DETAILED REVIEW Asus ROG Phone 3 – The Gaming Smartphone for EVERYONE!

the asus rog phone 3 is the first smartphone in the world to house the impressive snapdragon 865 plus processing chip i have the 10 cent version of the phone which is only found in china the specs at the top and in relation to the price there as well compared to the euro price i know that the rupees started around 50 000 we have this awesome aero case in the box over here much better than a standard tpu case we also get a nice little dongle here to switch from usb type-c to a headphone jack and we have a type-c to type-c braided cable we get a 30 watt hyper charge charging block in the box this time around last year’s 10 cents edition only came paired with an 18 watt block in the box so you had to split extra for the hyper charge 30 watt block here is the back of the device itself the color is known as black glare and you can see why it looks absolutely phenomenal this is the only color variant you get in the phone it would be nice to get different color options but nonetheless this is the variant you get the cover looks awesome but unfortunately it doesn’t really protect the camera bump but otherwise the actual design of the cover and the feel of it just feels absolutely incredible much better than any other free case that you get in any other smartphone box out there the led light at the back looks absolutely amazing and of course you can customize it the way that you’d like using color cycle strobing or breathing effects that you can change within the settings of the phone itself it looks very elegant and sleek compared to other smartphone devices which most of the time are usually too over the top for me we have an aerodynamic system over here which is a copper heatsink which is six times larger than that of the rog phone 2.

we have the rog a trigger 3 technology as bumper triggers at the top which are indeed ultrasonic and have up to 4 inputs this time around i just don’t like that they are so smooth i prefer the indentation that you see on something such as the red magic 5g or the actual physical pop-up triggers that you see on something like the black shock 3 pro so they are pretty hard to find but if you slap on your arrow case it makes it a little bit easier over there on the right side of the phone we have the red accent colored power button we also have quite a large volume rock over there though it is unfortunately not split we have a dual sim tray here and unfortunately no room for a micro sd card slots on the left of the device we actually find the accessory port once you can get it open which is paired next to a usb type-c this is actually the charging port that you should use that supports the hyper charge 30 watts and if you use it to charge your phone while gaming it makes it a lot more convenient even when using headphones while gaming so you don’t have to worry about the obstruction that you would usually have from a side mounted one on a regular smartphone the bottom type c port is only usb 2.0 and the side mounted one is usb 3.1 we have some pretty awesome battery care options here you can actually set the charging limits to 80 which is 4 800 milliamps which is absolutely superb we can also use slow charging over here to better reduce damage of degrading our battery over time they even give you a battery carrying tip saying that you should not over charge your smartphone we have dual front facing stereo speakers here and they are the same size at the top and the bottom which is something that you don’t really see in smartphones that

generally have front-facing speakers the asus rog phone 3 looks absolutely fantastic and compared to other gaming phones it is a lot more sleek looking it is a little bit thicker and the camera bump is protruding a lot more than the other phones it is quite heavy heavier than the red magic 5g a little bit lighter than the monster massive black shark 3 pro but not by much and it is definitely heavier than the samsung a little bit taller and a little bit thicker as well the rocking effect of the phone itself is due to the camera where the other gaming phones is due to the curves at the back the samsung of course the camera as well we have an aluminum frame here with gorilla glass 6 on the front and gorilla glass 3 at the back of the device so the back is not strongest i do prefer matte finish smartphones i wish that they would bring this to gaming smartphones i hope they do in the future the asus rog phone 3 looks absolutely stunning at the back but what do you look at most when you’re using your rog phone 3 well it is going to be that display we have a 6.59 inch amoled display with 1 billion color something that you don’t see very often 113 dci p3 color gamut 650 nits peak brightness 144 hertz refresh rate 270 hertz touch sampling rate and 25 milliseconds and 18 milliseconds touch and swipe latency respectively 7.

1 inch mammoth of a screen on the left hand side there black shark compared to the slightly smaller one in the middle there on the orig of phone 3.

I can say that the borders don’t bother me too much though they are the biggest gaming borders that i have seen on a phone it will mean that your palms don’t really touch the screen when gaming we’re going to compare the 60 to the 90 to the 120 to 144 hertz options on the rog phone 3 here we’re going to slow it down and see if there is a big difference between the two on the right there especially because the origi phone 2 came with 120 hertz display so should you upgrade for this reason alone in my opinion no you can see the frames between the two on the right are so similar guys in my opinion you’re not gonna actually feel any difference between 120 and 144 hertz display on a smartphone when it comes to other smartphones though we have the two gaming phones here being the red magic 5g also with 144 hertz the black shock all the way on the left with 90 hertz that’s the max there 120 hertz on the samsung which is not a gaming phone just thought i’d show you guys over here you can see the two phones in the

