Realme X50 5G vs Oppo Reno 3 Pro 5G Speed Test

you’re whatsup people you’re back with Technic as well as today we have a speed test in between the actual me X 55 G and also the Opera Renault 3 professional 5 G both of them have Snapdragon 765 G processing chips in them and also the actual me has a 64 huge pixel gdw one sensing unit as well as eight jobs of ram mins the Oppo includes a 48 megapixel Sony MX 586 sensor though that’s not really relevant to the rate test but it additionally comes combined with eight gigs of ram so the only true distinction below is the video cameras and also clearly that wonderful screen as you people can see the specs are quite similar they both on color is version 7 the actual me is saying that it’s operating on real me UI however truthfully it is simply color OS 7 we have a 90 Hertz panel on the top and also 120 Hertz panel on the actual me over here so they’re both pretty comparable in that regard that we have an AMOLED panel on the Oppo instead of an IPS LCD screen on the genuine meat we also have disabled all animations under developer options as well as we’re mosting likely to be using my trendy little fingers so to keep points precise we’re gon na plug GoPro footage at the bottom left hand corner people this is technic as well as without more trouble allow’s go so we’re going to be beginning below with round one guys and as you people can see the GoPro video footage is at the bottom left-hand edge the lower right-hand

corner we actually have a countdown timer for each and every round the real me broke at the initial factors in round 1 booting a little bit quicker over there with slightly like three approximately seconds quicker when it pertains to boot times currently when it pertains to opening up the apps the Oppo entered and also booted the applications up quicker on first start-up as well as when it involves finger print sensors we have a physical one on the real me and an under display screen one on the Reno as well as the real me takes claimed finest 3 out of 3 they’re got every one and when it involves face unlock the Opera obtains the 2nd one over there yet not the factor since the actual meat obtains best two out of three over there giving the actual meat its third points in round one as well as currently we’re proceeding to round 2 so we’re simply making certain that we have high efficiency amount of innova on both tools mosting likely to be going from video camera dance-pop G as well as for rounded three bar G back up to electronic camera to taste that not a lot around administration however just to see exactly how fast applications reopen so the initial point goes for the upper 3 profile G over here in rounded 2 and we’re gon na turn the cams around as well as the x50

obtains it there when it pertains to taking a breeze the x50 grabs and other factors over there that being the real me as well as then we’re gon na delve into our following application which is images which the x50 obtains once more currently men these are both 5g phones they pretty much have extremely similar specifications under the hood the only main distinction is that the display dimension is slightly larger on the genuine me and also that we don’t have a bent panel on the real me over here we have a rounded panel on the upper and upper additionally sustains an AMOLED panel panel where the real me sporting activities a pull shaped strike opening over there but however they’re utilizing IPS technology the real me is a hell of a whole lot cheaper than the oppor over below even though we do have the exact same chipsets as well as the same LTE bands when it concerns 5 g and also 5g bands that is 2 now we’re mosting likely to fire over to speed up tests to have a look at Wi-Fi rates over below we’re going to do one by one over right here examine download as well as upload speeds as long as well as how much time it takes 19 seconds on the X 50 as well as 19 seconds on the real me over here but we have a little greater upload speeds on the actual me and also somewhat greater download speeds on the top so they’ve got a linked point over there opening up Spotify went to the OP over there as well as we’re mosting likely to jump right into Photoshop Express to export that photo that we took a breeze of me of earlier so we’re gon na go in advance as well as export this picture over below once we open it up yet opening up the job the X 50 was quicker waiting to gallery over you guys can see that the genuine me was

once more quicker also though they are both running ufs 2.1 storage space currently you have phase 3.0 storage such as seen on the real me x2 pro 8 gig ram version we have Adobe Best clip opened up over here and also we’re going to export our project right here both this is a 4k clip and also we’re down scaling it to 1080p utilizing Adobe Best clip and you can see just how much quicker I have sped this up however the real-time secs is 19 seconds for the actual me and we did it in 27 secs for the jump over below so a whole lot quicker on the actual me remarkably there due to the fact that they do have extremely similar specifications inside them as well as they have the exact same ufs storage option there too now we are opening up astral VPNs and also we require this in China over right here and also the actual me grabs one more factor there and afterwards both of them transform them on at the exact same time we currently have the actual me at 8 factors ahead of the opera over here actually unexpected since upper basically owns actual me whatever that real me is is opera actual me is only actually remained in the ready just a very year opposed been around for a great deal longer so real me is rather a lot the red me of top

