Unboxing the FIRST Android Phone!

hi every person Tim Schofield right here and 10 years ago today Android was revealed alongside with this phone right here the t-mobile g1 so this is the very first Android phone I intend to proceed as well as do an unboxing in honor of this 10th wedding anniversary for Android currently I’m not exactly sure if any one of you people had this phone I’m certain several of you did but drop a comment allow me understand if you ever before used the g1 however I do have it in its original box right below still functions in fact holds a fee so I’m mosting likely to go in advance and do a special unboxing of the t-mobile g1 let’s begin below it is the t-mobile g1 which was a partnership with Google as well as HTC this is actually an HTC phone here it is package on the back below we have some crucial features you can use the internet as well as utilize your phone you can send out sms message email a tremendous 3 megapixel cam as well as you can listen to songs on it anyways allow’s go on and also continue slide this open as well as you’ll see right here just sort of a box showing off these certain features oh take a look at that myspace.com that’s terrific I like seeing that not certain if anybody still mosts likely to that website in any way yet allowed back after that 10 years earlier currently allow’s go ahead and also open this up for

the big expose of the phone itself the t-mobile g1 which does have that physical keyboard I’m mosting likely to establish that to the side we’re going to take a look at what else did can be found in package resembles this says use this card to tape your Google e-mail account information that’s quite amusing really that they desired you to just compose it down to make sure that you had it looks like some g1 ideas and tricks how to utilize it the back vital all the different switches so just a tutorial on just how to utilize the phone beneath right here we had the billing cord which certainly is an outdated cable however hi still functions still charged my g1 inside looks like it did come with earphones however those earphones aren’t in this box anymore it additionally has a carrying instance which I can really get of this pack I don’t think this was actually ever made use of yet it did include a bring situation that says g1 on it so pretty amazing slide this on it I assume this is the first time I’m really utilizing this situation there you go so it did come with a case that you in fact needed to move the phone out of simply actually use the phone and also amusing enough the g1 was method in advance of its time having a look at the hardware you’ll see there is no earphone jack just like phones out right now it actually featured a dongle that you simply attached to the

base of the phone for a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack so this is that adapter that you required to use if you desired to in fact connect headphones into this phone so insane that the initial Android phone really did not in fact have an earphone jack and also in the Box on this side there is one more compartment I believe with simply a great deal of brochures terms’ service warranty hotspot and also of course your starting guide simply a complete book the initial Android phone truly awesome as well as obviously right here is the g1 itself you push this red power button right here to boot it up it ought to work simply fine shook there t-mobile g1 we might take a little closer appearance you have a trackball which you really can press too a call button home switch back switch as well as a menu button so a great amount of buttons and also certainly that pleasing trackball I believe the style with the trackball obviously originated from blackberries so it I believe that simply rollovered because of program the BlackBerry phones were so prominent at that time currently as it still boot you can glide it out the system right here seems to be functioning just fine actually there’s that Android splash display that really extremely old one that they utilized to utilize insane and then naturally action let’s obtain a truly close look at the physical key-board a little filthy but overall still really feels really pleasing to

press all the switches and I imply I personally simulate a physical keyboard on phones anyways and also then certainly on the back that massive 3 megapixel cam appears like it boot it up sorry task home has actually not worked there we go appears like we have got a force close today obviously mosting likely to face some concerns with Google and also collaboration today we are all the method back residence and also is completely started up extremely rapidly below is the base with the power adapter which you can conceal on the left side are your quantity switches you’ll see HTC right there also flipping it over on the lower ideal side you do have a specialized camera button to take photos or if I push it it should open up the video camera if I’m not mistaken it appears like it did does please insert an SD card prior to making use of the video camera so may not also be able to take pictures without an SD card inside yet you can change it approximately videotape some video or pop it down and also you can push the button to take pictures or of course tap on the icon right here it appears like it does not have zooming any functionality like that and we can go back house on the home display it does have different web pages that you can swipe between you can swipe below the leading to reach your alert similar to just how you still can on Android you tap down right here or swipe up as well as you will reach your every one of your apps which is an upright scrolling page you’ll see here whole lots

Amazon mp3 that came with it Google Maps Google Talk a little these old symbols and certainly the Android Market which is now understood as Google Play and check out that old YouTube symbol – just insane how classic this makes you really feel allow’s delve into setups and scroll down to concerning phone and after that firmware variation 1.6 so it has obtained updates given that the initial launch let’s proceed and also see if I can attach to Wi-Fi ok so it appears like it’s effectively linked to my Wi-Fi network let’s proceed and also open the browser see for how long this takes to load up naturally we have come a lengthy way in ten years simply consider the rate of this filling up and also there it is internet accessibility on it is functioning simply great it’s trying to pack up google.com as well as it worked if we go on as well as touch on this screen a physical mistake I’m sorry a touchscreen keyboard pops up or if you glide it open up that disappears as well as you can state hey every person many thanks for viewing I’m truly missing a great deal of tricks I’m simply attempting to kind really rapid but you’ll see really very negative typing there yet pleasing certainly with the physical trick or closing it we’ll put it back right into portrait mode you can copulate back house as well as you can sort of navigate with this trackball you’ll see it will certainly highlight points so if I desired to open up the market I can proceed and also do so and press that trackball I’m interested to see what’s going to take place with the Android Market web server area they definitely just have the web server’s off so it had not been it

isn’t going to tons yet most definitely nostalgic just seeing Android Market opening up Google Maps it is working just great it does not have pinch-to-zoom it appears like that that must not have actually existed because update you’ll see obviously I remain in Chicago however if we intended to zoom in on somewhere maybe Las Vegas we can proceed as well as do so and also it does not be rendering fairly well it is a little sluggish as well as laggy but that’s expected however appears to have Google Maps working just fine I’m sure all of these points are dated and also points have gotten upgraded however quite cool down that that still functions as well as naturally the last point I want to try is mosting likely to YouTube I am not certain if this apps mosting likely to work oh it resembles it is let’s see if it loads anything this is crazy that this YouTube application is really still mosting likely to help me it’s taking a very long time to load though alright so I don’t assume it’s mosting likely to load nothing seems to be functioning within the app so this is the app touching on anything won’t do anything looking doesn’t do anything if I go to watch nearly watched video clips it does not load anything it claims no videos discovered so alright be to the YouTube app does not appear to be able to view a video clip but I think you can do it in the browser if that ability is there certainly keep in mind the old menu buttons where you can go to change your wallpapers allow’s take an appearance at the wallpaper gallery too they had a bunch of various

ones there we go I’m certain these are all crazy high-resolution naturally these are all 4k wallpapers obviously for this lovely 4k display really let’s go ahead as well as get the most recent Google phone and below is the Google pixel to succeed in comparison to the g1 crazy out much any type of Android has actually come as well as just Equipment on phones generally obviously large dimension difference in between the two phones the display innovation is undoubtedly insane better and after that obviously if we desire to grab the new apple iphone 10s axé below’s a consider that in comparison with the g1 so really awesome simply desired to offer you people a consider the initial ever before Android phone as well as simply sort of show it off contrasted to do different tools in honor of that tenth wedding anniversary of Android so with any luck you appreciated this video clip great Google you have actually come a long method anyways drop the remark allow me know you assume hopefully appreciated the video clip if you did click that thumbs up make sure to subscribe a lot even more video clips coming soon as always people thank you quite