I FINALLY Got It Working: RTX 3080 TI Vs Ridiculous MSI Pre-Built

formerly on dawid does technology things: it’s not firing up with the 1070 in it either oh no i killed it it’s the 3080ti was excessive for it as well as the power supply simply committed hara caring which brings me to today’s video where i obtained my hands on a beefier power supply for the msi system completely from japan so that i can do whatever in my power to get that 3080ti to run horribly in this msi system even if it costs me my fingers ah but before that it’s time for a word from today’s video sponsor today’s video clip is sponsored by be silent and also their pure loophole aios currently it goes without saying that the pure loophole aios are very easy to place been available in a range of dimensions and also with its one-of-a-kind pump layout is remarkably quiet for an aio but what i like the majority of concerning these aios is their minimalist visual i assume they look genuine sexy keeping that brushed steel faceplate and also that diffused white led and thinking about

that you do not have to pay outrageous rgb tax obligation on these they are remarkably economical as well as they have a fill port on an aio which i believe is actually amazing so if you like the appearance of these check out the pure loop aios utilizing the web link in my description listed below and thank you once again be peaceful for funding today’s video currently a lot of you are possibly assuming darvit that is just a 600 watt power supply which actually is not a great pairing for an rtx 380 ti however the primary factor i obtained it is because i actually like causing garys so for the type of person that gets annoyed by this power supply choice take a look at it consider it no actually the genuine reason is this was just the ideal choice i might obtain fsp does make an 850 watt flex power supply yet it’s got the exact same issue that i believe is going to be the problem for the silverstone power supply that we’ll go over in a bit as well as it’s longer than the power supply that was available in the msi system and i didn’t desire to risk it not fitting in case now another fascinating thing concerning this silverstone power supply is that it’s obtained a cybernetics platinum rating which may simply seem like a kirkland brand 80 plus ranking yet cybernetics actually has a much more detailed test collection that the power supply requires to come on order to get the ranking so i in fact think this is much better than 80 plus fine so let’s have a closer look at the power supply we’re mosting likely to utilize to torture an rtx 3080 ti with wow that is not super well packaged currently it comes with quite a conventional japanese

power cord here with the little additional ground cable draw that off as well as oh it’s so cute as well as little now on the back we have a worryingly tiny fan i think this is gon na simply be wrongly noisy yet we’ll see just how that goes and after that uh we’ve got a non-modular power supply currently the msi system does in fact have some exclusive connectors on the motherboard for power however i did get an adapter off of amazon so we must still have the ability to use this power supply now this power supply does have a 50 amp 12 volt rail on it which i’m wishing will be able to handle a bottlenecked 3080ti uh yet we’ll see exactly how it goes you understand we’ll see what occurs all i hope is that it does not take off under any kind of load to ensure that we can such as underclock and underpower the gpu that it in a manner that it does function now that we have actually had a very short check out this little power supply allowed’s decline it into the msi system and also simply wish that when the previous power supply died it didn’t simply take the whole system with it now if you have a closer consider this motherboard you can see that it resembles it’s just a a little extended standard itx motherboard which implies that if the previous power supply did kill this motherboard we might be able to simply change it like if you drop an itx motherboard over it you can see the the screw openings do actually line up for it oh yep do not you just like a good proprietary port now you can see here that the silverstone power supply board is really

smaller than the one that remains in right here with any luck i can get it mounted decently do this alright well that’s not suitable currently after assessing different options i think the ghettoist option is going to be the finest i’m just going to kind of leave it resting similar to this because with the computer properly up it’s just mosting likely to be wedged down by that plate which there’s really little clearance so it is actually mosting likely to type of hold it in position yeah why not let’s allow’s kind the cables out as well as after that see if the system runs which worked out oh it’s such a small opening please ah begun oh that’s simply one ah now thinking about that we have the naturally troublesome exclusive motherboard power we’re gon na need this adapter which is a 24 pin to 10 pin cable in order to obtain that uh that silverstone power supply to operate in here all right well that all looks penalty to me so allow’s close it up and also learn if that power supply took its family with it on its means out i believe it killed the entire system on its method out ah well that’s an embarassment i’m i’m pretty sure the actual core system in below has died the following action is to replace it with a more recent itx motherboard currently i think if we can eliminate this hard disk drive cage it’ll make it an entire lot easier to obtain that motherboard out currently i do think that it is removable because i’ve already reversed a number of screws holding it in position but it’s not coming reversed yet uh so perhaps there are a number of even more screws under right here that we need to go out delay so under this top panel which i didn’t even recognize was removable there’s a surprise warm-.

swappable ssd caddy that designed this instance why did they hide two hot-swappable disk drive caddies under the dvd drive that’s concealed under the top panel this is such a ludicrous computer divine crap since of every one of this proprietaryness this is definitely not going to be a clean transplant yet you recognize you never recognize till you try alright so after regarding 2 years of battling below is the a little warped itx motherboard you can have a better look at all of the exclusive connectors we have actually obtained the 10 pin over below we have actually obtained some proprietary fan ports over below a minimum of all of the sata was conventional however below we’ve obtained a bunch of like front panel ports and also things currently i promptly wish to evaluate this motherboard beyond the situation with a well-known functioning power supply just to see to it that it did actually suffer death by 3080ti because i don’t see any obvious indicators of motherboard failing like scorch marks around the power shipment or anything like that a few minutes later on no it did that’s in fact not the driest looking thermal base okay well there’s a big trouble uh msi you simply yeah couldn’t have actually made this harder could you because of the reality that the cpu socket is oriented differently on this motherboard and you can see that it’s really better away from the back i o as a result of those factors it implies that this cooler it can’t fit on that due to the fact that even if you have much less obstruction over right here and you can actually obtain the colder to install it in fact looms the rear of the motherboard so it’s not gon na function as long tale short our options are obtaining extra limited right here as well as i believe our best choice is possibly mosting likely to be to utilize a motherboard with simply like a standard colder on it something such as this stock amd colder which actually is reduced profile than this coolers high factor the problem is that this cooler is just.

