Realme X50 Pro vs Galaxy S20 Ultra Speed Test

the real me x50 Pro cost nearly 1/3 of the cost of the samsung galaxy s 20 ultra but how do they accumulate when it involves performance the real meat comes paid with Qualcomm’s most recent flagship snapdragon 865 processing chip work on 7 enemy 2 plus technology and also I have the a king of RAM versions while the Samsung that I have actually is coupled with the e break tracking h-65 handling chip also as well as I have the 12th job ram variants of the phone over right here currently the equipment specifications feel complimentary to pause you to learn more we have actually upgraded their software’s both on both gadgets over here as well as we are leaving them at the max rejuvenate price 90 on the actual guy 120 on the Samsung you can maintain the Samsung at complete HD plus to match that of the genuine me as well as we’re mosting likely to make it possible for high performance setting on the X 50 Pro however likewise mosting likely to disable computer animations on both tools below in order to evaluate out true roadway speed performance over right here as well as in round 1 we’re gon na be sampling at boots of fingerprints and also face ID round 2 will certainly be everything about initial opening of applications be down about 3 will certainly be all concerning RAM administration’s.

I’m gon na be using my fingers right here so we’re gon na pay GoPro video footage to the bottom left-hand corner for accuracy guys this is method as well as without further ado allow’s go gon na start show with a straightforward boot to see which one can enter the phone quicker than various other I’ve sped it up as you can see near the bottom right-hand man corner 16 secs for the real me rather than 21 5 secs quicker they’re obtaining its very first factors in round 1 when opening the phone up going into the application icons the actual meat opens up that up quicker shows all the symbols since than that of the s20 ultra getting it its second points in round one over here I’m going to taste that the finger print sensing units over below the genuine me gets the initial one over there the second and also the 3rd one are also close to call over right here we do have an ultrasonic stand song is 20 we have an optical one under the display of the x-15 Pro so the real me obtains its 3rd factors over there beating the Samsung as soon as in the fingerprint Department when it pertains to a face recognition the X 50 Pro obtained it in the middle over there and completion over right here too all three times they’re.

obtaining its 4th and final points in round one Samsung obtained no factors in rounded one now round two we’re gon na initial opening app speed over below and the actual me X 50 Pro opened electronic camera quicker flip the cam quicker and also took the snap worker also going right into gallery the X 50 Pro open that up quicker as well as it was as well close to call winner opening the photo over there we need to calculator when extra as well close to call as well as the following app on our cards will indeed be the phone app going right into the phone application over here the X 50 model said the xft power appears to be doing much better with system applications as it as you see below with settings now we’re gon na enter into our very first non system app which is rate test and also surprise surprise he is 20 ultra opens that up quicker gon na be running a web rate test er called rate check when I couldn’t be tasting download and also upload speed however much more so how long it in fact requires to go through that see has 22 seconds for the X 50 Pro through rather than these Samsung’s 23 secs not obtaining its seventh factor in rounded two rather than one factor on the s20 ultra successive below is Spotify on the s20 ultra opens that up somewhat.

quicker obtaining either its second points in round two following application of the bunch a little bit larger to open up is Photoshop Express which no doubt the s20 ultra opens up quicker and enters into the image quicker too currently on 4 points simply three behind that of the X Whittaker this test gets truly fascinating linger people indeed 20 ultra simply exported the image together slightly quicker than that of the X 50 pro in Photoshop as well as entering into Adobe Russia through the video editing and enhancing app the East Wing ultra open it up quicker but the X 50 Pro went into the actual project quicker now we’re mosting likely to take a 4k 25 structures per second clip yet you’re gon na press it to 1080p resolution yet keep it at the same framework rate of 25 fps as well as we’re mosting likely to go on as well as export I’ve sped up things up at the bottom right-hand man edge these Samsung Galaxy S 20 altra comes in very first with 12 seconds instead of the genuine makes 50 pros 16 secs over there 4 seconds quicker on the s20 ultra both hefty FS of three-pointers storage over right here next app is celestial VPN we require a VPN below in China in order to open up the remainder of the apps in the taste over here going right into the is 20 ultra opens that up quicker as well as it switches on the VPN quicker as well successive below.

is Facebook our initial social networks app below this is why we need a VPN right here in China assumption being ultra opens Facebook somewhat quicker as well as they make social media app that we is indeed Instagram doing its that as soon as again the s20 ultralight 11 factors 3 ahead of the X 54 fifty percent points have actually reversed in this test it is insane 12 points currently if they have 20 ultra after going right into Twitter entering into YouTube over below the s20 ultra opens that up quicker currently we’re going to head over to my account to see which one can get there quicker currently the actual me actually gets there quicker however the Samsung loads the inside page faster so I really did not designate a point yet or we’re going to enter into one of my most current videos over right here be certain to inspect that out hereafter video clip and also the Samsung began playing the video quicker once again the genuine me loaded the entire page faster so I never ever allocated a factor you either following app that we have below is Netflix let’s see which one can enter into it much faster and it is the X 50 Pro but going right into my account over here it is too close to call next application is Google Chrome right before we directly to the games Division NES 20 ultra opens up chrome quicker initial gaming app over right here is metro internet users a bit longer to pack we have had an upgrade over here which is quite wonderful as well as we have its 15th points on the is 20 ultra typically showing up apps metro web surfers turn bobbing is the following video game that we carry the cards over right here and once more the instant ultra gets its 16th factors currently 7 points in advance that of.

that of the X of 50 Pro entering into Temple Run 2 a bit longer to fill so I have actually sped things up a little bit reduced it down back to actual time here is 20 ultra not a surprise below opens it up quicker once again now nearly increase the points of the X 50 Pro over below in round 2 last game that we have below is pop G unforgettable longest filling time most graphics intense video game I make certain many of you individuals love it I personally love the game and entering into at the s20 ultra desert in 16 seconds rather than 18 seconds on the X 50 Pro increasing the points in around two with 18 factors with s 20 Ultra in contrast to 9 for the X 50 item the s20 ultra maintained in RAM monitoring 9 round 3 maintained one app open and also a miss 2 apps open kept 3 apps open we’re gon na go right into Photoshop Express over right here currently didn’t keep that one open neither of them yet it maintained rush open where the X 50 Pro killed it if both devices eliminate it I do not offer a factors if one device kills it as well as one keeps it open I do undoubtedly allocator points over there and the actual me just obtained one points over right here in rounded 3 in contrast to there is 20 stop booked for points in RAM management’s not unusual year because the Samsung has the finest Ram administration in business over right here overall total score here 14 points with genuine companions 50 per the winner is the Samsung Galaxy S 20 ultra with 22 points if we simply take rate right into factor to consider which is all regarding go to the Samsung got 18 points which is dual that of the actual me X 50 pros 9 points I hope that you guys appreciated this video clip as long as I did making it this is Technique as well as I’ll see you in the following one.