Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. S9+: More Differences Than Usual!

everyone Tim Schofield here and I’m back from New York had tons of hands-on time with the brand new Galaxy s 9 and s 9 plus I do have my full hands on and impressions of the s 9 up but I did want to compare both the s 9 and s 9 plus as well not only in the design but talk about some of the differences as well this is the first year that Samsung has made some extra changes to the plus addition to make it a little bit better than the regular version I also have a couple more in-depth videos planned for the Galaxy S 9 those should be coming very soon so be sure you click that subscribe button so you’re notified when they’re uploaded so to get started first things first I want to take a look at the design differences between the two so the left is the plus the right is the regular of course so the plus just looks like a little bit larger of an s9 here’s the bottom left corners lined up so you can see the extra space that the s9 plus really gives you in terms of display differences the s9 is a 5.8 inch display whereas the plus has a 6.2 inch display flipping it over on the back you’ll notice a bit of a difference of

course color a black versus blue but the extra camera being there so that is a brand new thing that Samsung is introduced with the plus variant is adding an extra camera lens and making it different than the s9 essentially so here’s just another lineup of the two just so you can kind of see how much of a difference with a 0.4 inch difference size-wise it doesn’t seem too big so here’s more of a close-up lining it up looking at the bottom there’s really no difference in terms of all the slots such as the headphone jack the button placements all the same just a little bit different size-wise so down at the bottom here’s everything of course with that headphone jack gotta mention that twice but you’ll notice the power buttons a little bit higher up on the s9 plus variant if I go ahead and we look up towards the top just see how much I guess wider the plus is and then on the other side when lining up those buttons you’ll notice that the big speed button and volume rockers are in a similar location I’ll talk about more of that in just a second and finally here’s a quick look with the bottom left a of just a close-up of the size difference just so you can see how much more tall and more wide the plus is just because I know a lot of you really wanted to see the actual size comparison even though they know the screen display size

difference they want to see the actual design difference terms of the camera both of them have the exact same lens the s9 plus just has an extra lens so the one lens that’s the same is that 12 megapixel one with optical image stabilization and also an aperture that changes so it has a mechanical switch that will actually change the aperture based on what mode you’re in and also based on the lighting in the room big difference being that the s9 plus adds an extra lens so they’ve added a telephoto lens similar to one that is on the Galaxy Note 8 and that dual lens setup because both do have optical image stabilization so with the telephoto lens you can actually get up to two times extra zoom with lossless quality now double tapping both power buttons you see they opened at the exact same time here’s a look at the camera and on the viewfinder you will see on the plus it has a two x

button where you can quickly zoom in as opposed to pinching to zoom you see it’s not on the s9 so that does add a two x button because of course it has that telephoto lens there’s also a live focus mode which was on the note 8 which will do a great job at blurring the background recognizing the what you’re trying to take a picture of and then you can change the amount of blur whereas the s9 just has that selective focus now I will be doing a video a little bit more in-depth on the camera itself but in terms of that telephoto lens I took a quick picture of out the window where I snapped it with the regular lens and then went ahead and swapped it to the telephoto lens to take a picture and it did a very good job the lighting was great because of course it was an outdoor shot things didn’t look grainy even when you zoomed in further with that two-times lens so overall it’s promising I used it a lot with the note 8 and it does a very good job it doesn’t work all the time it needs to have enough ample amount of light into the lens to actually switch to that telephoto lens so of course they need to be better lighting scenarios for you to actually utilize that telephone let’s next I want to talk about the placement of that fingerprint scanner that is different than the s8 whereas it is under that camera lens so when I rest my finger comfortably and completely out stretch it on the s9 plus my pointer

finger rests completely comfortably on that fingerprint scanner whereas if I go ahead and out stretch it on the s9 it kind of overshoots it a little bit and hits that lens which you will have to train your finger of course to kind of curve it down a little bit to reach that fingerprint scanner but for me more comfortably and naturally it I would choose the s9 plus for fingerprint placement now of course another difference would be the power button placement versus the volume rockers as well so when I hold it in my hand I find that my thumb rests on the power button for both of them more on the upper side on the s9 and on the lower side of the s9 plus whereas the volume rockers are more comfortable to reach on the s9 and you kind of have to out stretch a little bit and kind of reposition your hand to reach those volume rockers on the s9 plus so fingerprint location I’d go to the s9 plus whereas the s9 I prefer the volume location in terms of ease of reach another big difference between the two is the amount of RAM that’s included what’s the first time they’ve ever done this as well so I do want to jump into settings and take a look at the RAM just go to settings device management and then go ahead and select the RAM section and when I do that it will show you’ll see six gigs of RAM and the plus and only four and

the other one how much is used and how much is reserved as well overall I would say that the extra Ram management will help with more intensive things as well as extreme multitasking so if apps don’t get closed in the background the extra RAM will help future-proof the device a little bit as more and maybe a our apps come out things like that that are definitely more intensive the extra RAM will help also worth mentioning both have a curved quad HD Super AMOLED display so both have the same display resolution there’s just a bit of a size difference between the two and of course with Samsung their displays are gorgeous there’s just no denying it here’s a look at a video that was I believe taken on a galaxy s 9 anyways loaded up on both the galaxy s 9 and s 9 plus just to kind of show you what it looks like when watching on both so you’re going to get a better multimedia experience with the larger display however some people do like the smaller compact size of the smaller model now overall same same quality display same resolution I want to go ahead and take a look at one of these pictures just so you can see a portrait mode as opposed the

landscape size comparison so things do look a little bit larger text is gonna be look a little bit larger simply because that display is larger and of course there’s a difference in price the s9 is $720 completely unlocked and the plus variant is eight hundred and forty dollars completely unlock so there is $120 price difference which I believe is historically the exact same but you do get more on the plus variant than you have in the past s9 has a three thousand milliamp hour battery whereas the plus variant has a 3500 milliamp hour battery and historically the Plus Green has had better II better battery life than the smaller one so now overall just some final thoughts with the plus you get the extra lens on your camera bigger battery more RAM of course a bit of a size difference so some people just might like a larger size so that’ll make up your mind for ya but I am curious to hear what you guys think let me know which one that you prefer whether it be be s9 or s9 + drop comment for me I would prefer the s9 + I do prefer the enhancements that you do get and just the larger size in general I would just prefer well that’s about it everything for now on s9 + s9 + more to come so again click that subscribe button I’d really appreciate it be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed and as always guys thank you very much

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