middle are pretty similar obviously they are both 144 hertz the 120 on the samsung is so similar but of course the black shark doesn’t look quite as smooth with the 90s display we don’t have many different options to change when it comes to the display but we do have dark mode we can also change the color temperature here dark mode is what you would expect on any amoled screen these days as well as an always on display panel which you would also expect on other phones these days though at least we have more options this time around with the rog phone three also have a little under display fingerprint sense over here i say little because it is little i wish that these things would get bigger nevertheless it is indeed optical very similar to the one found on the rock phone 2 before it it works just as fast as any other phone around maybe a little bit slower than the black shock a little bit faster than the red magic like i said it’s much of a muchness i like the placements of the fingerprint sensor that it is high up it is a lot easier to reach than other gaming smartphones when it comes to face unlock we are stuck to 2d face unlock so it is not very secure and speed wise it is pretty similar to the black shark 3 pro though there is a little bit of an animation over there and compared to the red magic 5g it is quite a bit faster in this respect the launcher that we have is zenui or rogue ui some like to call it it is the closest that zenui has ever been to stock android we have some really awesome gaming themes that you get out of the box

over here and when you squeeze for a long period to enable x mode then you get this wonderful animation on these light or dark themes respectively and it changes a little bit of a border around each icon to red i prefer the classic skin though in my opinion this looks the best for an everyday smartphone user of course if you’re gaming centric then you’re going to want to use one of the gaming themes but i prefer this yes you can still use x mode with it enabled and you can also change the wallpaper if you don’t really like that like i said it is very stock android like compared to previous generations of rock phones but talking about that squeeze that i was doing earlier you can actually use a short squeeze and a long squeeze to open any personalized application that you’d like but you can also change it to switch between vibrate mute as well as loud such as that you would see on the oneplus 8 pro or you would see on the iphone 11 pro max but i feel like the gesture style of doing it on the rock is a lot easier to do with that full screen gestures over here and we have something called power button menu style changer i’ve never thought i’d say that before uh we can also change the status bar icons at the top and we have a wonderful led notification light at the top left of the screen which is awesome and the haptics feel absolutely incredible on the device you have something called optiflex over here which accelerates app launches and reduces app reloads which is something you don’t really see that often and now we’re getting into

performance so we have the armory crate over here which is where you can manually set x mode and we have a maximum cpu frequency which you can change almost 3.1 gigahertz guys in a smartphone just take a moment and take that in it does say fan speed over here but that doesn’t mean there is a fan inside the phone like you would see in the red magic 5g you have to splurge extra for the actual clip-on accessory we also have different settings for those touch triggers at the top of the phone i like the slide setting it kind of gives you a feel of an actual controller that you would use or the dual partition button setting which make you feel like you have bumpers and triggers that you would usually use on a controller so let’s get into some gaming over here the first is going to be call of duty mobile with a 60 fps cap yes the game is capped at 60 so even though you have a wonderful 144hz display on the rog a phone 3 that can actually go to 144 fps if you’re playing a game that is kept at 60 such as cod mobile then you’re only going to get a 60 fps as you can see at the top it is extremely stable we have really nice display options at the top there which can read to your cpu gpu percentage that you’re using you’ll heat your fps and how long is estimated that you can still play for at the top right it’s currently saying 10 hours which is absolutely mental the interesting thing about the dual partitions though is that we can use them as four inputs instead of two so i have the aim down sight on the very left and then just enter that i have the crouch option on the right hand side i have shoot and reload we also have dual front-facing stereo speakers so let’s have a listen to that grenade out [Applause] contact with enemy these speakers sound absolutely

phenomenal here is pubg mobile max settings over here this is the global version and here is the game for peace version of pubg it’s actually the chinese version of pubg you can actually get up to 90 frames per second using the smooth graphics settings which is the lowest graphics setting over here 90 fps guys very stable over here really awesome to see in a gaming phone such as the rog phone three bullet force no fps cap so we’re going to be seeing 144 fps as you guys can see at the top over there one four four and then dead trigger two over here also no fps cap so we’re going to be seeing 144 once more but the cool thing i’m going to show you guys now is macro so you can actually do macro bindings over here you can record a macro layout and then you can hit play over here and then you don’t have to actually touch the device this will really help with rpg games so role-playing games massive multiplayer online games that many of you will play where you have those tedious combinations you always have to click this will really help you in that situation it works really well here even with a shooting game i must say with a really long loadout over there and it worked really well as you can see we’re getting a pretty stable 135 144 fps over here so it’s fluctuating a little bit and we also have a crosshair option [Music] uh this is true 144 fps gaming though performance is not all about

