Asus ROG Phone 3 vs Black Shark 3 Pro vs RedMagic 5G Charging Speed Test

the asus rog phone 3 is an outright monster when it concerns performance however just how does it fare up in a billing rate examination against some seriously fast billing video gaming mobile phones of 2020 well the asus comes coupled with an enormous 6 thousand milliamp hour battery the biggest of this examination as well as you finally obtain that 30 watt billing block in the box which is the max wattage that we can do the black shark 3 pro comes coupled with a 65 watt charging block in package which is definitely incredible with a somewhat smaller 5 thousand milliamp hr battery the red magic 5g features an 18 watt block in the box so you need to divide your additional however it can rise to 55 while billing which is a block that i have right here with a 4 500 milliamp battery this ought to be really intriguing to see this is technic and also without additional trouble allow’s go we’re going to start right here certainly by plugging them in simply to allow you guys understand i’m going to connect in the rog phone 3 on the side mounted usb port that is what they state is the fastest possible hyper cost speeds hypercharge is the 30 watt block that you enter package by the means i have actually made certain that all battery optimizations on the rog are off there aren’t really charging optimizations on the black shark and the red magic specifically time period at the top right edge after five minutes six percent on the rog 14 on the black vehicle as well as 15 on the red magic 5g after simply 10 mins we have 11 on the rock phone 27 on the black shock and also currently beating that the

red magic 5g by one percent with 28 gon na speed up things up when again return down to 15 mins right here the moment period 19 currently on the rog 44 on the black shark 44 on the red magic currently exactly connected will be really intriguing to see which one can come out faster so 27 on the rog after 20 mins 60 on the black shark currently surpassing that of the red magic with 58 after 20 minutes and also reaching that half an hour mark which we will reach in a second we have 44 percent on the rock phone 85 now on the black shark now going even additionally past the red magic 5g on 82 simply checking out some warmth over here you can see that the rog is close to 50 levels celsius being the most popular of the three phones over right here the red magic simply a bit cooler than that yet the coolest phone right here most likely the black shark 3 professional keep in mind guys i am residing in china it is presently summertime over here so it is extremely warm i’m speaking about 35 40 levels celsius just in my residence alone so you’re gon na anticipate temperatures similar to this relocating on approximately the 45 min mark which we’ll get to in a 2nd however first let’s see that’s gon na take it in between the black shark as well as red magic the red magic 5g gets a hundred percent after simply 44 minutes that is definitely crazy but remember it does have the smallest four 4 500 milliamp hour battery out of the 3 phones of below afterwards 45 min mark we have 66 on the rsg phone and also 97 on the black shark 3 professional almost there with a much larger battery than the red magic the black shark 3 pro is in fact doing a much better task if you ask me we’ll obtain to a million pounds per min in a second the red magic 5g 42 degrees after that it did its billing run the black shark 3 pro simply knocked senseless a.

hundred percent after 51 minutes still very impressive fast billing for a substantial 5 milliamp hr battery and also the rock phone at the very same time is sitting at 72 when the other two have actually already hit that 100 mark sitting at around 40 levels celsius on the black shark 3 pro so it is a little cooler after its fee of the red magic 5g although it has a bigger battery and also faster electrical power billing but it has much less milliamp hrs per min compared to the red magic and also much less percentage per min as well if you take a look at the end of the screen there you can see that the very first four thousand milliamp hrs billed on the black shark and also on the red magic it is much better on the black shock with 27 minutes 148 milliamp hrs per min over there contrasted to the red magic’s 118 milliamp hrs per minute so the black shark is actually charging its initial 4 000 faster than that of the red magic 94 on the rog phone after a hr and 15 mins it is taking fairly a while bear in mind the rog phone 2’s fastest time on my channel was a hr.

as well as 45 mins so i did utilize the bottom port it is said to do around a hr and also a half too making use of these side installed ports which supports active cost electrical power block that you obtain in package after an hour and half an hour 98 virtually striking that full cost price of 100 there on the rog phone and also after just one hour and also 34 mins it hits 100 men this is not the worst charging on my network the apple iphone and also sony xperia one mark ii with a tiny 4 thousand milliamp hr battery struck it in nearly two hours so this six thousand milliamp hour rock phone 3 is doing a far better work than those phones and also in its first 4 thousand milliamp hrs it got a 46 minutes of charge which is actually fantastic yet 3rd location nevertheless the rock phone 3 with an r in 34 mins still a large battery so if you’re asking me i’m pretty amazed that’s not extremely long to wait it’s a very full cost only 6000 milliamp battery so you can position the black shark 3 pro with 51 mins right here certainly you have that remarkable 65 watt billing block more than dual that of the rock phone 3 and starting point the crown king still in video gaming phones fastest charging video gaming phone i have evaluated on my network red magic 5g 44 mins 55 watt billing however the tiniest 4 500 milliamp hr battery over below contrasted to their ideal previous outcomes of course i haven’t evaluated the rock phone 3 prior to however the black shark 3 pro was 9 mins slower than its ideal outcome and the red magic 5g was 4 minutes slower as well as the rock phone 3 is actually 10 mins quicker than its predecessor rog phone 2. As well as throughout the initial 4 000 milliamp hour charge of this examination the rog phone 3 in fact had a better milliamp hours per minute than its complete charge which is now 87 in the very first 4 000 milliamps contrasted to 64 milliamps total which implies that the phone would certainly bill a lot much faster if it allowed full 30 watt billing throughout the whole examination from absolutely no to 100 yet in order to preserve battery life and also letting your battery last over the years to find rog has been wise sufficient to slow things down at around 85 90 percent so it would certainly be 46 mins if it had a 4000 milliamp hr battery the black shark 3 pro would certainly be 27 mins if it had a 4 000 milliamp battery once more 50 more milliamp hours per minute over there for the black shark and also 102 milliamp hours for the red magic on the complete fee raises to 118 milliamp hrs per min in its very first 4 000 milliamps however remember this phone is just 4 500 milliamps so it’s not that much of a dive down on what the battery is presently sitting at as well as we got 34 minutes there so the black shark 3 pro would really be the fastest of the 3 phones over here if all of them had the exact same 4000mah battery men i wish that you appreciated enjoying this video as high as i did making it this is technic as well as i’ll see you in the following one.