great deal that you’re utilizing if you’re utilizing a lot of program and also every time you change from 4k to hd as well as when you go to playback setting and after that back to tape-recording mode it always changes to this much brighter picture i’m not sure i have the most recent firmware here but still it’s not working correctly as well as every time i have to go to the food selection and switch back as well as forth in between native and a whole lot as well as after that use it it’s truly irritating and also irritating possibly it’s due to the fact that of my specific model possibly it’s a firmware issue i wish they’ll repair it yet it’s not an expert solution little hd focus didn’t have this problem at all so a check mark to smash the emphasis once again the shade out of the box this monitor reveals a little bit warmer shades and i’m not very sure if it’s exact sufficient tiny defocus had additionally not really exact colors out of the box however we have an opportunity to kind of solution and also to modify the shade in small g focus inside of it and to modify the color

here to adjust it we require to get a separate wire for 100 bucks which is not offered in moscow in any shop so i’m unsure if i’m able to even purchase this one here in russia additionally you require a calibrator and an unique software program so i’m not even able to adjust it in moscow yet that’s strange individuals so as soon as again a check mark to small hd focus that is why i need to depend a whole lot to my waveform screen and also to my rgb parade to set the white equilibrium properly yet anyway a specialist videographer always uses those waveforms you know rgb parades vectroscope for specialist job so do not rely upon your eyes only really i have transformed up this screen to reveal you the brightness degrees and really it gets pretty pretty bright so if we most likely to display as well as we type of rise the brightness you see it’s really extremely brilliant well remain similar to this and actually it’s 200 nits brighter than the tiniest g focus and also it’s a 1080p display and the little g emphasis is just a 720p display screen so this reveals a a lot more crisp image and it’s brighter and also simpler to use outside despite the sound hood affixed to tiny hd emphasis so check mark 2 atomos ninja 5. Additionally you can modify a bit your lift gamma and gain on this display yet i’m not actually sure if you have the ability to do this without sacrificing the top quality so i’m not actually touching those but you have the ability to as well as currently about the functions atomos ninja 5 has much less personalization a lot less modification actually contrasted to the tiniest defocus you’re able to personalize something some you recognize little tweaks yet little g emphasis permits you to tailor your different desktops you can swipe between them you can squeeze to zoom this is not occurring with this screen only one to one magnifier as well as two to one magnifier so it’s just not as hassle-free to utilize as the smallest defocus and also general the modification is a large kind of adverse aspect of this so i like little g far better as well as currently about some various exact functions so the rgb parade right here is much far more dim and also in fact you’re much less able to see it with your own eyes since you only have some tiny strips of shade of red green and blue when the smallest you had the massive the whole wave is red the entire wave is blue and also the whole wave is red not the eco-friendly one and also actually it’s a lot easier to see on the tiny hd

emphasis so the check marks goes as well as once again to little hd in fact i dream i had this in a various method but it is what it is perhaps they’ll fix it with a future firmware however not right now and also generally this display functions a little bit slower actually it’s much slower when you intend to switch on your for instance waveform you’re waiting for around one perhaps even two seconds as well as little hd was instantaneous however i simulate the focus picking much more right here due to the fact that we have the unique black setting when you obtain the black just overall black picture and your emphasis choosing programs only what remains in emphasis it’s a lot easier to see and also i actually enjoy this feature really it provides me the opportunity to see my focus far better when i’m vlogging for circumstances or when i’m i don’t recognize on a gimbal for example so this is better as well as currently regarding the zebras the zebras below are less adjustable in tiny g focus you can set a collection of zebras for circumstances for 75 irv to examine your skin tones and after that to as an example 100 irony to inspect if you’re blowing out some highlights so this monitor does not permit you to do this and you have to dial in your zebra displeasure number and in little g you can just switch over in between two modes and also it was much easier means one of the worst functions for me is the false shade the false color right here is really messed up you have different tones of gray and also you’re not actually comprehending which gray is which and which grey stands for the skin tones that around 75 every and which grain represents around 30 to 40. As well as in fact small hd incorrect shade is a lot better it’s much more clear a lot more clear as well as you see the various colors as well as below the colors that are kind of matching each other and also it’s not simply legible at the very first glance perhaps i’m simply obtained utilized to the previous one but actually i assume this is even worse and also now concerning the aspect ratios in little hd emphasis you can establish different aspect ratios for example your upright for instagram stories your 235 to one for your filmic look as well as your typical one and also here you need to scroll with those things they are presets and actually if you missed out on one you require to experience like 10 to 15 presets as well as dial in the exact one so it’s not really comfy to use the exact same goes with your anamorphic d capture you also require to just scroll with faucet in the one button as well as in smooshy you can have chosen a different one from the listing which was a lot more effective yet this has the black as well as white image perhaps it’s amazing a check mark for this to bad blood additionally this has a feature that you can establish your pens your sort dislikes or some other markers and also you’ll export an xml documents as well as you’ll see it in your modifying software application it’s more of an attribute of your recorder so please sign up for the channel since in three days there will certainly be a video clip about the recorder itself so the recording attributes and also as a recorder this is outstanding really as well as uh small g doesn’t have this function but really it’s not truly hassle-free since you have some weird little kind of colored points and also they are not extremely comfortable to utilize as well as all of the different you know images that you can choose and type of set the women talking or male speaking they’re all just shades in your nle so not actually hassle-free this set doesn’t have an automobile flip yet the small hd had one so when you flip the display inverted it would certainly flip for you and you can either turn it off or turn it on and also for this you have to go inside the food selection and also simply choose flip so not truly hassle-free for me also so the check mark goes to the little hd yet this set has a tally light and likewise it shows the big red box around when

