Infinix Concept Phone: 160W Charging!

hi there everyone tim scofield here and today we’re gon na have a look at an idea phone from a business called infinix and this phone has attributes that you will with any luck be seeing in a phone in the near future this phone is except sale nevertheless infinix has said that they are possibly going to be including these functions in an upcoming device now what kind of features am i chatting concerning when it comes to an idea phone and all of it the main one in my point of view focuses on this charging block and in big letters as well as numbers 160 watts of billing power on this of course this is a relatively big brick to charge a phone however i do think this is the fastest charging phone compared to any type of phone out on the marketplace now so at 160 watts you can bill this phone this is the idea phone from zero to 100 in around 10 mins which is crazy if you consider it if you just require 10 minutes to obtain a complete battery charge you do not also require to leave it on the charger overnight virtually so we’ll take a glance at the equipment of this concept phone there’s even an actually great shade altering back to it when you do charge the phone so we’ll have a look at the shade changing that goes on and after that certainly do the billing examination allow’s get going great excited to inspect this out it’s been a while because i have actually examined out a concept

phone and there is an appearance at that brick you’ll see 160 watts of charging or as my pal gary states m091 it is infinix ultra flash fee obtained some green accents to it as well as obviously it is usb type c currently prior to we do the absolutely no to a hundred test you’ll notice i’m running real short on battery i desire to take a glance at the hardware specifically the back and also have a look at that amazing shade altering technology when i connect the phone into cost so we’ve got a relatively level bottom different style buttons on the appropriate side a little bit of an indent and also rounded shape to them moving along up in the direction of the leading inscribed is infinix idea phone 20 21 and after that along the left side definitely nothing a fast look at the back there is that cam component i’m not mosting likely to study the specs of it it does look like there is a periscope video camera i don’t understand if every one of these lenses are even active or not so we’re truly not going to dive right into that because we’re a lot more speaking about the principle modern technology that is constructed in and once again they could consist of some of these attributes in an upcoming device another point to make note of is the sides have a decent amount of contour to them you’ll see how that material splashes off the side of the tool i recognize some individuals like it some individuals do not it’s absolutely

personal choice yet in an idea phone cosmetically i think contour sides and also phones look better anyways running truly reduced on battery let’s have a look at that color altering technology on the back of the phone so for that color transforming technology it’s actually a setting that you can transform on as well as off on the back of the phone so allow’s show it off now i’m just mosting likely to connect the phone in and also when i do have a look at the back of the tool okay so we’ve obtained our 160 watt battery charger all plugged in all set to go the battery is nearly to die so i’m really gon na do the test from zero to a hundred initial before we check out the color altering technology and also for the test benefit i’m mosting likely to turn that off in the meantime and also i’m mosting likely to allow this die perhaps play a fast game of bar g if i can obtain one in die the phone entirely and after that we’ll be back good our idea phone is entirely dead it’s time to test it out from no to 100 and i will have a quit watch going right when i plug the phone in this is in fact the infinix note 10 professional if you want examining that out you can really get this phone i did make a video clip on it i will certainly connect to that video clip in the description

yet let’s proceed and get going okay so i’m going to try as well as do this at almost the very same time so plug it in and also hit the begin switch so there we go uh with the stop-watch going i’ll uh go ahead and also update in perhaps a couple mins all right so as we come close to 2 minutes if you consider it you need to get regarding approximately ten percent uh every minute if you’re going from no to a hundred nevertheless that’s not mosting likely to constantly be the instance it won’t bill just specifically at 10 so we’ll see if it is anywhere around 20 otherwise possibly a little bit a lot more i haven’t even checked it yet so here we go right at 2 mins i’m going to push the power switch and we’re going to see what the percentage goes to and 19 so there we go it is ideal on course so envision in two minutes going from no to 19 outrageous allow’s keep going all right you understand the drill almost at 5 minutes allow’s see if we’re nearing that 50 mark consider that 48 charged in simply 5 mins so crazy i’ll do another upgrade before we reach 100. all right last update see if we’re on track at the 8 minute mark we are at 73 so still obtained a little of job to do i would say the phone is cozy however it’s never hot as well as the brick is likewise warm but again by no methods hot it does not harmed or anything like that it’s just cozy as anticipated similar to various other phones when they are billing so i’ll be back around the 10 minute mark and also see where we go to all best getting extremely near 10 mins let’s see where we go to 87 all right ready to strike the 11 min mark allow’s examine it out 93 so it is cruising i likewise might have vowed i transformed off the shade transforming modern technology however obviously not so i guess we can kind of take a look at that while it’s happening and this will actually reduce down the charging speed to ensure that’s why it has actually surpassed 11 mins i will certainly check it again individually with it off and validate but allow’s take a glance at it just see exactly how it is kind of pulsing here with the billing as well as it does simply change the back color so it’s not like there’s a light lights up essentially it looks like it is just kind of developed into the back and as we come close to about 12 minutes 97 once again i’ll do a fast test hereafter i’m mosting likely to redrain the battery so you individuals get a good suggestion of exactly how promptly it will in fact bill when this is off i have various other variables i’m using an adapter i have an extension cable so i’m going to go straight right into the wall surface as well as i’ll do a full cost as well as simply let you know what the time was so 12 minutes 99 so no matter also with 12 mins that’s an

crazy absolutely no to one hundred percent in simply over 12 minutes there we go so just over 12 mins with that technology transformed on however you require to examine it with it off as well as it will certainly get back at quicker so there we have it 100 billed that is just insane to me it strikes my mind that this innovation can involve phones hopefully we see this in the extremely future so that color changing modern technology was really off so i’m uncertain why it was on while it was billing nonetheless like i said i’ll still do another examination plug straight right into the wall surface let you understand my results alright so running the examination a 2nd time there is our number that was straight plugged into the wall surface so as you might inform not fairly 10 mins however you know what i do not care there’s a whole lot of variables going into it this is a principle phone under 11 mins to go from zero to 100 in a phone is simply insane to me to make sure that is the 160 watt charging on this infinix principle phone we take one more appearance at that shade changing modern technology on the back with it flashing but that’s everything i intend to reveal off in the meantime with this idea phone large many thanks to infinix for sending this over for us to have a look at go down a remark let me recognize what you believe make sure to provide this video clip a thumbs up be certain to subscribe a great deal much more material coming quickly and as always many thanks

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