Mi 10 Ultra vs Lenovo Legion Phone vs Realme X7 Pro vs RedMagic 5S vs K30 Ultra Charging Speed Test

these 5 recently launched gadgets are some of the fastest billing smart devices on the earth up first we have the lenovo legion phone pro which has the greatest 5000 milliamp double cell battery of the number here with as much as 90 watt charging we have to use 2 blocks over here the included 45 watt block in the box along with a 45 watt samsung block in order to charge both usb type-c ports lenovo does indeed offer a block that can do both we also have the xiaomi mi 10 ultra with a 4 500 milliamp hr battery the fastest charging block i have ever seen which comes consisted of in the box 120 watts the actual me x7 professional with a 65 watt block packed in the box with a 4 500 milliamp battery the red magic 5s only comes with a 18 watt battery charger in package but you can splurge for a 55 watt charger from nubia with a 4 500 milliamp battery and also last however not least the redmi k30 ultra with 33 watt billing the most affordable of the buncher with the exact same 4500mah battery of the three previous phones this is strategy and also without more ado let’s address the top right edge we have the time interval which is in relation to the battery portion above each device so

whenever the moment interval changes the battery portion will alter too it is not indeed live after simply six minutes 25 on the lenovo 28 on the xiaomi 19 on the red magic and the genuine me and also 6 percent on the k30 ultra dropping listed below the various other gadgets despite having the same size battery yet much reduced billing power level after 10 mins 43 on the lenovo one percent higher than that the xiaomi 32 on the real me 33 on the red magic and also 15 on the k30 ultra so the red magic is now one percent ahead of the x7 pro over right here getting to that 15 min period we have 61 on lenovo currently two percent ahead the xiaomi with 63 47 on the real me 49 2 percent ahead on the red magic 5s as well as 26 percent on the k30 ultra hitting that 20 min mark interval we have 36 currently on the k3 ultra 59 on the red magic matching the real me 78 leading the pack is the me 10 ultra as well as 75 percent just behind the me 10 ultra is undoubtedly the lenovo myriad phone pro we’re gon na pass this and most likely to the 30 minute mark i have actually indeed allowed plane setting below in addition to automatic illumination on all gadgets 96 on the myriad phone pro after 30 minutes 99 practically clocking out the me 10 ultra after half an hour 81 on the real me 82 on the red magic 54 on the k30 ultra and after simply 31 minutes the xiaomi mi 10 ultra clocks out over there with a hundred percent of juice booting it’s a 4 500 milliamp hr battery resting at

around a 47.2 degrees in celsius which is fairly relatively outstanding for a quick charging 120 watt smart device after just 35 mins over here a couple minutes longer than the xiaomi is undoubtedly the lenovo legion phone pro at a hundred percent resting at a bit hotter levels in celsius sevilla 49.7 degrees in celsius rounding off at 35 mins and after the 35 minute mark we have 91 on the genuine me 92 on the red magic and 64 on the k30 ultra now after 40 mins 96 on the real me 97 still leading the pack right here the red magic fives and 72 on the k30 ultra which one is mosting likely to go out first in between the red magic as well as the genuine me x7 pro it is without a doubt the red magic fives with a lower electrical power charger yet the very same milliamp battery over right here and it’s utilizing a solitary core battery and also not a dual cell it ought to be the coolest over right here considering that we were using the fan while billing at 42.2 levels in celsius it definitely is 43 mins over there excusable for the red magic fives as well as after just 45 minutes we just two minutes slower than the red magic we hit 100 on the genuine me x7 pro sitting at regarding 39 degrees as well as celsius below excusable taking into consideration about 40 degrees when you take the dual cell into

accounts at the top of the phone over there store the coolest phone out of the number over here yet the most affordable milliamp hours per min at 100 milliamps per min the very best was without a doubt the xiaomi in addition to the lenovo at 145 milliamp hours per minute and also right in between all of them is the red magic fives with 105 milliamp hours per minute i’ll leave the calculation for this down in the description so make sure you check that out after the video clip the redmi k30 ultra finding clocks out 100 after an hour as well as six mins still quite quickly charging and definitely the coolest over here considering that it’s not utilizing a double cell and it’s not truly speeding past the various other devices 35 degrees in celsius here but the worst 68 milliamp hrs per minute for the redmi k30 ultra for the area over right here we have the redmi k30 ultra with a hr and also six mins it is marketed to do it in 58 mins so a little timid of that nevertheless still rather great billing for 33 watts fourth place is undoubtedly the real me x7 pro which is marketed to do it in 35 mins after that we obtained 45 mins over below with that remarkable 65 watt charging block that is available in the box 3rd place not far from the real me is 43 minutes the red magic fives with a 55 watt charging brick 40 minutes is the marketed time so pretty near that second location right here is indeed the lenovo myriad phone pro with 35 minutes with its fantastic 90 watt twin billing over here simply

advertised to do it at 30 mins so not also much off of that and also top place is without a doubt the xiaomi mi 10 ultra keeping that huge 120 watt block that comes bundled in package with 31 mins though advertised at 23 mins now if all gadgets had the specific very same 4500 milliamp battery the four phones on the right-hand man side do certainly have a 4500mah battery so going down the lenovo down so that it would really get on the same level with the xiaomi utilizing a lower electrical power block of 90 watts at 31 minutes so really great stuff over there for lenovo when contrasted to marketed test results the lenovo was 5 minutes slower the xiaomi was eight mins slower the real me was the most awful 10 mins slower than its marketed time the red magic fives was the very best comparing it to its market time at three mins lower and also eight mins reduced on the redmi k30 ultra i really hope that you guys delighted in seeing this video clip as much as i did making it this is tech nick as well as i’ll see you in the following one you

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