Lenovo Z6 vs IQOO Neo vs Redmi K20 Pro vs Galaxy S10 5G vs Nova 5 Pro AnTuTu Benchmark Test

yo what’s up men you’re back with your male take Nick your go-to person for videos on the most up to date tech now today it’s all regarding the most current tech once more since I have five beasts right here with me all with different handling power chips inside them the first off being the vanilla Lenovo z6 which comes component with the most recent Snapdragon 730 chipset currently this is really a mid-range chipset and it is certainly paid with 6 jobs of RAM so I’m truly interested to see just how this accumulates the newest and greatest mid-range chipsets versus the latest and also best flagship chipset of last year the Snapdragon 845 and the most recent and biggest one from this year the Snapdragon 855 so we do have a performance mode in there and also we’ve gone on and made it possible for video game setting and also placed it on right into to to establish the run after that we have the eye cunha this is really one of the most current phone of the bunch besides the Lenovo z6 with a Snapdragon 8045 chipset the only phone that I understand that comes with it this year it has an ultra video game mode

and it is coupled with six jobs of ram we’re gon na open an straight from that ultra video game mode setting and also this price exactly the very same cost as the lenovo z6 with a flap trembled front runner chipset of last year after that we have the redmi k20 pro with an up step of 8 gigs of ram and the most current snapdragon 855 chipset this ought to blow the wrists under the water people it must do ridiculously well sadly there’s no performance or game setting on this redmi k20 pro so we have that absence of efficiency there but no question I do assume that this will certainly be the champion in this run right here since it has the most effective individual sync chip out of the five devices and we have the samsung galaxy s T as well as five G below and the one that I have does indeed have 8 gigs of RAM and also it has as well as it is coupled with an X and also s 98 xx chip in contrast to the Snapdragon 855 chipset that you do see in the States nevertheless it is still an excellent chipset it is 8 nanometer technology equally as seen in the Snapdragon 730 the near is 10 nanometer chips it innovation with a 8:45 and also 8:50 5 or 7 nanometre too so on the three

on the right here we do have seven nanometer chip innovation in with the Samsung I have actually established the resolution to 1080p also and also enabled performance setting to make sure that it doesn’t do any type of restrictions when it comes to CPU as well as GPU performance with the nova v pro this initial seven nanometer chipset in the android market was the karin 980 and this is indeed paid with it also eight gigs of RAM so I’m really interested to see just how this compares to the K 20 pro with the seven nanometer chipsets and the s10 5g with an eight nanometer as well as the z6 with the exact same we toss in this trainee tutor as well as we have put the performance mode on right here since the performance rose huawei makes rather a large difference guys these are both extraordinary phones to say the least as well as without additional trouble let’s go alright so starting with the phones over right here I have actually established the portion up by six hundred percent on diminishing to two marks so I do not maintain you people right here all the time however you can see the aesthetic aspects of all of all of the devices and also you can clearly see the screen distinctions here one huge notice that you will see below is that the eye cuneo quite much has the most significant

chin at the bottom of the phone as opposed to the remainder of them and I think the K 20 professional and also the S 10 5g have the tiniest turns of the number here nonetheless they all look absolutely extraordinary the most significant distinction below is that the STM 5g does contrasted with a qhd+ screen off package though I have not set it over here it looks aesthetically spectacular with it on or off since it has one of the very best AMOLED panels out of the variety here as well as discussing AMOLED panels all of these tools actually compared with one as well as all of them look pretty terrific however when it involves brightness the Samsung with almost a thousand two hundred as well as it’s outdoors looks definitely excellent when you are utilizing it in sunshine so no grievances over there I must claim that the lenovo looks a bit dark outdoors along with the IQ however the rest look type of alright the k20 pro not getting on way too much I believe the next ideal when it involves illumination is probably the number five professional considering that while we’re off virtually known for the AMOLED panels too now taking a look at the final scores over below people I’m really pleased with the k20 Pro yet it had not been a shock here for me with three hundred and also seventy three

thousand factors it did seriously wall at the bag virtually the highest possible that you’ll get aside from there would certainly be a red magic three which can hit over 400,000 however you’re not mosting likely to notice much of a distinction there after that we have the galaxy s 10 5g in 2nd area with its NIC Exynos 98 20 chip with 333,000 not too far behind but we are chatting 40,000 points behind there in the nova v pro with the very first seven an instant chip around remember this is 7 anumita and also the Exynos is 8 nine as well as it actually does worse at 303,000 and also with the performance setting off you’re looking at about 2 hundred as well as seventy thousand which is really listed below in 2015’s snapdragon in forty 5 chipset and mentioning that in 4th location we have the IQ near yet six jobs of ram snapdragon 845 chip said however 2 hundred and also ninety six thousand points submits that is only 7 thousand factors behind the nova v favor and it is a lot cheaper we’re speaking concerning a hundred bucks less expensive over below at just 2 hundred as well as sixty dollars and also discussing 2 hundred and sixty dollars it one more z6 cost the same price with the current mid-range chip snapdragon 730 chip which is actually a much better nanometer architectural layout with eight nanometers in contrast to 10 nanometers on the snapdragon 845 chipset and at the exact same cost point people it is almost a hundred thousand reduced in score right here i’m not

gon na state that the difference in between these phones is entirely based upon rating real-life situations are definitely different within these gadgets but taking a look at worth for cash over here people the IQ near from vivo is absolutely the one to go with rather than the lenovo z6 i certainly assume it has much better software it is much more optimized and also I do think the display is a little much better also though that chain at the base is quite huge as opposed to the remainder of the devices here nonetheless they are both truly fantastic affordable phones and also either one you get with you individuals will be satisfied keeping that I do assume the IQ has some advantages particularly in the battery division with 4500 milli amperes now considering some portions well some degrees over right here with the battery levels we have thirty 5 point five degrees on the z 637 reviews on the Neo a bit harder case when you pro thirty 6 degrees 37 degrees the best on the s10 5g and also 37 levels on an over five pro not far behind me is 10 and also the I Cunha and also CPU degrees over here in Celsius we have 37 levels a little bit hotter on easy 641 which is quite hot on the near 45 on the situation when you produce really hot I suggest incredibly warm Eston on 5g and afterwards 36 degrees on the nova 5 is definitely the most effective of the lot men these are all absolute monsters to say the least and also i hope that you guys appreciated this video clip as much as I did making it and till following time individuals this is strategy

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