Google OnHub Router Unboxing and Setup

hey everyone Tim Schofield here from Cuba King 77 calm and I have just finally moved into my new apartment so I can start shooting a lot more videos now and I set up internet access at my apartment yesterday and now I’m going to be unboxing a new router the on hub from Google a google has teamed up with tp-link and they give you a new way to Wi-Fi or so they say so I want to go ahead and show you what’s in the box set it up with my new internet that I set up actually and also show you the companion app that comes with it so let’s go ahead and get to it all right here just boxes a little heavier than I thought it was going to be and you’ll see it lets you know what’s in the box you just have to get the app plugin and you can get online hopefully it’s that simple I’ll show you guys real quick so let’s slide this up looks like you’ve a little card it was on top of the box it lets you know what each color means so the top of it does light up no light means it’s off blue ready for setup teal on an active amber

something is wrong so I guess you could take a quick glance at it and you’ll know if there’s actually a problem so here we go light blue box with a just tab that you pull up nice presentation so here is the router manufactured by tp-link and partnered with Google as I said earlier so it’s a cylindrical piece of equipment I want to see maybe if this outer casing twists off or anything I’m not sure exactly how it works just yet so that being said I’m going to put it to the side before I break something let’s go ahead and see what else is in the box the rest of it so inside here we have my guesses this says ethernet cables on the outside so comes with two ethernet cables and they are more flat Ethernet cables as you can see so it’s actually pretty good and then we will also see what this is it’s a power adapter and I believe that would be it so just comes with the power adapter and Ethernet cables and you’re done and the device itself so nothing out of the ordinary no instructions I mean the instructions actually just simply state get the app plug in get online so let’s get over

and plug this guy in okay so here’s everything we need to get everything set up the on hub actually does open up so to do so you just kind of twist it over and then pull up and then the casing does come off and you’ll see you have some more packaging on the outside of it and then you’ll see download the app plug in and power Internet now you’ll see you have the power you have a USB slot you have looks like internet in and out slots as well to get things going but overall that’s really it so you’ll see it’s just kind of a strange looking thing without the case on anyways let’s go ahead and grab one of these flat ethernet cables and plug it and then this is going to plug into the modem of course let’s go ahead and plug it in okay so these Ethernet cables actually aren’t really that long I’m gonna actually need to move over to get it to reach the modem all right now that I’ve got it plugged in let’s go ahead and get some power going to the device itself so plug this into the power slot and then into the wall itself

all right so a little sloppy but I will make it more clean obviously once I get everything set up just for the purpose of this unboxing I want to show you guys so you’ll see it does fit when I do lock it so it does have enough room for the ethernet cable and the power cable and you’ll see the USB slot is down at the bottom so you can actually plug something in it is not going to be a problem alright so with it plugged in let’s go ahead and grab our phone where you’ll see I have the Google on app let’s go ahead and go into it you do need to sign into your Google account of course which I’ve already done when I went in with the first time now it’s going to say looking for on up I’m have found which is good news that wasn’t very difficult at all okay get close to on hub it wants to tell your mobile phone the secret setup code for best results hold your phone right over uh nanohub and tap next so it says listening for on hub it says asking on hub for secret setup code receiving code from audio tone that’s actually really cool alright so it’s got the code good news and it’s time to connect directly to your on hub so let’s go ahead and press connect you also

notice a little slight little light up at the top of that on hub that is flashing because we are setting it up at the moment so let’s checking on hub status connection issue alright so I’m going to go ahead and restart my modem really quick all right so it’s flashing blue now pulse blue and ready I’m going to tap retry all right set up Wi-Fi so let’s create a name and password really quick alright so I went created the network really quick obviously just didn’t want you guys to see it in general just the password so let’s build the Wi-Fi network and flying network settings Wow so it’s making noise actually the the router itself is this is not the phone this is the router all right probably had to wait about thirty seconds is all set up now what tap continue to see what the Google on app can do for us and you’ll see it’s logged me in it shows me as the owner you can add a new on hub if you have more than one alright so I’m gonna set the on the hub to the side and we’re going to take a closer look at the app ok you’ll see everything looks good the one device is

online you’ll see my phone is the one there’s a little icon right down here I’m going to press it on my exactly sure what it’s going to do it’s doing a network check so I don’t know if this is actually a speed test or if it’s oh it is so let’s run the speed test real quick alright Wi-Fi test complete you’ll see it says 35% efficiency 86 down 11 up which is close to what I was actually getting on my laptop as well so this is perfect and let’s go ahead and hit share and now I’m gonna share it’s don’t need to all right Wi-Fi access you’ll see it’s just as Wi-Fi password right there looks like you can share which means I guess you can share the information with someone which is kind of cool if you just have a friend over and they want the Wi-Fi pass from stead of saying it over and over to them you can just maybe shoot them a text message or tweet it out you’ll see my patch where just shows up after you hit that share button ok so if you tap on this area you’ll see it’s just has real time how much data you’re actually using

obviously I just set it up so it has essentially no data whatsoever let’s go to the Settings icon in the upper right hand corner you’ll see network you have advanced networking as well DNS LAN or extended settings port forwarding static IP and UPnP if you press that lets go to UPnP and you’ll see universal plug and play enables it to discover it etc so that’s um alright let’s go back and you’ll see on hub hardware the light brightness you can change that let’s go ahead and test that ok so here it is with light brightness all the way down it shuts off let’s go to very minimal brightness and you’ll see it turn on let’s go to medium brightness there’s that and then all the way up so it does get pretty bright just to kind of let you know this Attis of the router and we just see software version on hub details you can restart it or factory reset so it’s nice you can restart it straight from your phone so you don’t have to I guess give up unplug it plug go back and although unplugging and plugging back in probably is the better bet you can customize who can edit the settings of the router so if you have roommates or anything like that they can have the app as well and then epic support details just gives you more information about the app and then privacy is con cloud services usage stats and app usage stats as well but anyways that’s the onhub router from Google and tp-link I will be doing a full review video soon once I actually get some usage with it with a lot of people on it at once more bandwidth see how it optimizes everything like that give you even more information on so like I said be sure to subscribe follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all links in the description to be below as always guys thank you very much

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