Game Pass & Remote Play Stream Xbox To Your Phone, Play Anywhere!

so i’ve got an xbox serials x hooked up to my telly in the sofa but more often than not i can’t actually get on it because either my bride wants to stream netflix or my boy wants to stream netflix and i know better than discussing this with them because let’s face it if i do i know my situate i’ll end up sleeping in the garage the good news though if you’re in that kind of position is that you can’t actually get your xbox gaming session streaming to your smartphone and this is also great if you’re out and about at any point in a post-corvided world where lockdown’s on a thing all you need is a semi-decent smartphone with recent-ish software and a respectable internet attachment and you’re good to go now in this video i’m actually going to cover two different methods for playing xbox competitions on your smartphone the first of those is remote play-act where you actually stream the gaming time from your xbox to your telephone via your dwelling wifi or an internet bond somewhere else and the second one is great if you’ve got a game pass subscription because you can actually torrent xbox competition

pass competitions to your smartphone from the cloud so let’s kick off with the remote frisk option and for more on the latest greatest tech please do protrude subscribe culminating that notifications bell claps all right so let’s crack on with method one which is remote play this is where you’re actually streaming video games over your home wi-fi or an internet attachment outside of your home from your xbox games console to your smartphone this works with the latest generation of xboxes the serial x and the line s as well as older consoles like the one x and what you want to do is go to the arranges on your xbox console and then you’ll need to scroll down to machines and relationships and inside of that menu you’ll appreciate remote features i’ll immediately pop up on enable remote features precisely sounds the a button and then it will then research your structure setup basically and once that’s done you’ll see this big old-fashioned listing and any possible publications will be marked with either a yellowish expletive line or a big fatty clue the yellow exclaiming assessments are just something that might cause a problem as you can see there of course remote plate is designed to work over your residence wi-fi but it does actually work over an internet tie-in if you are away from your residence as well but as you can see there i do have one issue and that my xbox sequences x console is set to energy save and state and you’ll really want to change that to instant on really to make sure you can always access the console when you’re away from it so back in that remote aspects menu i’m going to go down to superpower procedure and i’m going to change it from power saving to

instant on time to make sure that’s not going to be a problem and i’ve just guide another speedy remote frisk measure and as you can see they’re mostly all takes apart from that structure nature now the next thing you want to do is hook up your smartphone to your xbox controller again doesn’t matter if it’s a 1x controller successions x whatever divergence always nice and easy first of all just turn your controller on and then you’ll find the secure button only at the top here time hold that down until that little sunrise there starts flashing like a worker more for and then on your smartphone drag down that notifications bar go to the bluetooth menu and in the available designs you should hopefully verify xbox wireless controller pair up yes indeedy and then we’re synced okay next pace is to go to the google play store on your android manoeuvre and search for xbox you’ll need to download the xbox beta app just got that invested of course if you’re watching this video a little bit later in time it might just be called xbox rather than xbox beta formerly it’s installed open it on up and what you’ll need to do is sign in with your microsoft chronicle that you use with your xbox this app’s pretty good for managing your general xbox report uh cyber stalking your friends checking out all the uh the recent captivates you’ve made but for the purposes of remote play what you’ll be interested in is this little icon up here only on the left of the notifications badge this little window pops up as you can see it’s detected that my xbox console is on and i have the option to remote play on this device let’s tap that you’ll be presented with a wizzy green spearship thingy and then boom there is my xbox desktop exactly how i left it and as you can

see i now have complete control employ my xbox controller over my home wi-fi network nice and seamless but of course it can be very awkward uh actually playing in this manner unless you’ve got something to hold the smartphone while you’re clutch the controller you can actually get adapters on the likes of amazon for about 15 quid exclusively offset for the xbox controller they just clip around the controller and then you can snap the smartphone into a little housing up top and it contains it steady while you game otherwise i like to use what i call the knee method which seems to work quite well as well and as you can see using remote play you can mostly represent all of your xbox tournaments just as you would be if you were sat in front of your telly it really is splendid if you just want to be doing a bit of gaming in bed on the bogs it’s the exact same experience merely on the small screen okay so that’s how to get set up and streaming your xbox tournaments direct from your xbox series x lines s1x whatever it is to your smartphone via remote play now let’s try procedure two for getting a bit of xbox gaming on the go on your smartphone and for this you will need a game pass subscription at the moment when i shot this video it expenses 10 pound a few months and it’s definitely worth it because you got to get 100 entitles some

really good stuff on there as well and some classics from back in the day that are well worth replaying if you haven’t had a chance to in a while now the first thing you want to do is connect your xbox controller to your smartphone via bluetooth i already covered this in the first division of this video so if you hop-skip past that to this bit well back you go sunny jim formerly you’re all hooked up what you’ll then want to do is on your smartphone go to the play store and you’ll want to download and install an app announced xbox sport pass once that’s done going to open it on up uh open it on up you’ll be asked to sign in with your xbox detail as you can see i’ve already said and done and as long as you’ve actually get that play pass a due you’ll then be free to browse the many countless games on offer it seems to be the exact same selection of names that you get when you’re shop the xbox sport pass selection on your xbox console so you’ve got a great selection of action sports plays recreations adventure tournaments puzzle competitions all that good stuff so it’s kind of mental but you do have the ability to play the likes of fate everlasting on your smartphone what a world “were living in” a moderately damn good apart from the enveloped shenanigans obviously and of course microsoft has teamed up with ea so you’ve got access to some ea play games as well time a small selection at the moment but expending like mass

effect mirror’s edge the sims of course still a thing in 2021 good story if you like locking virtual attributes in a room and then watching them soil themselves and gradually go insane who doesn’t so mostly simply tap whatever tournament you reverie you’ll see this little dark-green rocket ship and when that imperfection is off that means your game has laden now as i mentioned in the last section you can actually get an adapter for your xbox controller which then houses the smartphone merely above it uh for much more comfy event you get them from amazon for about 15 quid if you don’t have one of those you can just you know use a standard phone holder if you’ve got the luxury of a bit of desk infinite and as long as you’ve got a stable internet connection i’ve found that the game pass streaming toils really really well really it can be a little bit patchy at times especially if you’re on a portable structure communication hopefully with 5g that’ll help to rectify that issue and the good news is i started gears 5 on my xbox streaks x but i found that when i came to log into my game pass accounting it had actually carried across my saved sport so i didn’t have to start it all the way from the beginning which is definitely excellent oh dear and i think i’m probably going to stop playing this now because otherwise you’ll see how absolutely horrendous i actually am at video games no god damn it don’t take cover there no no no oh great oh standing still you get now if you find yourself away from home without your xbox controller but you’re still hankering for a bit of xbox act well the good news is that quite a few of these tournaments you can actually play with touch screen verifies as well i say lucky but of course there are generally so many verifies on the screen that they kind of block half of the action that’s going on and of course in the heat at the moment clicking on the right thing can be a little bit awkward what i mostly mean is if you’re as lame as me at recreations then this is going to put you at even more of a hindrance so i wouldn’t even bother and there you have it as promised two separate ways of playing xbox tournaments on your humble smartphone so it’d be great to hear how you’re getting on with all that down in the comments below and delight do jab subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely remain of the week glees everyone love you

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