Apple Magic Keyboard Unboxing!

hey everyone Tim Schofield here it’s time to do an unboxing of the new magic keyboard from Apple for our iPad pro and I did just finish my review video on it I promised I would be getting this keyboard to try out and give you guys feedback now let’s go ahead and see how magical this keyboard actually is I do have to say it was like magic how quickly that $350 disappeared from my wallet so yes it does have a high price point at $350 for the 12 point 9 inch model which I have or you go down to $300 if you have the 11 inch model I’d like to open it up see what comes in the box and do some testing with it see how strong those magnets are see how the mechanism actually works and test out the trackpad and keyboard let’s go ahead and get started here is the magic keyboard from Apple some plastic on the outside flipping it over just want to make note that if you do have the 2018 model iPad pro this is compatible with that opening up the box we do have the magic keyboard inside I do my iPad pro right here to the left so we’ll grab that in just a second to test out but now continuing on let’s take some of this plastic off of the magic keyboard initial impressions of the

outside it does have some grip to it actually I’m kind of liking it it’s gonna make it easy to kind of carry around once it is closed a little hard to see but there is an Apple logo just slightly etched into the case so let’s open it up and see what else is in the box there is actually a decent lot of pressure to open it it does stop right here it doesn’t look like you can actually push it any further than this angle we’ll get to that in just a second cuz there is more in the box to say designed by Apple at California pretty standard booklets inside but there are no Apple stickers if you were wondering moving on to the magic keyboard which not only has a keyboard but also a trackpad for your iPad pro now obviously you’re not gonna want to have your iPad at this specific angle so it does give you the option to bend this back so that’s about as far as it will Bend back at an angle will throw the iPad on there in just a second I am curious over time to see after opening and closing this hinge it is it does feel very premium don’t get me wrong it does feel very sturdy I’m just curious over time how well it’s going to hold up if it’s gonna stay very sturdy because obviously with a touch a touch screen you’re gonna want to be touching it a lot and you don’t want it to wobble whatsoever I don’t feel like it will it does feel very premium the

hinges overall on the outside of the case on the left side you do have a USBC slot and a close-up of the inside if you wanted to take a close look at that hinge mechanism when it does close there you go quick close up of that trackpad and pressing on it feels fairly even no matter where I do press on it considering how thin this part of the cases it’s actually pretty satisfying to press and acquit close about the keyboard we will do a sound test with these scissor switches in just a little bit I’ll give you some feedback when typing on it but let’s go ahead and throw our iPad pro on this case for the first time like I mentioned in my ipad pro review video which i will link to down below in the description this is the case I’ve been using in the meantime it’s an ESR case which I have been really happy with it’s extremely sturdy stands up really well so here’s my 20/20 iPad pro the twelve point nine inch model I have been using it for a while even to edit some of my videos as well and I have been happy with it as a tablet excited to see how much this magic keyboard is going to add to it so when you do want to use it and you bring it up it does lock in place right here and then you can angle it back so let’s go ahead and throw this on for the first time if we just go ahead and set it in make sure it lines up and it is now attached

and docked to our magic keyboard felt very secure the outsides do seem fairly flush to the iPad before we get into more testing let’s go ahead and close it so closing it it locks there and then goes all the way down it did lock my iPad if you’re curious about that and it does add some weight to it so that keyboard definitely has some weight to it it doesn’t feel off-center or anything it does feel very bad but it is kind of heavy very sturdy as well now it does leave the top here open so you can go ahead and throw your Apple pencil on there if you do have one let’s try and open it up with the iPad in the case so it seems like you can’t use one hand which I would have been very surprised if you could so opening it up it locks in place and then you just angle it back to how you want to angle it it does seem like this could actually this mechanism could angle a little bit more I don’t know if this is exactly as far back as I would want it after handling a magic keyboard as a case I do feel confident it will keep my iPad pro connected the magnets are really strong so I don’t think while I’m carrying it it’s gonna go flying anywhere or detach when I’m using it the trackpad does feature gesture so you can quick swap between apps you can go back and forth on pages you can go to your recent apps you can go back home I’m gonna

have to play around and test out some more of them and learn all of them if you do jump into settings and go into general there is trackpad settings so you can change the tracking speed also with natural scrolling with it off if I go to recent apps and I go with two fingers to the left it’s going to go left and right in the same direction however you can have it flip if you’re used to that so you’ll see if I go left or to the right it’s going left if you go to the left it’s going right so it’s up to you how you want to change that and of course tap to click or two finger secondary click so if you do want to right-click have two fingers let’s do a quick typing and sound test and I’ll give you some feedback so overall fairly satisfying similar to the scissor switches that I already have on my macbook air so I am kind of used to it I think just considering how thin the bottom is it’s about as good as gonna get in terms of key travel and just the switches in general something else very noteworthy is that these keys are backlit seems to look really good in the dark I did obviously turn the lights off but there is no function row up at the top so I don’t see a way on the keyboard to actually change this backlighting so I have to have the lights off to show this with the backlighting on the keyboard but if I jump into settings and then go into general keyboard also quick side note I’m really liking the preciseness of this track that actually gives some really good feedback anyways go to

keyboard and go to hardware keyboard and because the lights are off it actually will detect the ambient lighting and turn the backlighting on so once it’s on is when you can change the brightness of it whereas if there’s lights in the room it doesn’t seem like you can have backlighting on at all so it just detects it and turns it off hence why I need to have the lights off to really show this so if the lights are off and the lighting is on you have to dive into these this Settings app and go really deep into it to actually change the brightness so with the lights back on you’ll see I can’t even drag this to turn it on whatsoever so it’ll just automatically detect when it wants to turn that keyboard back letting on but still quite a bummer that there’s no function keys up towards the top I think I’m gonna miss that and overall that’s everything I want to talk about for now with the magic keyboard some solid initial impressions in terms of durability build quality especially with that hinge I don’t think I’m gonna have any issues at all opening and closing it the magnets are also really strong if you’re worried about that the only problem with it for me is that price point and lack of function keys towards the top so that’s it for me more to come on the magic keyboard more to come on the iPad I hope you enjoyed the video if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up be sure to subscribe as well and as always guys thank you very much

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