gaming let’s run some benchmarks we’re going to start with antutu version 8.4 over here there was the battery and cpu degrees in celsius at the start of the test i’ll compare this at the end now i have put it into x mode and i’ve also plugged the fps counter at the top over there as you can see this is the most hectic part of the antutu benchmark we’re only sitting at around 16 fps over there that’s pretty common we have a battery drain over here minus five percent which is pretty much the same as average train temperature for the battery has added 6.2 degrees in celsius which is a lot more than the average 2.7 degree celsius that you would usually see in a vanilla snapdragon 865 processing chip phone and the cpu is also pretty bad adding six degrees celsius over here with a peak of 47 degrees celsius which is a lot worse than the average adding of 3.5 degrees celsius with the vanilla snapdragon 865 processing chip the rog phone 3 scored over 600 000 so that’s a good thing 614 000 this is only 5.3 better than the average vanilla snapdragon 865 processing chip score now we’re going to go ahead and run geekbench of 5.2 over here the single core score on the rog phone 3 is just 0.66 percent better and the multi-core is just 1.

05 percent better than the average snapdragon 865 processing chip score so i guess you could say that the cpu has not really improved by much as for gpu though things are a little bit different with opencl gpu api benchmark testing over here we got a 14.66 percent increase and with a heavier hitting vulcan api we got almost a 20 increase than the average snapdragon 865 powered smartphone but this phone is not only about gaming and performance we also have a decent camera setup over here we have a 24 megapixel selfie snapper which can be been down to 6 megapixels the 24 megapixel selfie looks great 6 megapixel bin looks even better and the bokeh effects look absolutely stunning with pretty much no edge detection whatsoever what’s up guys this is technic recording a 1080p 60fps video on the asus rog phone 3.

Yes the selfie video can record up to 60 frames per second using full hd which is absolutely phenomenal for a gaming smartphone let me know what you guys think of the video and audio quality of the asus roxburn 3. at the back of the rock phone 3 we have a 64 megapixel imax 686 sensor a 13 megapixel ultra wide and a disappointing 5 megapixel macro we also have eis so no optical image stabilization here and a variety of different video options too with the highlight being 8k 30fps 13 megapixel ultrawide looks great 64 megapixel main looks pretty standard the bin shot looks a lot better two times zoom is only digital overview no telephoto looks terrible at five times eight times as the max zoom which looks absolutely unusable 13 megapixel ultrawide once again looks stunning 64 megapixel main very neutral 16 megapixel bend absolutely fantastic and as soon as we pass that one times to go into two times five times and eight times zoom i don’t recommend this guys especially on a gaming phone such as this using a portrait mode of a human being which is me over here the bokeh looks absolutely phenomenal and of an object as well using the bokeh effect which is indeed portrait effect pretty much no edge detection once again getting close up and personal you can’t use it with the main camera but you switch to that macro shot and it looks absolutely fantastic i might say not the best macro sensor i’ve seen around it is kind of useless but it’s there if you wanted here is 1080p at 60 frames per second using the main camera at the back we do have a gyro electronic image stabilization it looks pretty fantastic i think 4k at 60fps looks even better i’m glad we have 4k at 60 mini gaming phones drop 4k down to 30.

so that’s good to see we also have 8k at 30fps some gaming phones don’t include 8k at all so this is a nice feature and we actually do have electronic image stabilization at 8k which looks great moving around it doesn’t look the best though it’s standing still things look absolutely phenomenal moving on to ultrawide video we have 1080p at 60fps ultrawide which looks pretty snazzy nice and detailed we also have a 4k ultra wide but this is capped at 30fps you can’t get up to 60 when using the ultra wide 4k option when it comes to stabilization we can only use 1080p at 30fps right now you’re seeing stabilization off this is using the main camera we’re going to switch it on right now and you can see the loss in quality is not worth the stabilization gain at all we’re gonna test out ultra wire stabilization now once again it is awful it looks fantastic with the regular mode over here 1080p 30fps we’re going to use the same 1080p 30fps turn it on once again guys the detail is not worth the cost for the stabilization enabled over here the asus rog phone 3 is like an apple iphone it hasn’t changed too much on the outside but what has improved internally has been spectacular the 144 hertz refresh rate alone is a must for a gaming smartphone in 2020 and it does a fantastic job at it i’m also really happy that they only release one gaming smartphone a year it puts other flagship phones in the dust but it does have some competition when it comes to the gaming category over here such as the black shock and the red magic so it’s really hard to choose between the three devices here though i do absolutely love these sleek elegant and hidden design of the rog phone 3. gaming smartphones might not be for everyone but the rog phone 3 just might be.

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