Apple iPhone SE 2020 Unboxing – All Colors!

everyone Tim Schofield here and it’s time to take a look at the new iPhone se from Apple little strange that they’re releasing a phone at such a low price point however it’s pretty clear that they kept their production costs very low using older parts from different phones and of course they slapped in that newer a 13 processor inside not only do I have the red se I also have the black in white color so we’re gonna unbox all three of them throw them up side by side drop a comment let me know which color you actually like the best you’ve been posting a lot of videos lately and I’ve noticed that you guys are starting to comment more and more on the facial hair so yes I will be shaving very soon before I do I’m gonna unbox the se and maybe post a test selfie on my Instagram so you can go follow me there to check it out and if there’s any phones you want me to take the same selfie with to compare with just drop a comment let me know the model you’re looking to see it up against so with that being said let’s go ahead and unbox the $400 phone from Apple let’s begin and first of all I think epple is really smart to come out with a device at this price point specifically because it gets more people in their platform in their ecosystem buying more of Apple services will quickly take off the packaging of all three aside from the photo on the front the only thing different about the boxes is the Apple logo is a

different color based on the model you decided to go with I’ll let you know which one I like the best after seeing them as well let’s begin the unboxing so I’m gonna unbox the red variant and we’ll quickly take a look and see what comes in the box is setting this to the side you’ll see some red right here I’ll open up the others and see if there are differences what comes in the box this says product red from Apple welcome to the iPhone your sim ejection tool and of course your Apple stickers taking out the iPhone as you can tell Apple brought back touch ID so they do have a fingerprint scanner yet again and I do think they’re gonna start reincorporating touch ID into products in the future just my opinion they might start having in-display fingerprint scanners that’s just a hunch no real evidence to back that one up first off it does include headphones kind of nice because this does not have a headphone jack so including lightning headphones is a plus these are actually fit my ears so that’s kind of a bummer but that’s just because I’ve weird shaped ears overall okay USB type A two lightning cable as expected and your standard Apple power brick the other two boxes come with the exact same things inside so I’m not really going to show you that

except this product red sheet giving you information about Apple’s product red for support for hiv/aids alright let’s move on to the phones and right away if I’m going to pick a color even before I take the plastic off it won’t be the black I think it would be white or red overall if I was going to choose one that I liked the most let’s move on to the new S II taking off some of the plastic revealing the color oh let’s just drop that there is the black model definitely a more reflective back to it I kind of wish it was a matte black all right there is a look at the white very clean and sleek looking finally the unique red color there we go and one thing I’m noticing right away with the different colors is the front is all black no matter what so the bezels on the front is black no matter if you have the red white or of course the black now let’s take a close look at the three different colors you’ll notice on the white model the trim around the lens is actually silver as opposed to the red and black on the other two phones on the back same silver Apple logo and all three however the red model does say product red no other text on the black or white model inconsistent on the left side you have your volume rockers red silver and black close-up of the left side also make note of a

small camera bump in this phone more quick difference I noticed on the bottom you have your speaker microphone lightning connector outside the Lightning connector you’ll notice a silver trim on the white model and a black trim on the black model however if I grab my red color you’ll notice a silver trim around the outside of that lightning connector and taking a look at the front after booting them up no difference between the three on the sides you might notice the respective color showing just a little bit it is crazy to just feel how small this device actually is in my hand having a 4.7 inch display however it’s also interesting to see such large bottom and top bezels it’s been a while since I’ve looked at a phone with those so not many but some subtle differences between the three different colors drop a comment let me know which one you like the best after seeing all three colors I’m having trouble deciding if I want to go with the red or the white maybe one of them will grow on me towards the end of the video but I’m gonna actually run through the setup process and only talk about anything that is noteworthy touch idea is back let’s go ahead and place our finger on I accidentally did press the home button there so just lightly go ahead and set our thumb on that fingerprint scanner I’m hoping this better be

