Vivo X27 – Pop-Up’s Back with a BANG!

hey what’s up guys it back with your man Technic your go-to guy for videos on the latest tick not today it’s all about the latest tech once again I have the V bar X 27 here with me today I’ve previously reviewed the X 23 on my channel and I have used the X 21 as well now the X 21 actually released a year ago the X 23 six months after that and since September 6 months after that puts us at March with the X 27 now this is practically a mid-range flagship for the same price as a flagship phone from the likes of one plus at around 500 pounds you’re getting a phone with a snapdragon 7 cane chip inside which is a 10 nanometer chip as opposed to the snapdragon 855 one scene in the latest flagships scene today at the same price now is this really gonna do a better job with other functions such as camera charging battery life premium quality I’ve used these phones and yes it is I think that all the other features of the spoon can far outweigh its lower level and chip and

nevertheless if you are still a gamer and you are a regular user you’re not going to notice any difference between this and the latest and greatest Snapdragon chip updates the first of the vivo x-series to have a pop-up selfie cam and with that selfie cam it is supposed to take incredible selfies so I definitely want to test that out in this video other than that it has three cameras at the back which looked incredible we have an ultra wide we have a forty eight megapixel I’m x58 six sensor the same one that I saw on the Xiaomi me nine and the honor u-20 which I praised so much if you have seen those videos this is the gold version of this phone eight gigs of ram 256 gigs of storage without further ado guys let’s go and there is the phone this is literally exactly the same as the x-23 box just hit X 23-year and have the phone on the lip I still think it’s very neat packaging so I’m not disappointed that they haven’t changed this layout so here is the firm indicates right there that it has an under display fingerprint sensor we just put that to the side for now yeah they have included a cover I always like that vivo do do this when it actually looks quite nice got this protective feel to it it has like these frosted white edges on the side here and in this clear back to show off the wonderful gold or blue cover should you go with that one and then you can clearly see that there is a cutout there what well the

pop-up selfie cam of course but we’ll get to that in a bit so a cover aside now other than that we have these little earphones which is always cool to see they are the standard vivo earphones that you’ve seen in viewers for a while and I actually think that the quite high in quality if you ask me they definitely can’t compare to the AKG ones that you get with the Samsung Galaxy phones but then again this phone is off the price and of course if you have a look at this the set of earphones it does indeed come with a standard jack because there is indeed a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on this phone which is great to see people have kicked we have the USB cable over here and I know what it is and I’m really excited it is finally USB type-c the X 21 + X 23 both still used micro USB cables for the life of me I cannot understand it but I’m so glad people have finally moved onto USB type-c with the X flagship series and taking a look at the charging block over here it is 10 volts by 2.25 apps take 10 times 2.25 and you get a 20 2.5 watt power supply so the leaks that you have seen online that it’s an 18 watt power supply are lies this is indeed a 22 point 5 watt power supply the exact same charger that came with the X 23 but nevertheless the battery size is actually increased to 4000 milli amperes which is great the vivo X 27 here is the phone the front’s itself you’re not gonna see much of the screen

over there until we actually have it on but that is all display we’ll get to that in a moment so this is the gold one and it is one 6e phone guys I don’t know if you could see this but it’s actually not really gold it’s almost similar to my samsung galaxy s 10 plus prism wise this is more of a white but it has instead of throwing in a green like scene on the Samsung that’s like a throne in pink over here and I’m really diggin it that is really awesome so other than that we have these three camera senses at the top over here on the back a main sensor is a 48 megapixel I’m x58 6 sensor which is the same sensor seen on the on of u-20 and the Xiaomi me 9 which I racked so high when taking photos and put it right there up with the top dogs such as the pixel 3 XL and we made 20 pro we then have a 13 megapixel ultra wide snapper for your ultra wide shots there is no optical zoom in in any of these cameras over here but we do have a third sensor over here and this is for extra depth sensing and I remember with the vive phones before this you can actually record with depth sensing so it will be really interesting to see what this brings to the game in this phone and of course we have the dual LED flash over there other than that we have the little vivo brand over here and for the first time I’ve seen it says x-series on the back so I guess that’s a new thing taking a look on the sides we have a gold trim which I really like guys this is a seriously premium feeling phone I must say it is right at the

top there with the samsung galaxy s 10 plus and all the brothers around it so we have this gold trim on the on the side of here we have the power button which is not textured at all and we have the volume rocker over here as well it is not split but it feels nice and sturdy we have an internal iron over there going on the top of course we have this wonderful pop-up selfie cam which we’ll get to in a second and then we have yes thank you vivo a 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack and it is at the top where I like it because when you are texting on your phone it’s better to have it up there and to have it down here so taking a look around the other side of the phone we have vivos Tran Dai button now this actually works really all the translation on cases that in the full review but it is indeed textured so you can actually feel the difference between the power button and this which is what nifty of another antenna line over here and over here and then moving on to the bottom finally we have this wonderful USB type-c port and we have the single firing downwards because here it will be interesting to see if it is paired with this physical earpiece speaker at the top here but we will get to that in the full review as well at the bottom we have the dual sim trade there is no microSD card support only space for two dual sim over there so no SD card support sure but it only comes in 256 gigs and that is massive if you ask me you guys okay so let’s go ahead and register the fingerprint this is the SiC iteration of vivos and they did indeed start it registered done Oh fun touch os this is now based on Android 9 pi thank goodness the x-23

released when pi was around but it’s stuck to oreo there and that was fun touch 4.5 so this is indeed fun touch 9 so I want to go ahead here and taste like this fingerprint sensor first of all so let’s go and do that there it is that is really really fast that is seriously fast guys I cannot believe how quick this is you can tell they’ve been in a game for a while I think this is the fastest one I’ve seen for sure vivo on making a huge difference on the fingerprint sensor variety and I cannot wait for the apex until it is all screen you can just plug it anywhere but for now this is doing really well let’s throw up the brightness this is actually a Super AMOLED display and you can see it looks absolutely gorgeous it is one good-looking phone but now let’s get to what you guys have been waiting for the camera so agree and let’s flip it over one two three there it is there’s the camera did you guys see a little glowing effect there it’s hot it away and just get it back there did you guys see that pink LED I cannot believe that that is insane I’ve never seen this little boy actually this is addictive guys I actually want to go ahead and see what the quality is like over here so let’s go ahead and flip it over have a look at me yeah hello me okay there is a ton of beauty on you I look like a fruitcake let’s have a look at this photo so my lips aren’t that red guys but this I’m telling you right now it looks a lot more natural on the phone itself I don’t know

what is happening with this recording but I can see some really great hairs over here everything is it’s just really clear this is supposed to be the selfie game changer and I’ll definitely be bringing you guys a proper camera test on this phone just to see what it does compared to other flagships out there this is one good-looking phone guys the vivo x27 now this may not have the latest and greatest Snapdragon chip in it it may not have the fastest wide battery charging it may not even have wireless charging it does not have waterproofing due to the pop-up camera but then again it has a pop up camera it has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack it has a more than decent processing chip in it that can smash any game you throw at it it has a Super AMOLED display a speedy fingerprint sensor over here vive is sick iteration of it so guys they know what they’re doing here and did you guys see that it’s a damn pop-up selfie cam with LED strips on the side vive you guys know what you’re doing when it comes to innovation look at that pop-up 16 megapixel selfie cam 3 lens this is the back with an eye a makes five eight six forty eight megapixel lens as well with an ultra wide and depth sensing lens as well on top of that it is seriously premium and looks damn sweet guys I cannot wait to get testing this phone I hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as I did unboxing this phone until next time guys this is technic

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