Honor Magic 2 (Kirin 980) vs Mi MIX 3 (SD845) Speed Test

smartphones these days are constantly trying to outdo each other when it comes to performance and most of the time that is done by using benchmark runs though those are not the most accurate speeds when it comes to real-life scenarios I will be doing a full speed test for you guys right now on the likes of the recently released Xiaomi me mix three and on a magic two now both of these powerhouses are incredible to say the least the mix 3 comes paired with the Snapdragon 845 chipset and the automatic 2 comes with their own Kirin 980 chip as well and both of these are paired with 8 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of wrong these are incredible phones to say the least so guys without further ado let’s go [Music] starting them up I’m gonna start with the speed taste by just giving them a little boots over here I know that this doesn’t really mean much but there we go the mix three is ahead of it by a hey the magic – still booting up but I did give it a point here – the magic – since once you get into it the animations are just a lot quicker when it comes to the magic – load times once you first build up the phone now the next thing I’m going to be doing is a speed test

between the fingerprint sensor the mix 3 has a physical one and the magic 2 has an under display 1 but the mix 3 is plenty a fraction ahead but we’ll get that going so it’s now when it comes to screen unlock they both have a slide mechanism so we have to slide them both down in order to do it and you can see here that the automatic 2 beats the mix 3 pretty much every time over here so that’s great for that now moving on to settings I did in enable performance mode on both of these devices so that their their peak performance at all times and starting with the app test we make sure to clear all the apps running in the background as you can see no recent items and we head over to the camera so building up the camera you can see that the mix 3 is slightly ahead there but when we slide the phone down to see the front of us take a selfie you can see the automatic 3 is beating the mix the automatic 2 is beating the mix 3 there every time now taking a picture and the speeds when it comes to that the magic 2 is slightly faster than the mix 3 as well there we go so closing that up and opening up gallery you could see that the magic to is it hit there opening up a picture pretty similar but the mix 3 took it there so opening up calendar the magic to foster there then moving on to calculator these all system apps just test these up magic to foster they’re opening up the phone app magic to foster there once again no surprise Settings app there we go magic 2 again now opening up Facebook moving onto some social media apps you can see that the magic two pulls ahead there again and then Instagram magic 2 again so magic 2 is

on double the points that the mix 3 is on Twitter once again magic 2 moving on to Spotify and the mix three takes the lead when it comes to opening up Spotify so that got an extra point over there bringing it up to seven compares to the magic to 13 in round one now opening up YouTube over here we’re both on the same Wi-Fi network and the mix 3 grabs that one in the bag too moving onto Netflix you can see that the magic 2 is slightly faster there and moving on from Netflix be opening up Photoshop Express on both devices magic to click it there and opening up photo magic to once again faster at Department opening up Adobe Premiere you’ll see that it loaded faster on the magic 2 and then opening up the video faster on the magic 2 and then actually exporting the video and saving it’s a gallery you will see quite a big difference here the magic to clearly out performs the mix 3 when it comes to this thanks to its faster here in line AV chipset so moving out of the premiere app and going into Google Chrome there we go magic to once again 10 points ahead here then we move on to subway surfer let’s hit some games up subway surfer 3 2 1 and it goes to the magic to still loading on the mix 319 points on the magic to 8 on the mix 3 closing that up and going on to flip diving you will see that once again the magic 2 takes the crown so moving on to our next game after we close up flip diving you can see that we hit Angry Birds over here the first one and the magic

two already starts loading it quite a bit faster there’s only a hair difference between these two two phones when it comes to performance and speed but it’s not really noticeable unless you do these side-by-side comparison so Angry Birds extra point there for the magic to opening up Temple Run once again magic 2 is quicker to get the loading going down there and there it is with the mix 3 a couple seconds behind there so we’ll give that point to the magic to closing up the closing up the temple run we then move over to our last game and the last after the bunch which is pub G the most heavy most demanding app that we are testing on the phones here today and these are the international versions of pop G unlike the Chinese version I used in my previous video I put both these phones up to a hotspot on my desktop running a VPN so that I could get it as accurate as possible so you could see that it seems like they’re pretty neck-and-neck but the mix 3 is just putting hits lightly when it comes to opening a pub G this does take quite a while to boot up anyway but there we go makes 3 gains a point there that is 22 points with the magic 2 and only 9 points for the mix 3 on round 1 now round two we’re gonna be reopening all these apps begin to see how much is still running in the background so opening up pub G from the bottom here goes to the magic 2 and opening up simple run magic to once again Angry Birds magic 2 again then going over to flip diving and we have it going for the magic – again so what our game seemed pretty amped on the magic – we’ll give the mix 3 that one I think they’re pretty similar though but opening a chrome magic to opening up Adobe magic – once

again and Photoshop you can see that it has to be reloaded on the magic – so we gave that point to the mix 3 that’s quite impressive and then moving over to Netflix we give that to the magic to YouTube then goes to the mix 3 since it has to be reloaded on the magic – Spotify I need it to be reopen on the magic – once again what is going on with the magic tooth RAM management so we’ll give that point to the mix 3 going over to Twitter you could see that it booted up slightly faster on the mix 3 they’re catching up to the magic turn run in run 2 and it is really closing the gap there you can see that Facebook is being given to the mix 3 Bay settings has been given to both of them pretty much on par with each other the magic 2 steals it when it comes to the phone app the calculator is then brought up giving the magic to the lead quite considerably again opening up the calendar you can see the magic twos taken there so four points it here there then the mix three already had gallery open up so that gets a point there and camera the mix three against around to not as different between the two phones over here so that gives us a total score of 34 points on the magic two and in nineteen points cool on the mix three neither of bad guys these are both powerhouse phones and until next time guys this is technic

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