like red me is to reveal me actual me is to top so if you guys didn’t recognize that there we go they are all possessed by BBK electronic devices actual knee upper VEVO as well as oneplus so upper vive and also oneplus being the flagship bBK’s as well as actual me was presented as even more of an affordable phone especially for those of you there in India I make certain you people need to recognize this by currently they have very good offers on their genuine me devices such as this extremely well valued 5g genuine me X 50 opening YouTube as well as entering into my network was practically the very same and going into video clip was likewise pretty much the same as you individuals will certainly see the phone appear almost identically timed right there currently we’re going to shoot over to our next app over right here as quickly as we leave YouTube which is mosting likely to be Netflix to see which one boots open Netflix somewhat quick over right here and we do have the Opera opens it approximately our accounts quicker as well as after that going into Netflix itself we have the actual me snagging that factor currently guys I don’t usually mention the points as usually as I am right currently but it is so close I really have to talk concerning them for those of you that don’t understand I really do decrease the video 5-6

times to actually see to it which phone in fact opened up the fifty percent fast out what’s to take right into an account my finger touching price at the bottom left edge on the GoPro footage to maintain things as accurate as feasible yet up until now when it involves video games the top reno 3 professional 5g is opening train web surfers up a little quicker over there and the genuine me snagged flip diving over there if you individuals are interested in seeing other apps in the rate examination please pop a remark down listed below to allow me understand your ideas on how I can transform it and boost it for your watching pleasure now we’re going right into Holy place Run 2 over below and also we are now simply 7 factors in advance the upper lags from the real me X 50 over there entering into Holy place Run mode the opera reno 3 professional 5 g snags its next points over there making it simply six points behind the X 50 we’re gon na shoot directly into the temple run there and also currently we’re mosting likely to enter into our last video game of the number which is club G mobile virtually still one of the most played mobile game presently additionally one of one of the most extremely visuals requiring video games out there and also takes a.

while to boot up so I have sped up things up yet we actually had the operating it up 2 seconds quicker than the genuine me I was a bit surprised keeping that however as soon as again things a bit uninspired when it involves these two devices so five points act behind in round two over there for the upper and also the genuine me grabs the very first factors in rounded 3 when resuming an application we’re not really examining our RAM monitoring here a lot more so than we’re in fact looking into the rates of reopening each specific application and the upper gets its first point there making it a kind 1 point an item in round 3 over here men we’re mosting likely to be carrying on to our following video game which is after that going to be flipped diving certainly as well as as soon as we enter into flip diving you can see that things were extremely similar there though the offer did grab that and also going into the subway internet users we have the upper branch at the factors as soon as again – currently we’re mosting likely to be proceeding to chrome over right here and also chrome has actually improved an extra point over there for the upper making it lead by 2 points ahead in rounded 3 and also we got a connection over there shooting into Twitter an additional connection so it’s still simply 2 factors in advance on the upper so it is a little quicker in rounded 3 as it remained in opposed to round 2 over there a little out crossing the X 50 but not by much I must include opening a walk over right here things aren’t transforming excessive with that 2 point distinction between.

the phones in rounded three over right here as well as the top grabs it once again making the 3 points ahead in round 3 it is really close guys but I was really much expecting how close it would be given that they are both running seven nanometer architectural Snapdragon 765 G handling chips in it which are the brand-new requirement for mid-range chips of 2020 you’re gon na see plenty phones get these chipsets in their phones as well as adapt it to it and you’re gon na see more phones with greater refresh price panels despite the fact that these chips ins should check out numerous high refresh price panels that does make things a heck of a whole lot smoother when just utilizing your phone for basic use such as scrolling through Facebook or Instagram currently we’re mosting likely to be firing on our last application as well as opera has absolutely taken a five-point lead in round 3 basically making around two and three even on both phones when you include the factors yet since of the the boot as well as the finger prints and encounter unlock the genuine me has gotten an additional two points overall contrasted to the top so they honestly they’re very similar it boils down to which one you can manage which one you assume looks based I intend to see like the top but it is a little bit extra pricey and also I wish that you guys have actually taken pleasure in enjoying this video as long as I have actually been making it and till following time guys this is technic.