BTS Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Unboxing!

hey everyone tim schofield here and samsung has made another themed phone i’m a big fan of their theme devices if you missed it with the note 10 plus they did make a star wars edition which i did make a video on i can link to that down below if you’re interested and speaking of the note series samsung announced their next unpacked event is august 5th they sent me that launch event so i’m pretty excited and of course with their upcoming devices a lot of content coming soon be sure to click that subscribe button so with that being said let’s check out their next themed phone and i have it right here the bts edition of the galaxy s20 plus 5g first of all i have to give a big shout out and happy birthday to my friend laura this is actually her device that she let me use to make this unboxing video so big thanks to laura it also did come with the galaxy buds plus which is themed for bts as well for those of you that don’t know bts is a k-pop music group and full disclosure i’ve heard a few of their songs i’ve just started to get into their music so if you have some of your favorite songs please drop a comment let me know what i should be listening to also if you have a favorite member

drop a comment let me know who it is so anyways let’s see what samsung has done with the bts edition galaxy note 20 plus let’s get started let’s get right into it down at the bottom you have samsung and the bts logo and then seven hearts on the box on the left side it does say samsung galaxy s 20 plus 5g notice that purple coloring because that is the coloring of the phone itself just taking a look around the box now let’s go ahead and slide this part of the box out revealing s20 as 20 plus 5g with some design and styles around it if you do look you can see their logo integrated with the s20 so let’s open it up and right away as expected you do have the phone here which i am going to set to the side for now you do have a box inside notice samsung and bts logo throughout with some information booklets you have your sim tool and a little bit of an extra as well so you will see that it comes

with a case for the phone along with a lot of customization options not only the case but you also have this miniature box with being very gentle here some photo cards of each member of bts want to give you make sure you get a look at all of them if you are interested in picking up this phone or just want to see what all the different photo cards look like and this is something that you could potentially put in the back of the case so the case is completely clear which i think you’re gonna like when you see the phone now it also comes with some stickers that you could potentially put on the outside of the case or wherever you actually want to with a bunch of different emoji the names of all the members i believe in your galaxy the bts logo and it has a really cool reflection to it so you can throw any of those you want on the case but then again like i mentioned maybe you want to go ahead and put one of the photo cards in the back of the case and just go ahead and put that on your phone continuing through quickly in the box you do have your super fast charging adapter for the phone which is usb type c and then a couple extras including the cable the cable being usb type c to type c and finally you have some headphones included that are

usb type c they have inline controls and there’s just a look at what the ear tips are going to look like and speaking of ear tips they do come with different sizes of that gel now let’s move on to that s20 plus right away big fan of this purple color and the color gradient it has depending on how the light hits it on the back let’s go ahead and peel off the sticker and then you will see down at the bottom you do have samsung and the bts logo on the phone you’ll also see on the camera setup that purple heart is not a sticker that is actually printed on the phone cool edition kind of a chrome accent around the outside microphone usb-c slot one of your speakers and then moving along to the right side is where your power button volume rockers are going to be up at the top another microphone and then your sim card slot and then along the left side absolutely nothing i have to say just a very premium looking and feeling phone in the hand i’m a big fan of the s20 plus on the front of the phone you do have a pre-installed screen protector with a cutout for that in-display fingerprint scanner i’m gonna leave that on for now and we’re gonna turn the phone on for the first time see if there’s any theming to the boot up animation look at that i believe in your galaxy they have their own boot animation on the phone i’m going to run through the

startup process and only talk about anything that’s noteworthy you have a group of different ways to protect your phone face recognition fingerprints pattern pin password we’ll set up the fingerprint scanner i also noticed that there is a cover over the screen protector that’s already pre-installed so let’s peel that off so when we do set up that fingerprint scanner very simple just go ahead and press on the display itself it’ll register through takes a little bit of time with the in display as opposed to a physical fingerprint scanner but i actually do like in display fingerprint uh scanners they’re really neat technology now you can add more if you want we’re gonna keep going through all right so it is applying a theme the purple edition bts theme so it’s not only hardware customizations you also have software changes as well so right away you’ll notice a custom bts wallpaper reflecting in some water and the lock screen one is a little bit different you’ll see a bit of an animation right there and we can go ahead and unlock the phone and not only that you have themed icons very purple throughout so let’s swipe up get to our app drawer and you’ll notice a ton of different apps have that custom theming to them if you do go into it you’ll notice it has purple

