OnePlus 8T vs OnePlus 8 Pro Speed Test

the oneplus 8t recently released and it cost around 300 cheaper than its bigger brother the oneplus 8 pro aside from their cameras they have very similar specifications on paper both have qualcomm’s snapdragon 865 processing chip both have lp ddr5 ram that we have 8 on the 80 we have 12 on the 8 pro and both have ufs3 storage although the oneplus 80 has the latest ufs 3.1 as opposed to ufs 3.0 on the oneplus 8 pro android 11 on the 80 and android 10 on the 8 pro both of them have 120 hertz refresh rates and we’re going to be dropping the 8 pro dance full hd plus to match that of the 8t we’ve also left animations enabled over here and we’ve made sure that no battery optimizations are set for the apps that we’ll be using today round one will be all about boot fingerprint and face unlock round two will be initial opening app speed and round three will be all about ram management using my fingers over here so to keep things accurate we’re

gonna pop gopro footage at the bottom left hand corner this is technique and without further ado let’s go we’re gonna start with a simple boot here in round one to see which device it can start up the phone faster it is

slightly quicker on the eight pro compared to the at picking up its first points in round one and actually going into the devices themselves loading the actual app icons the eight t pulls back here now getting it its first point in round one we have the exact same under display fingerprint sensor it is indeed optical underneath the displays of both devices over here and it is the neck and neck every single time three draws a piece there so no point was allocated when it comes to facial recognition we don’t have anything secure here just 2d facial recognition systems in both of the selfie cams of both of the phones and the oneplus 8 pro was faster every single time picking up at second points and closing off around one with a lead making sure that we hooked up to the same wi-fi network max brightness and all apps are closed in the background we’re gonna start round two with the camera app going into the camera app over here the oneplus 8 pro open it up quicker and flipping to the selfie cam it was too close to call taking the snap the eight pro is actually quicker but the 80 actually saved its gallery quicker so no point was allocated over there and the next app that we have next system app that is is gallery which the oneplus 8 pro opens up quicker because it loaded the actual picture we took slightly faster this time around and going into the actual picture it was too close to core next up is a

calculator once again a too close to all of you now we’re going to do a little sum just to give you guys a little bit of a mathematics lesson and going into the next app which is indeed the phone app once again too close to call last system app that we’ll be jumping into here is indeed settings which surprisingly the oneplus 8 pro actually opened up slightly quicker though we do have a new settings interface on the at with oxygen oso hydrogen os 11. going into speed check and internet speed test it was too close to cool when opening up the app and now we’re going to run the speed test we’re not really going to be checking out download upload speed but more so how long it actually takes to do the test so 21 seconds for the oneplus 8t and can the oneplus 8 pro beat it no it can’t 21.5 seconds so the oneplus 8t picked up its first point in round two as opposed to three for the oneplus 8 pro going into our next app over here which is indeed spotify too close to call over there i’ve never had that one happen before and the next app is made by adobe adobe photoshop express a photo editing app and going into the eight pro was slightly quicker in opening up the app and going into the photo as well now we’re gonna go ahead and hit export ufs 3.

1 storage on the 8t should be quicker but it wasn’t the efs 3.0 on the 8 pro

actually you said safe to gallery at the bottom of the screen quicker than the 80 getting its six points in round two so far dominating the eighteen now at seventh points after opening up adobe premiere rush over here slightly faster and going into our video project slightly quicker as well we’re going to take this a 4k at 25 frames per second file we’re going to compress it down to 1080p match the frame rate of 25 frames per second and hit export on both devices at the same time i’ve sped it up bottom right hand corner well when we start exporting right now and let’s see which one can take at the ufs 3.1 storage on the 80 or the 3.0 on the 8 pro the ufs 3.1 storage on the 80 actually took at this time 1.5 seconds quicker than the 8 pro via getting the oneplus 8t two points now in round two as opposed to eight on the eight pro the oneplus 8 pro quickly strikes back opening up astral vpn slightly faster but the at strikes back once more turning it on slightly quicker we need a vpn here in china in order to open up our next run of apps first one is indeed facebook which they both open up at the same time and loaded different things at different times but ended off with the same result time over there so no point was allocated slightly different for instagram over here where the oneplus 8 pro picks up its first double digit point with 10 points as opposed to 3 on the 80 same thing with twitter over here picking up its 11th point there going

into youtube over here they opened them up pretty similarly but the oneplus 8t actually loaded the entire page quick over there became its fourth point in round two next app well next thing that we’ll be doing in youtube is going over to my channel which the eight pro opens up slightly quicker and opening up one of my videos over here the oneplus 8t opens it up quicker plays it quicker and loads the entire page quicker getting at its fifth point in round two just seven points behind that of the eight pro i can’t really say just seven that’s a pretty big difference going into netflix the 80 worse quickly and opening it up and going into my profile over here now just a five point difference between the two devices and going into google chrome it was too close to call over here now we’re gonna go into our first game of four here being subway surfers since we got the new user interface for subway surface it takes a bit longer to load than previous times and we got its 13th points toward the oneplus 8 pro slightly opening up that game faster third last game over here is indeed flip diving a little quicker to load than subway surface and jumping into it it was way too close to call over

here so no point was allocated the next game that we have second last game a second last app of the 20 is indeed temple run to speed it up slow it back down and no surprise the oneplus 8 pro open it up quicker using android 10 as opposed to android 11 on the 80 i haven’t got my update for the 8 pro yet it is at the latest available software stage on android 10 the 8 pro is that is indeed but the 8t does indeed open up pubg mobile in 13.5 seconds as opposed to the 16 on the 8 pro making it slightly quicker to open up a graphics intense game closing off round 2 with 8 points on the 8t as opposed to 14 on the 8 pro when it comes to ram management neither phone should have any problems keeping 20 apps open and they don’t add all of you both of them have lp ddr5 ram that is what matters the difference between 8 and 12 gigs of ram is so minimal unless you want to keep 50 or 100 apps open in the background but if you just have 20 over here as you can see no points have been allocated because neither phone has killed an apovia they’ve all kept them nice and snug open total score here nine points for the oneplus 8t as opposed to 1641 plus a pro if we focus just on raw speed that is indeed round two we get eight points for the oneplus 8t as opposed to 14 for the oneplus 8 pro so the oneplus 8 pro did indeed get a six point lead in terms of performance hopefully we get improvements to the at with future software updates this is tech nick and i’ll see you in the next one you

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