you are tape-recording in fact so you’re not missing your recording time when you simply ruined with the switches and uh it’s simpler to recognize for an individual that you’re firing actually as well as they see that the photo is being videotaped so they recognize that you’re videotaping today since of the telly light so it’s a little good touch atomos ninja 5 permits you to check hdr video clip blog site video and also the rec709 video and use luts little g emphasis just allows you to monitor correctly the rec 709 as well as to use a lot you can download your whole lots to the ssd and afterwards download to the inner memory of atomos ninja 5 and with tiny g you had to utilize the separate sd card so another sd card to buy and you could download those whole lots to the sd card and after that use it on your little hd focus so i think it’s a draw below you can keep an eye on as well as check out your footage later on without connecting in the camera so simply straight from the ssd it’s also a function more of a recorder however you could not do this on your small hd emphasis you had to activate the electronic camera most likely to your playback setting and afterwards view the video footage and also really this set is a little much better in regards to viewing your footage and in terms of playback so the mark goes to atomos atomos ninja 5 functions an hdmi in a complete size one and additionally complete dimension hdmi out so you can out your signal to a.

various monitor or to a tv also and you can use your lut as well as the customers will see specifically the photo that you’re seeing right here with a great deal of light which is wonderful the package itself is type of very little so you obtain just your display and your powered cable television power plug-in with different adapters and a caddy and also this is it so you have to buy the batteries you have to acquire the cords the place and also all that stuff and i acquired the sony package and also it actually was less costly than just this one so it’s all right because that was only a screen and also this set is a recorder also however in fact you have to spend a great deal more cash perhaps i do not understand 2 numerous dollars to really be able to utilize this monitor as well as small g focus the sony bundle was an all set to go set naturally the little hd has the only monitor sets when you get the devices individually yet the set that includes the atomos is very costly so my suggestions is to buy independently every one of the accessories as well as i will certainly go through all of my devices as well as all the web links will certainly be in the summary below in the next video so make certain you’re registered for watch this or perhaps it’s even out already as well as you can watch it right currently both monitors have the headphone jack so if your video camera does not have an earphone jack you can check your sound through this headphone jack on the display itself so it’s a draw below however you can additionally use this one as a recorder as a separate recorder and also you.

can tape-record as an example four networks of audio as opposed to just 2 networks of sound with your camera only so this set is a bit much better in this facet as well as now about the battery life actually i bought two batteries for 5200 milliamp hours and also they are around one and a fifty percent hrs each so it’s not a quite large amount for circumstances small hd emphasis could perform at complete brightness with those 2 batteries for the entire big day as well as this screen and also recorder simply choose with batteries so at the very least three batteries with 50 to 100 milliamp hours are called for to use it properly this monitor includes only 2 screw strings near the bottom as well as at the top and i really missed out on the one on the side since the tiniest defocus had a special you know sort of arm as well as you had here the cool footwear adapter it was far more convenient to use with your microphone and also here you can connect the special you recognize this thing the tiny warm shoe adapter or chilly footwear adapter actually and use it like this but think of below the world cordless go or even the rode videomic pro right here it’s just a big really high setup not extremely convenient for me at the very least and also currently concerning the climate ceiling actually for.

me the little hd focus was a rather wonderful screen since i was firing in wet snowing problems in wet problems and absolutely nothing happened to that monitor this has the special grid for the pants and i’m in fact scared of using it in the rainfall or with the sandy you understand things since i’m extremely you understand terrified if some water comes within and it can damaged break broke damaged it can damage actually so not actually suggesting to utilize it outside in the bad climate condition so the check mark mosts likely to small ag focus as well as regarding the vent itself it’s a rather rather noisy one so let’s right here we’ll switch over to the recording setting as well as currently you can hear the followers are kind of starting as well as it’s a quite pretty kind of you understand yes it’s very loud actually it’s not that loud when you are in fact videotaping but still it can destroy your audio periodically so just understand this atomos ninja 5 includes a full dimension hdmi so no even more flimsy micro hdmi cables as well as small hd has their exclusive wires so this one is better because you can use virtually every hdmi 2.0 cable television you can examine those out if they are working as well as if they are tape-recording 4k 50 or 4k60 but it’s much cheaper than to purchase a proprietary wire from smallhd and also in terms of safety how do you call this in english it’s rather safe in below as well as in little hd you had kind of a little opening and you plug it right into the opening and also it’s not type of lightweight uh so it’s additionally quite protected and currently regarding the mount in fact i have actually purchased this place from.

aliexpress as well as this can be turned 360 and likewise you can sort of tilt it like so or like so and also it’s a bit much better than this arm with the tiny hd since it permits you to not obstruct with your video camera your watching angles and really i just merely like it much better because of the rotation but you can still use the different accessories on your small hd emphasis so this set is a draw so guys below are my ideas regarding comparing the little g focus 5 as well as this monster of a recorder yet still a cell so keep an eye on atomos ninja 5 it has some peculiarities and workarounds i’m really pretty fine with those peculiarities but still the tiniest jeep is a far better display in my opinion so please share your opinion in the comment area below and we’re carrying on to the quote of the episode the very best is the adversary of the excellent one the russian people wisdom as well as the concern of the episode which keep an eye on do you make use of and also do you enjoy collaborating with the atomos ninja 5 as well as which one is much better the small geofocus 5 or the atomos ninja 5 really also or ninja d whatever you call this so please share your thoughts in the comment section listed below as well as please people don’t forget to shatter such and also subscribe bottles right here due to the fact that i do appreciate it as well as it does help in terms of the youtube formulas and also i’ll see you in the following video clip please inspect the recorder evaluation which is the next video clip on my network and also i likewise value it make sure men see you in the next bye you.