Lenovo Z6 vs Lenovo Z6 Pro Speed Test

you’re whatsup guys you’re back with your man Technic you’ll go to guy for videos on the latest tech now today it really is about the latest take once again since the vanilla z6 on my left-hand side here that’s paid with a Snapdragon 730 chipset and 120 Hertz refresh paid paid with 6 gigs of ram just recently launched against his older brother the z6 pro now the z6 pro is paid with the latest and greatest snapdragon 855 processing chip which is running on seven nanometer technology and as you guys can see over here the c6 pro is also paired with eight gigs of ram as a pair to the 60s around on the z6 so now guys I have also gone ahead on both devices and decided to turn the animations off on both of them completely just to keep things as even as possible when testing out this mid-range 2 Snapdragon flagship battle now both of them have a little bit of a camera bump so I’m going to go ahead and slap on both the covers of both of these phones to keep things as level as possible now what so we’ll be using my training little fingers here but I’m gonna be pairing it with my GoPro 7 black so keep an eye on that on the bottom left corner these are both absolute beast to say the least guys this is Technic and without further ado let’s go okay guys so we’re gonna start off with the boot tasty abs spit it up a little bit just to get the boot out the way over there this is gonna be round zero so we’re gonna do the boot then loading app icons and then going into face ID and fingerprint senses so the Lenovo z6 Pro Open start booted up the phone quicker and now starting up the apps to see which apps pop up first the z6 pro gets a second point for round zero as well now we’re going to go ahead and test out the fingerprint sensors they’re both pretty much the exact

same they’re both optical readers now I’m not going to allocate a point each time I’ll allocate a point based out of three here so the z6 pro unlocks it the first time over there and the second time we go and test it out over here you guys can see the Lenovo z6 pro did it again and now with the third time over here let’s see if the z6 pro can do it once again even though they have the same scanners over here and the z6 pro does it again getting its third points in round zero now we’re gonna go ahead and do facial recognition yeah and I was really surprised by this the Lenovo z6 the vanilla version over here actually opened up the phone quicker with facial recognition the first and second time we’re gonna go ahead and check out the third time here and there we go it gets allocated a point in round one making it one against three with both of these devices respectively now we’re gonna do round one and we’re gonna go from camera all the way down to pub G so we’re gonna open them up so keep your eyes up on round one there and keep an eye out at the bottom of there as you can see which points do open it up quicker now I’m not gonna go ahead and tell you guys each and every single point that does get allocated here as I’m pretty sure the Lenovo z6 pro will get most of them though the z6 just

snapped a foot a little bit quicker they’re giving it one point against two against the lenovo z6 pro now opening up a photo and gallery you can see the z6 pro does it as well but as I was saying earlier guys I’m not gonna tell you guys which phone opens up every single app quicker I’m gonna speak a little bit about the phones as well while you guys watch this taste just keep your eyes on the point systems on each side of the phone as well as who gets allocated the points at the bottom of the phone and the GoPro footage on the left to see how accurate my fingers are wins happen on each individual app so we’re going on to Spotify over here guys and you can see the z6 pro is not eight points which is seven points ahead of the vanilla z6 over there and I was kind of expecting these kinds of results guys since the z6 the average z6 the vanilla the one that just released is paired with a Snapdragon 730 chipset and though it is in newer than the 855 it is this year’s not flagship but range chipset surd is the best chipset that you can find in budget-friendly devices but the z6 pro is actually pretty budget for any itself with a Snapdragon 1855 chipset and the difference that I’m

talking here is pretty much between two hundred and sixty-five dollars on the Lenovo z6 and around a hundred dollars more than that for the Lenovo z6 pro so you’re pretty much paying $100 more for that beefy Snapdragon 855 chipset and maybe two gigs of extra RAM and they both have headphone jacks here as well guys and they are both paid with IR blasters they both have 4000 milliampere batteries they both charge at the same wattage which is 15 watts disappointingly enough and they both have very similar cameras though the z6 Pro does also have a forty eight megapixel Samsung gm1 sensor as opposed to the 24 megapixel Sony I makes five seven six sensor seen on the vanilla z6 now both of them take pretty good photos but because of that forty eight megapixel snapper on the z6 pro it does edge forward and it also has an extra camera that being a dedicated video camera for Hyper video like seen on the GoPros and Osmo actions so there’s practically no shake whatsoever when running around with your

