Blu Pure XL Impressions and Thoughts

everyone tim schofield here from Cuba King and I’m going to give you some impressions on the pure XL from blue just impressions no one boxing just because they actually said to me without a box which is okay so I figured I talked about some initial impressions that I am having from the device it is called the pier XL XL especially because it has a very large six-inch 2k Super AMOLED display and also some very good specs to match it as well now this actually hasn’t been released yet it’s going to be released on September 29th with a 349 price tag unlocked and it also has LTE capabilities talk about some of their specs as well but I’m paper this looks very promising so let’s go ahead and take a look at it now before I get to design real quick let’s talk about some of the specs so let’s see it on paper so we’re going to go to about device it runs android 5.1 lollipop we want to go to hardware information now so it has 64 gigs of internal storage three gigabytes of ram 6-inch display 1440 x 2560 it’s an octa-core processor it’s actually the first u.s.

Device that runs the MediaTek Helio x10 64-bit processor so overall I’m really excited to try out this device and get some real-world performance on it because on paper it looks great alright so right away pretty easy to tell it’s a large device and it comes with a large display so to show you that here is actually the Nexus 6 next to it and this is actually just a little bit taller than the nexus 6 to give you an idea at the top of the screens are just about lined up right now you’ll see that little extra bottom right there it’s a little bit larger form factor then that Nexus 6 and it does have a 2k display like I said 490 pixels per inch Super AMOLED and also protected by Gorilla Glass 3 in the back of the device you have a 24 megapixel camera excited to test out it does shoot in 4k as well LED flash with a fingerprint sensor which I’ll talk about in just a second moving down to the bottom you have a speaker grill this back actually does come off so let me go ahead and pull it off alright so here we go on the back here you have dual sim card slots you have expandable storage as well embedded battery it’s a 3500 milliamp hour battery so very large and then flipping it over down at the bottom you have the micro USB

charging to point o charging and it does have fast charge I believe it’s a forty three percent from zero in 30 minutes up at the top you have that 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack on the left side you’ve absolutely no buttons all the buttons are actually on the right side you have volume to volume rockers you have a power button and also a camera button I know a lot of people do like having a camera button you have the option ability to press and hold that open up the camera app and also just press it to take pictures once that camera app is actually open on the front you have capacitive buttons which I actually can’t figure out a way to get them the light up which is a little bit unfortunate and then up at the top of the device you have an 8 megapixel front facing camera earpiece along with an LED light as well now the test of the fingerprint sensor it actually works well but one problem that I see is when you’ll see I have a pin lock screen right here when the screens on you can’t use it to unlock the device it does not work no matter if you’re on this screen or the screen

I’m pressing and holding on it and it’s just not working however when the screens off and I press on it it unlocks it right away it works well so you’ll see I’ll just hold my finger down on it and turning the screen on and off of course it’s acting like it’s something goofy going on but it’s actually working really well now when it comes to software it includes a launcher that does not have an apt or of course with Android you can customize that you have all your google apps all that good stuff etc it comes with opera browser as well now let’s talk about some of the bloatware so you’ll see you have yahoo weather right there and you’ll see it popped up uninstall you can uninstall that you have touchpal keyboard you can uninstall that let’s go ahead and over you have chameleon right here I’m not sure what that is but you can’t uninstall it pretty funny you have a torch app right there and you can’t uninstall it however within the note the pull down bar you have a flashlight right there which works just find some not sure why torches include it go ahead and swipe over and you’ll see you have a group of Amazon apps and all three of them are uninstalled ball uninstall bowl which is actually really good but you’ll see you have all your google apps right here of course Play Store as well on the home screen alright so let’s load up that camera application real

quick loads up fairly quickly the app itself looks a little cartoony but it’s very quick to focus very little shutter lag so let’s go to the picture I took so swipe over here’s just one with obviously some objects in it and overall it looks really good really good lighting situation of course I’m going to need to do a lot more testing and it’s 24 megapixel camera and then when we go ahead and go back we can go ahead and select video camera and we go to settings here let’s go ahead and hop into the settings and you’ll see video quality you can go all the way up to 4k video quality as well which is pretty exciting when it comes to software it seems just a little bit translated the reason I say that is because let’s say I go to display here and you’ll see an option called skylight and I can’t really figure out what it does it says use holster can be used normally after opening sunroof the center of clothes mode will now not open so I don’t know if that has to do with these little dots on the back here I have to ask and figure that out of course it feels really smooth out of the box because of course I don’t really have anything installed swiping through multi-tasking it it holds apps pretty well so again obviously real

performance will need to come into play in my full review video there’s some pretty neat settings at least when it comes to air gestures and I really really hope they work how they should so let’s go to advanced settings you’ll see a smart gestures here and certain ones such as smart dial if you put your phone up to your face it’s going to call that contact but let’s go to tut air gesture so you have touchless wake up so this is somewhat similar to the Moto X and previous generations where you can wipe your hand or wave your hand over your face I mean over your phone and you’ll see that the display actually did turn on which is a pretty neat feature now you have touchless desktop control image processing and video control if you want to switch between pages or pictures so you’ll see I could just swipe on over and scroll between these pages which is pretty cool I don’t know how much I’m going to be using it but it’s a it’s pretty neat feature but anyways those are some thoughts and first impressions on the blue pure XL essentially blues flagship device sourav a video coming soon I need real world performance testing that camera out etc but let me know what you think leave a comment subscribe to me as well I’d really appreciate you follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all links in the description video below and as always guys thank you very much Oh you

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