Realme X50 5G vs Redmi K30 vs Oppo Reno 3 Pro 5G

you’re whatsup individuals you’re back with Technic as well as today we have an unboxing of the real me x 55 Jeep it against 2 of my favorite mobile phones from 2019 likewise 2020 defeating the top the redmi K 30 includes a fantastic 64 megapixel Sony imx6 86 rather it looks quite beautiful in this purple color so we’ll compare this to the real me too and afterwards we also have the Opera rino 3 pro 5 G over below with a bit of a traditional 48 megapixel IMAX 5 8 6 sensing unit that looks definitely stunning as well as it has a curved AMOLED panel in the front so back to the X 50 over below this is the 8 gig of ram 128 job version as well as if you guys want rate take a look at the top right edge but simply remember that those are conversion rates from the chinese rmb currency the little silicon cover is not much to write house about however it’s excellent for the first day usage and we have USB 2.0 1 rates at the box with a USB type-c wire was have a charging blocker through though it is restricted to a 30 watt speed over below so nothing crazy like the x2 pro’s 50 watt rate as well as contrasting it to the opera’s it’s essentially the exact same block at 30 watts and also the Xiaomi 27 watt block is nearly the very same dimension now back to the oppor pay attention to that absolutely

sensational people that appear just obtains me every time i unbox a brand-new phone and also right here we have it the real me ex 55 g this point is an absolute beast at a really good price virtually ideal in the middle of the rates in between the redmi k 30 and the top reno 3 pro 5g which we are comparing right into over here I truly such as this blue shimmer at the back as well as it has some like vertical triangular lines undergoing the back of it when you hit some lights on it and with the cover on you can actually see that as well once more pretty decent for the first day usage yet absolutely nothing to write residence regarding currently we have these 3 phones over below all the branding looks respectable say thanks to benefits actual me abandoned that side branding alongside the electronic camera that they had on the X 2 Pro it looks a lot much better right here and also we have a side installed finger print sensing unit on the actual me in addition to the raid me right here considering that both of them have IPS LCD displays and not AMOLED screens disappointingly sufficient and also on the raid me we have the quantity mark on the civil liberties yet left wing of the genuine mean we have the volume rocker on the left hand side as well as any kind of splits similar to the opera’s as you men will see right here I actually do prefer a split volume rocker individuals please simply do this with all phone mobile phone firms available okay we have dropped the headphone jack on the top as well as the genuine

me over below it appears like it’s something that BBK electronic devices are starting to do though Xiaomi are still in for the mix and however well thankfully we do have deal quickly yet unfortunately we do not have a microSD port option for the genuine me x50 over here slightly frustrating considering that we do have it on the red mackay 30 and also that is a cheaper phone survey done on firing talk over right here and also we have a top type of ridiculous little talking I’m rather sure this is not your speaker and afterwards we have twin selfie video cameras over here among them is a primary selfie cam the other one is ultra vast we’ll obtain to that a little bit later on as for the quad camera setup at the back we have a 64 megapixel gw1 sensor that is the Samsung same so basically lower quality than the iMac 686 sensing unit of an ultra broad sense of 8 megapixels 12 megapixel telephoto for 2 times optical zoom and 2 megapixel macro mode I would have favored that to be a dip sensing unit however nonetheless we have the depth sensor on the K 30 along with a macro sense on the K 3064 manufacturer because I make 6 8 6 cents on the Cape that either the aperture is somewhat smaller than the one on the real me and an 8 megapixel I’ll try the deal Reno has every one of them also yet a 48 megapixel major cam over there and also it does not have the macro sensor there so it will certainly be

fascinating to see how that is due to the fact that it actually has a black as well as white sensor when leaping right into the software program we’re utilizing the first actual me the UI user interface over right here and truthfully it looks exactly the like shade is 7 it is working on Android 10 over here the software application looks literally identical to every hopper phone as well as genuine me phone and also I have not boxed in the last pair months and also putting it side-by-side with all other phones checking out the screen over here we have two LCD screens on the right hand side and also Emelin on the top on the left-hand side and also you can see the brightness on the upper is slightly greater yet below is the red me on the right-hand side as well as the actual me on the left they both virtually have the precise very same panel though the real me is a 6.5 7 inch panel as well as the red mean is 6 factor 6 7 inches now I have the red meat on the left-hand side so we can contrast the little pull decline notches I presume you could state the whites are practically similar on both of them though individuals I have to claim the actual me illumination actually does frustration we have it on the left once more now we have the upper on our left and also the actual me on our ideal hand side here and I do assume that some of the color accuracy is somewhat much better on the genuine me but most definitely shade illumination smart is a great deal reduced on the genuine mean contrasted to the upper view and also we also have that remarkable rounded AMOLED screen on the top with a Mac illumination of 800 nits which is way greater than the other 2 however we do have 120 Hertz freshen prices on the red meat and also real me and also the 90 Hertz on the oppo truthfully not mosting likely to see much of a.