phone on the z6 port which is really awesome you guys should definitely take a look at my camera review on the z6 pro and stay tuned for my camera review on the vanilla z6 as well now talking about that shake Alice video recording on the z6 pro remember it is limited to 720p so that is a little bit of a bummer I’m not sure how often you guys would actually use that but going back to the test over here guys you can see that the z6 pro is absolutely smoking the average z6 over here 22.9 round one as opposed to just three points on the lenovo z6 in round one so we’re almost wrapping ass on round one over here guys and we’ve just started our first run of games here now going into a sec game second game here which is flip diving they usually pretty similar on all phones that I have tested but as you guys can see that the z6 pro is beating it in the gaming department as well as compared to the less than six year now another thing that I want to speak to you guys about is when we do go back into round two of the day going back to all the apps you should also notice a little bit of a difference and bear in mind that the Lenovo z6 vanilla edition does indeed come with

six gigs of ram the version that I have any way it can go up to eight gigs of ram and z6 pro can go up to 12 gigs of ram so it’s pretty relevant in that department but therefore the apps should reopen and stay open on the z6 pro a lot better than we will see on the z6 we’ll have to wait and find out as soon as we hit round two now we’re almost finishing ophea on round one guys and you guys can clearly see that the z6 pro is a hit but 22 points overall with round one here guys but I just want to mention that it is fractions of seconds behind the Z 6 so the Z 6 is actually doing really well for mid-range chipset as opposed to the z 6 Pro yes the z 6 Pro is taking all the points over here but if you guys set those points aside and actually focus on the devices here the Z 6 is a lot cheaper and it is a much better Buy when you look at the price range and bang for buck but you do get a hell of a lot more with the z 6 Pro with regards to performance and camera but nevertheless if you guys don’t have the money to spend on the z 6 Pro the Z 6 is a great Buy especially in the performance Department over here since this eight nanometer architectural chip of the snapdragon 730 is really great and you guys can see that they’re just a couple seconds difference

between the two phones when opening apps so I’m really impressed with the Z 6 I did expect the z 6 Pro to be better but nevertheless these Z 6 is doing pretty well so now we’re doing around 2 from pub G all the way back up to camera now guys so we’re gonna go all the way from pub G all the way back up to camera and we’re starting with pub G there the z6 pro gets the first points in round 2 here and then opening up Temple Run 2 surprising me the z6 actually took a point making it matched up there in round 2 so far but then the c6 Pro comes back around and steals into the point making it 2 points in round 2 so far and the run of games and the z6 grabs another point back there with flip diving opening it up slightly quicker six pro so I was pretty impressed with that but it didn’t take long before the z6 pro started annihilating the average z6 over here guys as you guys can clearly see it is now double the points in round two but the z6 pro is taking it again in adobe clip and in photoshop over there it was actually at I was surprised by that but now you guys can see that Ram over here as I would say more of the processing power since the z6 could only keep

maybe 7 apps open in the background with it which is actually really disappointing if you ask me that cannot just be due to ram and if you guys haven’t checked my ram test you guys should check that up between 6 8 and 12 gigs of ram and it wasn’t too much of a difference between the 6 & 8 there was a smaller difference between the 8 and 12 but nevertheless at the 6 gigs of RAM GTX insane Pro that I had definitely kept apps open a lot better than the average z6 that we have over here so I’m slightly disappointed in the RAM management of the lenovo z6 i’ve also turned battery optimizations off on both phones so that should impact anything whatsoever here now you guys can clearly see that we only have four points on the c6 and 16 point smile and the z6 pro for the RAM management test over here and you guys can see that the z6 program opened up hilary took a bit too and now opening up camera you can see that the z6 obviously closed that one as well making the z6 pro completely knocked the z6 out of the water nevertheless like I said earlier guys I’m really impressed with the z6 even though it only scored 9 points in total as opposed to the z6 pro’s 47 which is absolutely ridiculous but it was only fractions of seconds behind its little new brother so overall I must say I’m pretty impressed with both of these devices and they were both absolute perform performer killers when it comes to processing power hope that you guys enjoyed this video and until next time guys this is technic

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