The Best Apple MagSafe Accessories?? Anker MagGo Series!

hello everybody tim scofield right here as well as it’s time to have a look at some new mag secure devices for your iphone i really wish that i would have seen a growing number of devices come out it seems type of slow-moving in growth i do have the actual original battery pack from anchor that they have for mag safe however they’ve come out with new versions i think they’re calling the collection 6 so there are a couple of various methods to bill there’s an upgraded battery pack and stand this is likewise a stand that will certainly charge your air vessels on top of it there’s even a magnetic phone hold so this actually isn’t a sponsored video i simply was interested in trying these out seeing if they deserve getting so i simply headed out and also got them so i will certainly connect to every one of these down listed below yet let’s go in advance as well as take an appearance at a few of the new magsafe accessories from anker so let’s examine these out i’m actually quite delighted now i do have every one of the dimensions of the apple iphone 13 13 professional max the 13 and 13 pro coincide size as well as i have the 13 mini so you can kind of take an appearance at what several of these magsafe devices look like on the different iphone sizes anyways break cost flow snap fee flip on these 2 there’s a couple others we’ll have a look at in just a second yet you’ll see series six so these are the new ones let’s go on and also really take a look at the flip one initially so taking a peek inside we have our magnetic wireless charger to begin it does have some weight to it and i assume that gets on purpose a great deal of hold down at the base it’s actually pretty little i believed it was going to be a little bit bigger according to the images but i rejoice that it’s smaller sized however it definitely has a great deal of weight to make sure that it isn’t moving around also if it goes to an angle has a lot of grip that i’m noticing down at the base currently the

mechanism allow’s go on and also turn it up so below’s just how it works just kind of sits closed where you can set something on the leading or you can open it on up and bill two devices at the same time um you probably could do 2 phones we’ll check that out once i obtain this connected in and also yes this is usb type-c there’s a little magnet can you see me no yet you can sort of see the electronic camera also every one of these accessories can be found in various shades there’s blue black i think several of them in purple so some different color options to fit your particular visual yet this really feels and also looks extremely exceptional general i’m pleased up until now allow’s test it out allow’s obtain it connected in as well as examine it out and also of course inside it does include a folding charging brick this is at 20 watts with a usb type-c to type-c cable television to plug right into our battery charger so allow’s get it all connected in all best let’s plug this in for the first time you’ll notice all-time low has a light to it quite cool um it simply transformed off i’m thinking if i set something on right here you know what why do not we just attempt that out real quick collection something on there it is billing and also there you go i’m going to do this yes perfect as anticipated strong magnet it does feel solid it found the spot to bill right away uh you really you’ll see it kind of lifts it up if you pull it a certain means really which is sort of wonderful due to the fact that after that you can angle it exactly how you intend to there’s a number of various degrees you can angle it so if you do have it resting right here you can just set it on down and you don’t need to

stress over it dropping like i stated i’m flipping it upside-down it’s certainly not mosting likely to befall i’m actually not fretted about it you can additionally twist it which is substantial since clearly if you have it resting here you can angle it specific means to see a video without needing to actually hold your phone so indeed it goes 360 levels just rotate everything the means around and also you can shut it so if you want it completely straight that’s an alternative now allow’s quickly experiment with the iphone 13 mini again very simple and also the huge one the 13 max as well as it rests there um again has even more weight to it as well as i still i i ought to have placed my hand underneath however still really feel comfy with these oh yeah most definitely the toughness of the magnet that it’s not going to fall i fit adequate to not even put my hand below all right so fast test let’s go ahead and establish this down it’s billing let’s order our air sheaths as well as down at the base it did light up so it is charging nonetheless i don’t understand if there’s a magnet there actually allow’s attempt a phone no so the lower component doesn’t in fact have a magnet but it is charging if you claimed yeah so it’s still billing if it sits similar to this so you can bill two phones simultaneously i don’t know what type of rate you’re gon na leave it due to the fact that it is made to have your phone and also your air vessels rest on there nevertheless it is a choice to charge 2 phones at the same time but remember this lower component doesn’t have a real magnet so the leading part is the is the magnet so really pretty cool this seems very helpful especially clearly if you have 2 tools perhaps even a watch i assume you could just put down your apple watch and also if you have the wireless billing version and give that a cost so a great deal of adaptability to this one especially

because you can check out it vertical straight if you do not also have this you can just have it rest like that as well as again extremely superior style a great deal of weight to it it’s not going to glide around a great deal of grip at the base so most definitely looks like an actually good option if you require a charger such as this alright successive is the anker magnetic phone grasp which once again is an amazing usage of magsafe i assume there’s a great deal of excellent alternatives that you have currently this i simply kind of wish to make note i saw in some of the testimonials that you could wish to take care if you have an instance on your phone with this one so most definitely look into the testimonials i will certainly connect to every little thing speaking about down in the description so right here it is uh it’s simply essentially a ring that you can put on the back of your phone if you establish it down extremely solid once more very strong magnet which i’m pleased regarding if you make a third-party accessory for something that’s compatible with the magnets it’s it’s really great to have as well as i believe this was it you can sort of slide it and also i assume gliding it with a situation type of left some marks on the actual instance so again just sort of be a bit careful keeping that i like just how it can move so quickly yet again it’s really solid as well as sturdy this will certainly offer you an option to allow it stay up on the table yet after that additionally you have a grip to type of put your finger via so if you’re taking pictures or just doing something with one hand possibly not the mini obviously it’s a.

