Review Imilab KW66 30-Day Battery Xiaomi Smartwatch

hello spectacular utterances i’m chris from texpert and this bad boy here is the xiaomi imolab kw 66 smartwatch highly catchy figure definitely now in the last couple of months we’ve seen lots of budget friendly smart watches launched by the likes of realme and the puzzle fit and the emmy laboratory definitely is appropriate to that list it’ll provided free of charge exactly 50 u.s. dollars from the usual online dealers like aliexpress and the primary selling degree of xiaomi’s smart watch comes from the fact that it offerings 30 epoches of battery life between blames although if you actually dive into the small print it looks like about two weeks of use is more likely if you actually bother to use any other features of course though to be fair compared with a lot of small-scale watches these days likes the apple watch and substance which tends to just last a day or two between indictments a fortnight is still fairly damn good claim up there with the likes of the huawei watch gt2 series what i’m going to do is i’m going to hammer the imilab out of its carton i’m going to cliff it on my wrist for about 24 hours and i’m going to go you on a full-on tour of the hardware and the software and for more on the latest greatest tech please do employed subscribe and ding that notifications bell

cheers so there is the imilab kw 66 smartwatch let’s see what you actually get in the rest of the box as well so get a quick start guide just telling you how to get the watch all set up and running you through the various boasts you actually get a spare silicon strap wrap in the box as well which is really good you get a green one fixed there on the watch to begin with and then you get a black one in the box so a little of an alternative design and you’ve got a proprietary usb charger as well there’s no adapter bundle in the box you’ll have to provide your own otherwise merely push it into a spare usb port on your laptop or whatever and then when you need to charge your emulab smartwatch only basically slam that onto the back and as you can see it’s got a magnetized communication although not a particularly strong one i would say it’s certainly not strong enough to actually impound the watch upward if you were to let go of it and that’s everything that you’ll find in the box so now let’s check out the actual watch itself and i’ve got to say first impressions are pretty good actually for exactly fifty dollars this feels like a more premium uh small-minded which definitely along the lines of the likes the real me watch s which of course costs around sort of 75 pounds payment vibes certainly cures by the fact it’s got a good little heft to it’s 54 grams including the cason and the belt and it’s just great to see a small watch with that circular design as well with so many specially the budgetary resources he

watches ape in that apple square format the actual case in itself is metallic it’s a zinc metal specimen to be completely precise then around back it looks like you’ve mostly got a glossy plastic arse end on it and apparently the imilab kw 66 smartwatch is ip6 8 sea and dust resistant as well which again is great for this sort of price objects that means you’ll be able to sweat all over it you’ll be able to take it out in a piss and rainstorm no worries and contacts with the watch should be absolutely fine if you submerge it as well although i did notice on the imilab website that it told me not to take this watch into a steamy environment so i guess if you’re going to hit the sauna or something you want to leave it in your locker okay just going to bang the watch on my wrist now and sort of see how it feels and again initial notions are pretty good that soft silicone strap certainly feels all right against the skin the catchers are doing a pretty good job of pulling up my my forearm manes unfortunately but that’s pretty standard and as you can see they’re not more chunky as well compared with a lot of other smart watches oh and the xiaomi watch takes a standard 22 mil clique as well so as “youre seeing” readily remove the current straps and then slap on your own preferred favourites all right so let’s do this imi lab watch all set up and then oh that was quick and easy oh it doesn’t look like it needs any proper setup it’s just kind of gone straight-from-the-shoulder into the main menu and um affection the uh extremely