distinction between 90 and also 120 especially when you’re pc gaming given that the majority of video games can not pass by 80 or 90 structures per second despite a Snapdragon a 55 plus processing chip we have file on every one of them but that kind of doesn’t make good sense on the real me and raped me considering that they’re rocking LCD screens so it’s actually worse for batteries only really great family members shows battery life though the blacks are obviously the deepest on the operand we likewise have a fantastic auras on display screen clock which you are doing not have on the red me and the real me of years because they are LCD displays so there are some disadvantages of having an LCD display aside from the brightness I think I would certainly state as well as the checking out angles currently we additionally have a Snapdragon 765 G onto the operand the real mean however we have a 730 G on the bow over below the redmi 5 g variation does have the very same chipset as both phones on the left the 765 G however I don’t have that version here with me I still assume that this is the finest bang for back that you do see below on the red me over right here and as you guys can see it said color gets on both devices once I upgraded the actual mean shade is gone away of that we do have some awesome motion designs over right here men and it looks actually great on all phones yet I must say I do you favor upper and genuine methods take on it because they are the almost the exact same firm where you can swipe up.

gestures from the bottom corners of each phone where Xiaomi just enables you to swap in from the sides of the phone when it involves finger print sensing units the genuine me is physical sensor is certainly a little faster than the uppers but I do assume that the oppas much more precise a lot of the moment and after that when it involves facial unlock I do not understand what’s occurring with this genuine mean occasionally it promptly enters often it remains on the lockscreen I do have it readied to quickly enter and also the uppers is much faster no matter anyhow due to the fact that occasionally the real me is not dependable when it pertains to face unlock you’ll see again now when we go against the red mink a 30 over below so we’re gon na begin with physical finger print screening over here and the red me and also the genuine me are essentially our day in school most likely due to the fact that they’re utilizing the specific same finger print feeling over below it’s like real me would such as well people let’s promptly copy read me before anyone else does and also as you individuals can see that face acknowledgment problem once more on the genuine makes 50 on the right hand side over here a little bothersome however we do have a good little blur the selfie video camera over there we do have all these cams over below we’re gon na be examining them out with my buddy Yoda over right here so gutes is gone with now men we have a whole lot even more information in Yoda and also you men will certainly see that when we begin up with the pictures he looks absolutely amazing as well as I can not wait to show you men this is I’m possessing my 2nd video clip with him we’re beginning with ultra broad eyes over.

right here up on the left reel me in the center and rate me on the now this is a cropped hair of their primary lenses as well as I do believe that the upper and also the genuine me consider the base the red me is suffering a little bit there with shade precision as well as detail currently when it pertains to the portrait settings points look quite similar however the optical we do have two times optical on the upper and the actual mean however the red me is limited to electronic as well as there is no macro lens on the top however it looks pretty excellent yet the macro lens on the real mean does a rather excellent work currently this is taking pictures beyond my home below I believe the container shots look a great deal better than the routine shots that you see as well as after that we have this 2 times optical over here once more I believe that the reddening is absolutely horrible since there is no telephoto lens here we do have hybrid on the actual amine right as much as 20 times we have 20 times digital on the top as well as no 20 times option on the red mean so we do have portrait setting of ear with selfie containers it looks quite excellent however we have ultra vast with the actual me ex 50 which is really remarkable men that is a truly impressive function to have now with all gadgets we are capped at 4k 30 frames per 2nd I state capped since we can not obtain greater than 30 frameworks per 2nd when taping a 4k due to the mid-range chipsets we need an 855 855 plus or the brand-new 865 though we do have actually 1080p at 60.