little less complicated allow’s go in advance and also possibly put it on something such as this one with the pro max a lot larger once again really solid magnet i’m not fretted about it popping off and also it sits level thus so you can establish it down it does increase it up just a bit yet fairly slim account total quite cool and also distinct once again bear in mind with it sliding around it may in fact uh rub right into your situation that you in fact have and also on to our next magsafe device from anker this is a 2 in one wireless charging terminal due to the fact that it has a removable battery pack with a magnet in it for your phone nonetheless a stand that you can charge multiple gadgets at as soon as all wirelessly so you’ll see you have it in the stand and afterwards naturally you can remove it and bring it with you type of a neat principle general to be truthful it’s absolutely wonderful to see uh just business making use of magsafe as a tool as well as once again like i mentioned there’s multiple shades i simply take place to obtain the white one uh they enter and out of stock and white remained in supply at the time that i ordered i’m observing that more colors are currently in supply again i’m wanting to i will link to whatever down below so right here is the brand-new anker battery pack this is in fact a 5 000 milliamp hour battery pack actually extremely slim overall additionally intend to make note that when it’s in the stand you’ll see adapters down near the bottom so this will bill the battery pack when you position it down once more excellent.

because then when you detach it you understand the battery pack is going to be charged as well as prepared to go and after that the base near the bottom below is one more component where you can charge it states air skins however once more possibly a watch perhaps even one more phone it may not bill as fast as you want it though if you’re charging 2 phones at as soon as again down near the bottom the very same style of grip as the other option so it does have a ton of hold so it doesn’t slide about and also wire monitoring here uh for i would think the cables that they include so this includes a folding charging brick this is a 25 watt billing block as well as our usb type-c to type-c cord that you plug right into the back or i must claim the base of this stand now i do wish to mention all of these accessories have been really premium this is no exemption now this stand will actually tilt up as well as all the way down like so so it does have some viewing angle options it doesn’t turn like the various other one to go horizontal so if you have an interest in that you might wish to go the various other path currently allow’s take a closer consider this battery pack oh man it’s simply obtained a wonderful soft touch feel to it down at the lower usb type-c port so you can charge it independently it does not have to remain in the stand to actually bill it that behaves particularly if you’re simply bringing it with you on the move you require to bill it up a switch for power and simply says support down at the back.

and also led light so if i press this power switch indeed they did light up to allow me understand their details fee likewise this is 0.45 inches thick so less than half an inch thick as well as below is just a fast contrast with the initial anker 5000 milliamp hr battery pack which was a little bit bulkier you’ll see it’s a little bit taller however they had the ability to slim it out without a doubt after that with the more recent battery pack so a nice option i really like the taller slimmer look as well as a little bit extra large with the previous initial mod which has been excellent incidentally i have actually been using it for a while essentially given that it came out a bit ago and as normal let’s get our phone so this is the apple iphone 13 professional if i proceed as well as set it down you will certainly see it is charging so it identifies begins billing right away however given that it’s a little bit a lot more lengthy compared to the various other model it’s even more slim nonetheless just sort of rests out towards all-time low which i would think is all right it’s really not a huge bargain on this device once again this is the apple iphone 13 13 pro same size basically but i do like the soft touch really feel that it has provides for a nice feel as well as covers more surface area so it’s not as grabbing on it you’re kind of can still grab on the phone there is a little bit of space yet the magnet does feel strong overall it doesn’t seem like it’s.

really going to pop off uh it does shake just a little bit but it does stay charging while it wiggles now actual quick i’m interested to see what the what the mini is going to look like with this so again it just sort of stand out a little more down towards the bottom so it still stays clear of the electronic camera component it works wonderful it stays you know magnetically connected to the tool yet when you’re taking a look at it you’ll observe a little more of a lower chin on the mini now with the max i bet you it align really while considering these okay sorry i needed to really order it out of my pocket but let’s go on as well as break this on and also look at that limit is actually too huge so it doesn’t actually also look at the side of this design so right here’s a take a look at the back has some space total most definitely some wonderful surface area covering i do like the overall layout of this one far better though also if i had the mini i ‘d rather have it type of sticking out than sticking protruding out uh making it deeper the thinner you can get it the much better for me especially when putting it right into your pocket alright so let’s integrate the stand offer it a glance so sliding it on down it’s certainly not connected in but even if you head it upside down i’m still relatively positive that it’s mosting likely to stay stuck to the battery charger uh establishing it down um you can turn it up down as well as it will stay there and also actually still.