accents throughout a lot of these apps as well very subtle but in the app drawer you’ll also notice just a couple hearts to let you know which page you are on nice subtle addition so if we do pull down the status bar the quick toggles also are themed that purple color you have a ton of different options let’s jump into those settings one thing i’d recommend trying out if you’re getting a galaxy s20 or s20 plus is bumping up that higher refresh rate it makes the phone experience better it makes things feel and look smoother so try it out if you don’t like it you can always go back but it will drain battery life a little bit more if you do add that 120 hertz something i noticed on the lock screen if you do have a pattern those are all hearts as well pretty neat how they just made some subtle additions to the theme also just make note that a lot of these apps are theme you see you go to the dialer you have some stars that purple coloring to the icons overall and a lot of them are themed overall there’s also a bts xr snapshot app i’m can’t

show it to you right now however i can show you some of the screenshots from the app basically it will use that ar and actually you can take some pictures with the members of bts kind of cool definitely will be fun to play around with that’s everything i want to talk about with the phone for now one final thing about it when you do actually shut the phone off let’s go into that power menu and hit power off you will notice i believe in your galaxy bts logo shows up again and i did mention there are some custom samsung galaxy buds plus which i’ve been a big fan of really long battery life which makes it very enticing again themed buds plus with the bts logo etched into it let’s go ahead and open it up and see what comes inside give your standard booklets inside you have a box with just the bts logo on it opening it up looks like you do have some extra goodies and a cover for the case that is themed inside you have your usb type a the usb type-c cable for charging however the case will wirelessly charge as well and then you have your ear tips with some extra wings on them so you can find the right fit

based on your ear size you have a samsung box where you have the case and i believe the buds themselves and here is that case really cool purple color samsung and bts logo on them it does have a heart right below that status indicator letting you know what that battery percentage is at on the back the usbc slot for charging and that’s pretty much it let’s go ahead and open it on up very simple pairing process with your s20 plus definitely don’t worry about that and these buds are really sleek actually a nice black and purple color to them with the bts logo on the left earbud let’s see if there’s a different logo on the right there is there is a heart on the right earbud aside from the case there is this smart buds cover that you can put on to kind of protect the case on the inside it says i purple you with the bts logo on the top side with a heart inside so you can just go ahead and snap that case in and it will go ahead and protect your galaxy buds there is one more box and it looks very similar to the one that was in the s20 plus with i believe more photo cards so yes you have a complete new stack of photo cards with what looks like different pictures as well of each member so let’s go ahead and cycle through those so you can kind of take a look looks like they’re all wearing the buds plus in all of these pictures so again you can

use these however you want you can put it in that phone case if you want maybe just hang them up whatever you’re looking to do so there’s all those photo cards and here is a close look at the buds plus keep in mind you do have extra wing tips and the buds themselves so you can actually find the fit for you there is a look at that purple coloring it is uh reflective really sleek to be completely honest i’m a fan of this purple color they’ve used throughout with the different logos as well so there are the galaxy buds plus and to finish things off one more feature about the s20 and s20 plus is wireless power share so let’s go ahead and test that out basically what you can do is put an item a phone or anything that can wirelessly charge on the back of your phone so if we go ahead and do that with our galaxy buds plus it just buzzed and made a noise and that led indicator is now on with our buds plus so you can actually pair these two together and wirelessly charge your earbuds with your s20 plus really cool feature and nice addition so that’s everything i want to talk about for now with the bts edition i will post some pictures as well on instagram so be sure to follow there uh be sure to give this video a thumbs up again drop a comment give me some info if there’s certain things i need to look out for or certain songs i need to listen to please let me know be sure to subscribe as well a lot more content coming soon and as always guys thank you

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