Haier Pad W103 Unboxing and Impressions

every person Tim Schofield here with the hair hire pad W 103 not exactly sure if that’s a correct means to pronounce it however I obtained ta be truthful with you people I do not really know what to expect from this it’s $240 on Amazon figure – allow’s open it up and also see what’s inside this is a Windows tablet with Windows 10 on it with an Intel processor 2 gigabytes of RAM a 10.1 inch screen allow’s go on and also slide the top of package open there we go you do have some packaging let’s proceed as well as take this out of the wrapper here’s the tablet itself down at the bottom with that Windows button obviously let’s flip it on over as well as you do have silver with some accents and also just type of some trim right there to set apart in between both on the side right here looks like you have your USB port most likely a display screen inadequate that type of appear like a mini USB port I’ll obtain into that in simply a 2nd a headphone jack and also what appears like a micro SD card slot also a couple speakers on the left side up on top is where your power and also quantity rockers are so we’re gon na turn this on with any luck it has a little bit of

fee fine it looks like it does it likewise appears like it comes with a screen protector considering that’s just 2 in front so you can peel it off let’s let that boot for a little and after that discuss what else remains in the box since it appears like it does feature a keyboard and also a key-board case I should state which is right here allow’s peel this open and it’s very soft extremely soft touch really feel to it fold this open appearances like it has a small magnet right there to close and right here is the key-board and looks like this tablet computer has actually currently started up to the Windows Begin screen but allow’s go on and attempt as well as connect it to the key-board so wow okay so magnet right there I don’t recognize exactly the mechanism right here but let’s examination this out so it secures in and after that let’s see if we can try and set it up sorry a little minimal area right below fine so figuring it out looks like this folds back and it rests like this both magnets close it up on top and afterwards without this holding anything up resembles you have actually locked the keyboard in as well as after that it rests up for you at a decent angle so it’s not adjustable it will stick at this angle and afterwards right here’s a fast appearance at that key-board that includes a full

number row and also some functions up on top along with a trackpad with left as well as appropriate computer mouse switches it additionally looks like this functions as an instance if you link it such as this you toss that on the top and after that this locks for an instance with subjecting thing with subjecting inputs so you can in fact charge the device while you have in the case I nearly failed to remember there is some details some literature and looks like a billing wire with an air conditioning adapter to make sure that’s all that would certainly be in package let’s have a look at the tablet fine so took off the screen protector as well as it says hi there which is a standard Start screen for Windows allow’s proceed and boot this up alright so I browsed every little thing it says hi we’re studying things up getting updates I attached to my Wi-Fi one point to note is that it did not have a 5 ghz network so right here’s a more detailed take a look at the back with choices with earphones you have mini SD card port USB USB as well as an HDMI port too and that’s all it does state on the back of it well it boots up below’s simply a more detailed take a look at those inputs right there and after that transforming it

over there’s those switches too which have a decent I click to them I have no problems with the top quality of these switches as well as overall it feels pretty superior considering it does have virtually an all light weight aluminum body I’m not exactly sure I’m gon na like having sound only appearing the one side however we’ll see alright indicator right into my Windows account obtained everything set up allow’s attempt this individual out so there’s a residence button as well as certainly full Windows 10 you can swipe over to your activity facility too you have your Xbox you know all your Microsoft apps as well I’m pretty interested to see just how well it’s gon na sync with the Xbox I’ve seen the illumination goes to 100% now and after that I simply type of took it dropped it down and also you’ll see it gets actually dim to make sure that’s not an issue with dimness I wish I got a little bit brighter though at a hundred percent that’s one point about the display we should obtained a bit brighter off to evaluate it out outside to see what it looks like let’s open up Microsoft edge as well as you’ll see you can swap it into complete screen setting so essentially you obtained a desktop computer like experience taking place so if we most likely to let’s attempt as well as go to google.com resembles it’s still

setting things up separating and reconnecting points and actually I intend to attempt something out so I have a USB stick I’m gon na plug that in as well as sort of see as well as ensure that it’s gon na acknowledge my USB stick of training course with the USB port it’s so let’s go on and also pop this person in it made the seem like it removable disk right there you wish to check as well as repair I’m mosting likely to continue without scanning to have to select what happens as well as we’re gon na open folder to view files as well as there it is so this is just a good it appears rather receptive too one thing to make note of however I do not know why the the key-board hasn’t turned up yet it needs to it’s really sort of a concern I don’t understand why the key-board has not appeared I’m trying to type I do not understand if there’s a special thing to do allow’s touch this key-board under appropriate fine I know why it made me do that do you clearly you individuals saw that yet allow’s try mosting likely to google.com today I’m mosting likely to open up a new tab G oo g lae comm go and afterwards I’m gon na strike X to reverse the keyboard I do not recognize why I have to manually open the keyboard whenever that’s type of

intriguing I’ll get more in the flooring testimonial all hopefully there’s a setup where I can have it instantly open up today however allow’s return into it allowed’s go and jump right into settings real fast standard Windows 10 setups this is a two gigabytes of RAM it does have an Intel cpu so we’ll see I’m gon na attempt and also do various other perhaps a little bit much more graphic intensive points etc when I examine it out however total it really feels quite responsive I’ve never ever actually made use of a Windows tablet before I have a laptop computer that runs Windows 10 certainly yet it actually is a tablet computer that has Windows 10 I’m not specifically sure all right so there we go it does have cortana also what’s the weather like outdoors alright so in Chicago that functioned utilizing Cortana seemed quite stylish as well as smooth you have a word mobile you have Excel mobile you’ve PowerPoint mobile all being the mobile app as you can see my guess is you’re possibly to pay for workplace three sixty or

whatever they call it now I haven’t utilized it in a little while there’s your Bluetooth let’s most likely to let’s find the cam in fact so it ought to be in our apps okay so I simply search for the video camera application as well as overall I don’t believe the top quality is gon na be the most effective certainly I do not truly take pictures with tablet computers but it says two megapixel rear video camera to make sure that’s quite rough right there so I would certainly not anticipate much from the rear or front camera to claim the least from this tablet nonetheless it feels pretty snappy certainly I’m gon na require to do a great deal extra possibly some benchmarks etc as well as develop top quality appears rather great as well I’ll need to allow you individuals understand exactly how it goes though I will certainly do a full testimonial pretty soon and also keep you men upgraded so with any luck taken pleasure in the video clip if you did give it a thumbs up you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ click that subscribe button and also as always guys thank you quite