interesting bit of watch face action there but to actually get the smart which all paired up with your smartphone and everything what you’ll need to do is go up the trains and uh open up the qr system piece and then simply scan that with your phone and then that should dedicate us a direct link to the app we need to download from either the app accumulation or the google continue collect or of course you can just go and find it yourself it’s called exaltation fit and with that downloaded you’ve just got to tell the app a little more about yourself i’ve got no idea how tall i am target paces well thanks to our huge mate plastered i barely even made the bare minimum here right now hopefully we can get all paired up there we go let’s felt it huzzah and the next stage is to set all the permissions for the smart-alecky watch so for instance do you want it to notify you about any income and calls and other notifications as well from the likes of messenger gmail etc you could also turn on a do not disturb as well which is quite handy if you’re going to be rocking it all night long for a bit of the of sleep moving and you’ve got dominances over the uh cells as well whether it’s metric or a good age-old british plan all right so i’ve been sway the xiaomi immilab qw66 on my wrist overnight and once

starting to see some little foibles cultivating up some uh some little telltale signs that yes it is most definitely a budget smart watch but to be fair and that’s not to say that i shun the md lab and for 50 it does render some pretty good pieces so let’s start with that 1.28 inch ips screen which as you can see that isn’t surrounded by the thickest bezels in the world countries for a budget uh smart watch and the screen itself is absolutely fine uh not super detailed formerly you go far quite close you can see that personas and verse is quite pixelated and the emblazons aren’t exactly going to knock your socks off for being like super vibrant and punchy or anything like that this is also the smartwatch on the top brightness you can quickly configure that by swiping down and then tapping this little icon now as you can see there are several different stages on the top level you will struggle to see it outdoors on a luminous sunshiny day but otherwise it’s fine but zero issues with viewing slants or anything so you can sort of stare at your wrists uh surreptitiously from the two sides to get a slight glance at the time when you’re a bit carried in a meeting you may notice i got rid of the deer watch face which is a little bit random to see at least you can change the watch face simply by long pulping it and then swiping left and right there’s a small selection of different options on there already instead if you go to the dial midst region of the exaltation fit app on your smartphone you’ve got a selection of

watch faces that you can choose from now you can sync them up with your smartwatch time one at a time though and of course yeah it’s nowhere near the sort of size of selection that you get on the likes of the huawei watchers or on good old-time wear os of course but at least you get kind of a semi-respectable variety and if you’ve got a custom dial you can actually create your own watch face you can either choose a photo from your google photos uh excerpt or your smartphone album otherwise you can actually take a picture with your camera there and then let’s do that and then just pasture it to your affection and then last up merely choose the colour of the textbook that appears at the time and everything unfortunately you can’t actually convert the layout of the information or exactly what information is displayed on that watch face alongside your own face and then go originate yourself a cup of tea or potentially a full three-course meal while it syncs up with your smart watch and then here presto there is your fresh brand-new watch face won’t you be the talk of the town now the ui now on this imagelab smartwatch is very straightforward you can drag down to fast access your decideds and main toggles the likes of of course that screen brightness which i registered you more quickly and the detect my phone feature which is quite handy if your phone’s

constantly going down the back of the sofa as you can hear that really fixes your telephone pulsate like a morph and commits a bit tinkly tinkly ringtone interference and you’ve also got access to the rest of the puts uh in there which are very very limited indeed to be honest you can basically reset your smart-alecky watch and get some information on it and of course you’ve got that qr system which you can use to scan to download the app and that’s pretty much it if you swipe this away you’ll access your index of apps which again very basic and restraint compared with a lot of antagonists from likes of huawei you’ll actually wear os apps all that kind of stuff you’ve got your basic fitness moving nonsense which i’ll cover in a bit you’ve got to stop watching notification buoy and that’s mostly it and since unlike wear os smart watches and the apple watch you can’t download fresh apps from an online place or anything that’s basically all you got take it or leave it and then flick in the opposite direction and you can see all of your stats at a quick glance offers this number of steps taken distance and calories burns you’ve also got access to your 24 hour heart rate tracking right there uh how much sleep you got last-place darknes apparently i got seven and a half hours i’ll be buggered if i feel like i have i think that’s roughly how long i lay still for but i probably actually came a little bit closer to six hours but then sleep moving on these things is basically

