Meizu M3 Note Unboxing and Impressions

everybody Tim Schofield below with the Mizzou m3 note gon na unbox it get some first impacts this is the first gadget I have made use of or looked into from Mizzou before so I’m quite thrilled to examine it out allow’s open it up good allow’s obtain this guy open so I’m just gon na slide package off right below welcomed with the gadget I believe it’s pronounced mizu correct me if I’m wrong please just leave a comment I’m not exactly sure that’s just how you pronounce it however I believe it is so I’m mosting likely to take this screen protector off of it and on the back there is an another sticker label as well allow you find out about the dual Sims and today it’s a little cool it’s a little trendy my area so it is an all metal body style as you can see embedded battery I believe so I’m gon na continue all the power switch that’s on the best side transform it on action sideways and you have a sim ejector right below and it states fly me on it which I think is the modified version of oh it’s what they called their skin over Android fly me I believe it’s not fly much more noticable like that so please forgive my enunciations and simply a couple brochures Quick Beginning Overview all that good stuff what’s a given a/c adapter and after that you have a microUSB cable television right below and then it says

your phone not consisted of so it allows you understand that they’re not mosting likely to include earphones right there oh there you have an air conditioner adapter simply essentially the battery charger and the phone itself so let’s go through the start I’m mosting likely to choose English certainly and also I’m mosting likely to go on and also it next I’m gon na browse this genuine fast only speak about anything if it runs out the normal alright so really nothing out of the common at the beginning I skipped Wi-Fi as well as went directly to the house screen to be honest that was the initial point so the system is updated your phone has been upgraded let’s go ahead and also delve into settings show you individuals so I do not know why that just happened allow’s most likely to about phone and it is on android variation 5.1 you’ll see fly me five factor one factor 3 also now this is a five factor 5 inch 1080p display screen for those of you questioning it is an LCD panel too has a 13 megapixel electronic camera on the back which I’m packing up now which took of DS a bit of time to actually pack up there is concentrating and shutter speed also okay so not terrible

nothing it’s not insane quick whatsoever there’s a glimpse down at the bottom I think it’s a mono speaker and the various other one is simply for show you have your billing port evaluating on the side you have your quantity rockers as well as power switch which you need to press decently hard they’re very clicky as well as really feel don’t really feel low-cost at all I presume I need to say on the left side is simply your sim slot right there on the back there’s that 13 megapixel cam with an LED flash too and afterwards up the top you obtained your microphone as well as 3.5 millimeter headphone jack in terms of storage space right out of package not setting up anything you have nine point seven one gigs devoid of sixteen gigabytes it’s a 16 gigabyte model with 2 gigabytes of RAM in terms of the processor it has a mediatek helio p10 processor that i understand some people have some solid point of views concerning mediatek

processors in general however we’ll see exactly how well this actually will execute now one fascinating thing to note is you’ll see right there it has some fast toggles right there but check this out so if I go to settings and also the home button in fact functions as a which is additionally a finger print scanner I’ll reach that in a second the house switch really serves as a back switch if you do not push it it’s a real button though so you’ll see I’ll go into it push it as a capacitive switch and it returns however if I press in right as the switch and it will most likely to the home button so there’s no capacitive buttons on the side by any methods so you could be assuming hey how am I going to get to the recent apps options so allow’s say I remain in the calculator application you swipe from the base and also it’s going to get to those recent applications so a little different right there I really believe I could like it once I get made use of to it swiping up in the bottom is not is really quite quick to do to obtain to our current apps currently here we go like I said you can use it to open your device and other numerous things so let’s go in advance as well as position our

finger right there it does not have marshmallow yet which is interesting out of the box you would hope it has will be upgraded to it quickly so done well and I’m going to try it I hit used on lockscreen so appears like I’m gon na need to set it now allow’s proceed as well as inspect if the enter a passcode one 2 three four proceed one two three four now allow’s attempt it so let’s go to the lock display press and hold there you go allow’s try once more with just setting it there looks like you can not do that but you can push the switch certainly and that’s going to obtain things to go let’s proceed and attempt it like this so rather quick which is excellent to see we’ll see exactly how precise is also I’m going to attempt it with a finger that’s not it and also you’ll see fingerprint inequality great to see appear like it’s working rather well now you’ll see there is no application drawer at all since currently see the stock launcher does not have an application cabinet which can be transformed via the Play Store certainly and afterwards naturally you have this app I really do not know what this application is so you’ll see advertisement obstructing flash play headlines going shopping codes so a number of random things I need to state there’s a folder right below for preferred applications toolkit Google so if you stand out in to Google

in fact I wish to attempt pushing and holding the house button too to see what that does appears like it secured the display fascinating so allow’s press and hold the home switch as well as it locks it so intriguing I have yet to see that it does not activate Google currently there you saw a fingerprint mismatch there it goes so sort of intriguing there what if you can tailor that allow’s leap right into setups and also see if I can find something possibly under customization to tailor it doesn’t resemble it however again fascinating that you can press this as a back button I’m not exactly sure if I’m gon na like it swiping up seems to work rather exactly how it must if I can multitask thus currently I couldn’t discover anything to tailor this I’ll look a little bit additional as I dive into it and I intend to make note it has a 40 100 milliamp our embedded battery which is huge which does include some density so make note of that it’s a bit thicker than I’m made use of to but that’s excellent due to the fact that I prefer to a larger battery and a little a lot more density and weight to the phone but anyways those are my very first impacts and thoughts on the mizu as well as three-note hopefully you enjoyed the video if you did click that thumbs up you can discover me on facebook twitter google+ i’ll links in the description below and also as constantly individuals thank you really a lot