ViewSonic PX700HD 1080p Projector Unboxing!

everyone Tim Schofield here today we are going to unbox a projector or the viewsonic px 700 HD projector I will go over my family room we’ll set it up check it out in a completely blank wall this is a 1080p projector from viewsonic with 3500 lumens I will also be setting it up very shortly and I hooking up my Xbox to it because there’s a low input latency mode so you get very little input lag when gaming there’s also a super color technology viewsonic has for a wide color gamut we’ll be checking that out showing up showing off some videos and more with this projector so let’s go ahead and unbox this guy show you real quick what comes in the box and get it all set up let’s get started [Music] there is the viewsonic digital projector opening up the box right away we have our Quick Start Guide looks like it does come with batteries for the remote also included of course the AC power cable and it looks like a VGA cable for display input there are also HDMI inputs on this projector a little difficult to take out of the box with this camera in front of me but here is that viewsonic projector looks like there’s a little bit of plastic on here there you go so a little satisfying to take that off anyways on the back of the projector II of 2 HDMI slot USB mini USB looks like two vga slots and an rs-232 slot and then of course you have audio in and audio out and up at the top is where the focus and zoom wheels are and I will say very easy to get to not going to be an issue also it does have 1.1 times optical zoom you also have a group of controls on the top such as power source volume menu just a lot of different ones with LED indicators some nice openings on the side for room to breathe there’s a look at that front lens of course the viewsonic logo and just a little more room to

breathe on the other side at the bottom you do have three grips to actually grab on to whatever surface you decide to put it on alright so time to set up the viewsonic px 700 HD I have it plugged into power I also plugged in my Xbox and a chromecast and I haven’t turned it on yet you will see that LED light is blinking let’s go ahead and press the power button turn around for the first time alright so pressing the power button it is booting up now I will need to obviously focus it figure out the scale there is the image on the wall at the moment obviously want to make that just a little bit bigger so the display size depend on how far away the projector is however this is as small as it gets and like I said 1.1 times optical zoom so you can zoom it all the way up to there and of course you just need to make sure it is in focus so with it set up at an optimal distance away it looks like we are now the Start screen so I want to go ahead and run through the set of process talk about anything noteworthy and the set up process simple I just had to choose my language and we are now on our input so here is the chromecast all projected onto my wall and as you can tell by the chromecast splash screen it is 1:00 p.m.

in the afternoon so this is optimal time for daylight in my apartment I have a ton of natural lighting coming in however with the brightness of this projector I can still see this image just fine and obviously I know this image is going to look better and better as the day goes on so I am happy with how this looks and the brightest daylight it will be so on the remote pressing the color mode option you do have a group of options you can go to sports brightest obviously standard you can go down to gaming it enables the three times fast input if you’d like to or of course you can go to movie mode when watching a movie and there is also an eco mode for the lamp where you can change it from normal eco dynamic or super eco now it’s time let’s go ahead and do a little gaming so if I press the source button I can go up to HDMI one or that Xbox is and of course worth mentioning this has a two watt speaker so if you don’t even have speakers that you want to plug in that is totally ok the projector itself has a speaker alright so in real time the first game I’d like to play is rocket League here because this one is very easy to tell if you have input lag because it is just so fast-paced

wow I already got a goal right there and obviously I have the speaker going out of the view sonic projector so you should be able to hear that now no overall I’m not really noticing any input lag it seems to be very responsive especially on such a big display it is a really cool feeling playing xbox on my wall right now obviously I give the sound coming out which seems to be just fine I mean not crazy you’re not gonna get surround sound out of it but it is nice that they do have speakers in case you for whatever reason don’t want to hook up speakers to it alright so let’s go ahead and play battlefield one now and I didn’t roughly measure there and it is 77 inches which is crazy playing this game on such a big screen again input lag feels just fine when i zoom in like so and miss all my shots up got one shot in there it’s not the best with a controller I have to say more of a PC gamer which we can actually test out in just a second but as you can see working just fine and yes that sound is coming out of the projector itself and of course wanted to show off a video so this is a youtube video cast through my chromecast on the projector and again this is at about roughly 77 inches projection so this looks really big all just on my blank white wall that I have in my apartment things are looking great colors colors look good as well I’m pretty

impressed with the the color reproduction that it does have and of course feel free to plug in your PC your MacBook to this projector because it works just fine as you can see projecting the complete image of my laptop on my wall also a perfect example of how low this input lag is check out the laptop display and the projector extremely impressive pretty much instant in terms of copying the laptop display on the projection over all the projector seems to be well ventilated and doesn’t get too hot also worth noting that that lamp and that display seems very consistent no flickering in the lights and last but not least as I mentioned I’m more of a PC gamer so this is actually for tonight running on my laptop at the moment that’s connected to the projector running really well consistent 120 frames a second and I’m very impressed this is really cool playing on such a big screen input with my mouse is completely synced up looks just fine works just fine I’m having no issues playing through this projector and overall that’s just about everything I want to cover on the viewsonic px 700 HD pretty impressive 1080p projector definitely check it out all links will be in the description of the video below and as always guys thank you very much

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