extremely fast extremely accurate if they haven’t gotten it down by now there’s a problem however in the past touch ID has been great adjust your grip just go ahead and maybe place different parts of your thumb that fingerprint scanner giving slight subtle vibration feedback we are all done one other thing I’m noticing is because of the smaller form factor typing is just a little bit more cramped so that’s gonna take some time to get used to my default route on display is on you can change it later and display settings if you want which it changes the color of the display based on the ambient lighting I actually preferred it without true tone display you’ll notice it gets cooler but the colors are definitely more accurate when you have it off so just kind of keep that in mind you need to go into settings afterwards also noticing with the display in general that since it is an LCD display the quality’s just not nearly as good as an OLED display which I’ve been using a lot on my you know higher and iPhones and Android phones alright we’re back to customizing a home button on an iPhone kind of crazy you can just choose which one you like the best there is number two let’s say number three just the haptics and the feedback a one’s just a little bit lighter too getting a little stronger and three of the strongest there’s not that much different honestly I think I’d like to the best just kind of the middle ground with the haptic feedback and we’re all done with the setup

process welcome to iPhone here we go and just right away even looking at the home screen I’m noticing with the display you know the quality is just gonna be a little bit less so obviously it has the the latest processor inside but they did have to make some cuts in terms of the camera the battery life is not gonna be as good the display is not gonna be as good however you’re gonna have great performance and this phone’s gonna last a while alright all set up with the iPhone se all three different colors on the home screen of iOS 13 the latest OS from Apple and you can expect a lot of software updates going forward especially because this does have the latest processor that the iPhone 11 has on the inside and here’s a look at the front of the iPhone se that 4.7 inch display with those bezels on the top you do have your earpiece front facing camera and the bottom is that home button so you could just go ahead and press it to go home or of course use it to unlock your phone now couple things to keep in mind you don’t touch the screen to wake it anymore you can just go ahead and press that middle button and with your thumb rest it will unlock right away so just go ahead and press it or of course you can press the power button to wake it and go to the lock screen if you’re on the lock screen take a look at that padlock up to the top I’m just gonna go ahead and set my thumb down on it and you’ll see it is unlocked without leaving the lock screen so if you want to go

power button set it down it’ll unlock it and then you have to go ahead and press the button to go home a couple of other things to remember about the home button because it’s just been a while since they’ve been around if you double tap the home button it will get you to those recent apps to quickly swap between them so just double tap and swap between apps you can still swipe up to close them out but not only that but if you double press on that home button don’t don’t press all the way in I guess just like lightly without pressing the actual button just press twice and it will put it in one handed mode however with the screen this size odds are you might not need that one handed mode anymore at $400 there are some really cool features that come with this phone first of all it has an ip67 rating so it has that dust and water resistance which gives you that peace of mind now flipping it over on the back with the camera it has a 12 megapixel single lens you’re not gonna get an ultra wide camera you’re not gonna get a telephoto but jumping into the lens right here snapping a quick photo just simple you do have your live photos as well so pretty much the standard interface that Apple has been using it does have portrait mode however which is really nice to see I’m curious to really test this out more to come of course with portrait mode and flipping it over to the front-facing camera they do a portrait mode on the front with natural lighting stage lighting

contour and all of those modes also since this has the latest 8:13 chip one more nice feature that can be added to the camera is under video so if we go into video you can tap on 4k on the right side you can bump it all the way up to 4k 60 in video which is pretty crazy on a phone that’s $400 that you can record in 4k 60 so nice job Apple for including that also funny enough it’s a little strange seeing iOS 13 without a not you’ll see the camera is right in the middle as opposed to let me pull up my iPhone 11 Pro max with the camera on the left side so the Wi-Fi icon and mobile data moves over to the left and your battery icon stays on the right and just for fun here’s the 11pro max side-by-side with the new iPhone S II just fairly interesting to see the difference in the size between two and just want to give one more close-up of the three colors side-by-side I think overall if I had to choose I’m gonna go with the white simply because I think the blacks just a little bit too plain overall and I do like the red however I actually like the silver accents that the white has overall it just looks really nice and looks really clean when looking at the front of the phone I like seeing the silver accents on the side as opposed to maybe the red or black ones so overall this everything you want to talk about for now on the S II more to come be sure to click that subscribe button like I said I’ll post a selfie leader on my Instagram so that will be linked down below hope you enjoyed the video if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up as always guys thank you very much

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