frameworks per second which is excellent see this is up stand up range to 4k due to the fact that this is indeed a 4k video however everything looks respectable I need to state that the actual me really looks extremely extremely stable after that the deal and afterwards the red meat and also the opera really has optical photo stabilization with other to do nots now this is with ultra stable off there is no super secure on the red me however you can see just how much more stable it is on the genuine me as well as opera especially the real me I’m actually impressed with the incredibly steady and they will the ultra constant as BBK electronic devices quality I assume it looks really amazing on those 2 gadgets and after that we additionally have ultra wide over here which is topped at 30 structures per second 1080p on both tools the Xiaomi me note in pro can do 4k at 30 structures per second uncomfortable but these aspects it’s 1080p at 30 frameworks per secondly we have a 30 watt block in the open we have a 30 watt block on the actual media for the billing contrast as well as we have a 27 watt block on the balanced a 30 over right here we’re gon na go on and begin these up and we’re going to be starting at half of juice individuals I’m not gon na wait for all of them to drain due to the fact that I simply took the genuine me half the box over here so take a look at the top of each phone over there you can see the size of the battery and also what we have actually charged to and also from and we’re striking 60% on the upper as well as the real mean and 58% on the red me so simply 8% up on the red mean in just five minutes there’s that interval timer at the top right edge so watch on.

them that 10 minute mark we have 20% of juice on the top 20% on the real me and 18 percent on the red me I must say the price me is thrilling me because it has a much larger battery than others and also slower watts it’s billing over below after 15 minutes we’re quiting over here people 80 percents which is 30% more on the upper 29% on the actual me as well as 27 percent on the red me over below I have to state I’m truly impressed with the readme due to the fact that it has a bigger battery and lower electrical power though I am one slightly disappointed with the upper given that it has the tiniest battery of the bunch and extremely high what’s it’s charging we have transformed all the displays to their max hopes that we do have 90 on the top 120 on the other two devices and also we placed efficiency setting on the upper and also on the real me over below and also we went right into game turbo setting on the red me simply assumed of antutu benchmark run and also on top you guys can see the snapdragons that we are using we have 8 nanometer technology on the red me as well as 700 meter on the other 2 devices there is the current statistics for battery battery temperature level and also CPU temperature on top green being the lowest degrees and red being the highest possible levels over they will contrast.

that throughout results over right here to see which ones obtain a whole lot hotter and also we’ll look into ball game also don’t fret about that people we do have 6 jobs of ram on the raid me this is currently 100% true rate just to reveal you guys the jitteriness on all of these devices this does not occur with a flagship processing chip from Qualcomm only really with these mid-range chips when running a standard over here this is one more 100% real rate over here this is specifically what you would see in truth and also as I said men you’re not going to see much of a difference between the ninety and also a hundred and twenty Hertz on the two phones on the Left consisting of 120 Hertz on the raid me on the right so we have the best battery temperature on the redmi but we have the biggest battery decline on the upper not a surprise since it has a smaller battery we additionally have the hots of CPU temperature level on the upper as well as the coolest rather much whatever on the actual me I’m truly pleased keeping that obtained on you owe me for maintaining your gadget and great and great but where they are not good is that they have the same processing chip as the upper however people 30,000 factors lower than the upper with the exact same chip as well as the same amount of RAM is actually disappointing it’s really closer to the red ways 730 gee chip said so I’m a little dissatisfied in that when it involves efficiency reel me X 50 Pro X 55 G a lot of different names these days it’s not truly satisfied me in the performance Department it does really feel a little laggy sometimes men we.

do have some issues with the finger print sensor well not the finger princess or the face unlock but the finger print sibling works rather great color is 7 or actual me you I I presume looks rather excellent also looks quite a lot like every other opera that we’ve seen yet at the very least we have Android Tina the boxes we have on the other two devices in this test we likewise have Google rooted into the setups which is cool as well as we have that fantastic 5g is 765 G chipset in it which is nice to see though the performance is not quite there with deal possibly with an extra updates in the future you’ll see that improved like I finished with the opera opera obtained a similar result when I unboxed it last week so inspect it up look into that video clip if you men have time the area is an outstanding phone though against these 2 phones below the only point I can claim going all out is its cost right in the center it is definitely a less costly 5g phone than the Oppo the redmi is a fantastic phone quite a lot the most inexpensive phone on this planet of what you get the 4G variation anyway the upper is the thinnest 5g phone worldwide with a rounded AMOLED punch entire screen among my favorites out there men the genuine me is a great phone for the cost in the middle 405-g start-up but that IPS display screen as well as performance lacks a buds the review me you recognize it’s a begin a phone it’s a really excellent cost though my preferred phone right here I make certain you individuals have actually presumed it currently if cost is not an issue for you I would definitely grab the top individuals I hope you enjoyed this video clip and till following time this is technic.