cost because certainly it’s attached to a battery pack today so it is still billing however you still have the choice to charge two gadgets at as soon as and the battery pack itself so allow’s obtain this connected in alright so like the various other model it does have an ambient light down in the direction of the bottom i like the cord monitoring to ensure that you can you know maintain it off the beaten track now allow’s go in advance and also establish a tool down underneath it isn’t does not really feel like a magnet once again um but it is billing my airpods there there’s that light that simply activated allow’s actually take this off and also i’m gon na establish one of these phones down right here yes so it does charge a phone so you can charge two phones at the same time technically however once more this will certainly now charge that battery pack as well as uh you also have a space right here to have a look at the status sign of the battery pack so if you’re waiting for the back the pack to be completely complete you can simply examine it out with that little gap there so an additional truly cool execution so while it gets on your workdesk or anywhere bedside you can simply go ahead and also establish it on down cost your air coverings possibly you intend to establish your phone on down you’re going to bed whatever and also you recognize when you go in advance as well as glide the pack out you have actually a fully charged battery pack since you can bring with you so i actually similar to this one i believe this is the one that i would really select and also purchase all right our final product here making use of.

magsafe is actually simply the battery pack so it’s like this battery pack however it has an additional attribute constructed in again these have different colors this includes a usb type c to kind c cable television on the house block but you obtain your battery pack now this’s just a little bit various i’m delighted i obtained the blue actually since i’m possibly just mosting likely to maintain this one too since it has a stand portion so this is really collapsible you can open it appears like right below and fold it on up in different methods i type of need to discover just how to do so however this will really go on and also remain on the back and charge your device with those same solid magnets that all these various other alternatives had but i did want to do a fast size comparison due to the fact that these are both 5000 milliamp hrs this set looks like it’s a little thicker yet once again it has that included capability than the various other battery pack down towards the bottom usb type-c port standing indication light as well as power button again it doesn’t have this uh adapter for the charging since undoubtedly it doesn’t come with the stand and also i truly do like this blue shade total and also a quick contrast between the initial once again not as tall yet likewise absolutely thinner with the new battery pack and once again these are both 5000 milliamp hours you’ve obtained the included capability this blue goes extremely well with my iphone 13 pros blue anyways let’s go on and establish it on down you’ll see simply begins billing very same point where this set protrudes out simply a small bit.

with the 13 model to ensure that’s sort of wonderful again you can charge it by means of that usb type c port that very soft touch premium feel i do really like how consistent it is sort of around instead of having even more room on the within currently let’s go ahead and also experiment with the stand so this removes like so i in fact believe there’s magnets that keep it on so if you do peel it off you’ll see in fact on the back there’s a little an area to allow you recognize it’s actually simple you just proceed and establish it like that uses magnets as well as there you go you can proceed and also simply use it as a stand this is cool i like this a lot especially when i travel i bring battery packs with me and also this gets rid of when i remain on an airplane or something i can use it as a stand today the one point i was kind of interested about is can i use it it is charging still and also i can inspect that out i can put it horizontally on the battery pack that makes me realize on the old stand i can just go ahead as well as set it down like that i don’t really need to twist it like this one does so this does spin and also you can simply turn it while it’s charging yet this set you need to in fact grab and you can angle nonetheless you really want it but once more this is this is ideal i’m definitely mosting likely to be bringing this battery charger with me now that it does have actually that stand constructed in and it sits so flat simply look at just how slim this stand piece.

in fact is it’s so thin as well as once more has that really great soft touch really feel allow’s go ahead as well as order our apple iphone minis a pair a lot more phones to fall and also charge there we go so it does avoid the video camera module extends out down in the direction of all-time low a little extra so you’ve got the chin with the apple iphone mini however once again most definitely like it being a little a lot more flush with the outdoors and also ultimately the big one the apple iphone 13 professional max certainly you’ve obtained a little a lot more area with this one so there you go so definitely i would recommend this this one is remarkable actually truly satisfied with this if you need something like a stand this is really cool to have because you can bill two devices at the same time and also basically wirelessly bill the battery pack also you do not really require to plug it in essentially and then you can just bring it with you on the go so anyways that’s everything from me on supports mag go collection i love that they’re making use of magsafe because magsafe on a phone is so valuable as you can tell there’s a great deal of terrific uses for it whether you have something to hold on to your phone a stand a battery pack different options to install your phone when you’re seeing material but i wish you delighted in the video clip again i’ll connect to all these items down in the description below i hope you enjoyed the video clip make certain to provide it a thumbs up and also as always many thanks.

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