best typically regardless you’ve got fast access to your prepare through there and you’ve also got media ascendancies very and these are definitely rudimentary controllers at best as you can see you don’t actually determine what song is playing or any kind of information on the screen but those authorities are now working so sounds toy your music will toy sound intermission your music will again pause you can skip tracks all that good trash otherwise you can see there there’s bugger or volume power or anything at all like that so you are stuck to the more basic substance and lastly if you swipe up from that primary watch face you’ll receive your notifications roll as you can see there are no contents for me i haven’t actually been able to get the notifications to work at all you’re supposed to be able to set this up through again the splendor fit app if you just go to app reminder you can get it all turned on there grant full access and then of course insure exactly which apps you want to receive notifications from on your wrist and yet profoundly it only doesn’t work at all i’ve played around with app assents for about an hour or so i’ve cleared the app cache i’ve done all kinds of substance to try and get this to work and nothing seems to help so this is on uh the pixel 4 light um it might work on other smartphones but if you’ve got a pixel possibilities are it’s not gonna sync up delicately and the blessing fit app itself again bit of a cluttered mess could certainly use a bit of tender loving care there but still besides the

notification support all the other boasts seem to work fine including the heightened pass to activate display uh the smart alarm clock labor a plow this morning my wrist started sounding at 7 45 although the haptics aren’t accurately earthquake grade let’s see uh quite a gentle excite so if you’re a little of a deep sleeper that probably won’t work so on the fitness tracking area of things it’s pretty rudimentary substance to be perfectly frank so of course you’ve got your heart rate monitoring uh 24 hours time does that automatically when it’s on your wrist and that seems perfectly accurate to be fair to it i undoubtedly don’t have an sp or 2 monitoring or anything like that which would be quite a boon at this sort of price point uh the me laboratory watch will casually move your steps taken uh you know calories supposedly burned all that good nonsense which i evidenced you earlier throughout the day and then at any point if you want to perform a bit of workout you’ve got 13 different tracking modes of course they are a bit of a strange assortment you’ve got like likes of table tennis uh rugby badminton baseball alpineism not even sure if that’s actually a word but then you do at least have leading moving and cycling on there which i predict would cover off most of uh what beings are up to and all this basically does is it tells you exactly how long you’ve been work for keeps a general uh look at your photograph and all that good material and then when you’re finished it will enter that data and sync it up with your smartphone that’s the actual performance well that they are able certainly be a little bit jittery again for a basic small watch it’s really not that bad though to be

fair it’s fairly responsive that touch screen so when you swipe it generally gets it right the only other foible that i’ve noticed is the actual battery meter which seems to be fastened at 100 which is quite confusing because i was using the small watch quite a bit last-place night and then i dove online and i discovered that actually it exclusively counts down in 25 increments so it’ll go down to 75 percentage then 50 then 25 and then dead you get a 340 million batteries stuffed inside of the midlab watch which is pretty honorable given the size of this thing as i said before the 30 dates of battery life seems to be complete bollocks basically with desegregated general daily use they reckon you’ll get closer to about two weeks of use which again is pretty damn good certainly thumps the crap out of having to charge your smartwatch every single night alongside your smartphone which is what

you’ll have to do if you get the apple watch or most wear os manoeuvres so that in a nutshell is xiaomi’s immilab kw 66 fund smartwatch and as you can see it’s definitely one for casual smartwatch users who prioritize battery life over peculiarity starts because let’s face it the features are pretty bare bones on this thing and some of the central nonsense like that notifications administering just did not work for me but you know the design is really really nice if you can actually get the notifications handling to work then that’s great it’s got the rudimentary fitness stuff on there the step moving uh interval comprised all that kind of stuff now personally i would say if you’ve got a little bit of extra cash just uh hurl it at real me instead for the new watch s which they put out which is a lot better than this thing the features are a lot better you’ve got more customization options on there too so that’s what i think would be great here your own judges down in the comments below satisfy do plug subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely residue of the week mirths everyone love you

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