going to be asphyxiated by the rear of the gpu so the temperature levels are mosting likely to be horrendous in right here yet i i do not recognize what other options i contend this factor would you take a look at that a minimum of the screw holes line up so the pcie bracket in fact connected in which is excellent uh although we do not have a whole great deal of clearance as you can see my finger can hardly fit between the bracket and the top of the fan as well as not just that yet the rtx 3080ti owners edition card has a back blowing follower which is very perhaps just gon na be dumping a bunch of warm right into the cpu cooler so ideally we do not cause some silicone fusion today yet let’s reassemble the system and also see just how that goes all right currently this is some actual satan degree design choice making below because they take a typical adapter right this connector is what a front panel port looks like in a situation like an nzxt one uh so you believe like oh that might in fact fit yet what they’ve done is they’ve just diminished it ever before so slightly below typical to make sure that it looks like a standard adapter yet it does not in fact fit on anything valuable currently the factor that this whole power button blunder is so bothersome is that when we have a graphics card in right here we’re not simply gon na be able to screwdriver.

vicious power on the system since there’s a graphics card in the way now what i’ve done in order to obtain around msi’s wicked means is i just took the power button from a different situation to make sure that i can place this somewhere more quickly accessible inside this pre-built situation i do not understand i really feel like that isn’t looking too poor so yeah let’s simply drop the graphics card back in here and afterwards check it i guess hi would you check out that the cpu cooler really has a little bit of space to breathe that’s sufficient appropriate nice that sounds good you can see things are spinning in there yay success oh it shot down again well the battlefield 5 food selections are clearly just means way too much for these flex power supplies yet taking into consideration that we have actually obtained some some motherboard rgb still going i believe that the power supply really did not die this time so that’s a good beginning all right good there we go it’s not dead this time which is a genuine enhancement over the previous setup so currently now we can start playing around with the power limitations on that particular gpu and after that possibly we can get it to a point where it can run field of battle 5’s food selections which actually would be the desire that power supply is truly annoyingly loud so all i’m mosting likely to do below is take the power limit slider as well as simply type of simply do that with it i suggest i can if i wasn’t a total vicious under safe of the gpu uh but let’s see if this jobs and also then we’ll we’ll take it from there so as you can see it is drawing an entire great deal less power oh come on it’s.

crashed once again what the heck all right well allow’s just do that okay there we go it’s drawing 110 watts now like it the power supply needs to be able to manage this ideal okay well at 110 watts the system’s not crashed yet to make sure that’s good that’s an action in the ideal instructions our rtx 3080 ti is attracting simply 110 ish watts and we’re obtaining 210 megahertz of core frequency going uh but we’re we’re still obtaining around 60 frames per second in battleground 5 which remarkably sufficient combat zone 5 is in fact doing even worse currently than it performed with the 1070 however that’s not the factor of this video we have actually got we have actually got a larger graphics card name number in the system that’s the only thing we care around and um the system’s actually running so i believe what i’m going to do now is gradually bring up that slider in msi afterburner till the pc crashes oh that’s made a significant performance distinction and it’s not increased our power draw that a lot to ensure that’s intriguing going from 110 ish to 140ish has given us greater than double the fps alright so the power draw to performance metric of the rtx 3080 ti is most definitely not a linear chart and also i assume now it’s really running better than it did on the 1070 if i’m not mistaken okay so that’s made fairly a huge distinction to our power draw figure yet our framework rates it’s a bit much better it’s very little far better though currently clearly the factor we’re not obtaining even more efficiency is since that 5300 g is a traffic jam below i’m not fairly sure why it’s attracting so little power in this situation however in either case allowed’s.

change the cpu in there and see if we can obtain even more performance out of the system holy that is glued on there oh whoa oh there we go wow that thermal paste is dry as hell that is most definitely one of the factors the temperature levels were battling despite a low power draw that all makes sense currently now despite having that new cpu in there and also simply a 58 power draw limitation on the rtx 3080 ti we have actually needed to bump up the resolution from 1080p to 4k simply so that we don’t encounter a cpu traffic jam and now that we are at 4k ultra setups uh we’re still getting concerning 110 frameworks per second and it’s it’s running well every little thing appears to be fine so let’s allow’s bump up the power draw a little bit as well as see just how it goes oh yeah we’re really currently getting to a point once again at 4k where the 3600 is a bottleneck so that’s wow that is insane the the 3080ti even when heavily kneecapped is still a full beast where the power supply is gon na tap out so allow’s see when we struck that oof that that cpu is not having fun anymore there’s a person with me oh there we go 75 is simply way too much for it at this point so at the end of the day i believe the reason that flex power products crumble neath the mighty walk of an rtx 3080 ti is because the ones that i have actually located only have a single pcie power line that splits off to dual 8 pins making it simple for the graphics card to overdraw the wire and lead to power supply death which brings me throughout bye you.

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