Galaxy S6 vs. LG G4: In-Depth Comparison

hi there we get on tip Scofield below from Cuba King 77 dot-com and also I’m here to compare the leading two front runner devices presently the LG g4 as well as the Samsung Galaxy s6 now bear in mind as a bit of a cost difference the g4 runs you regarding 600 615 depending upon where you buy it off agreement and afterwards the galaxy s6 runs you about 675 700 off agreement depending where you acquire it and also with the s6 you can pay an additional hundred dollars and get the galaxy s6 side variation which has actually got the double sided sides those prices are for the 32 gigabytes of inner storage space which can be found in both of those versions anyways allow’s go on and put both of these phones head-to-head take a look as well as find out which one is in fact far better okay here are both great tools and also the producers actually opted for different materials on both of them now Samsung has glass and also steel surrounding it right here and also it provides it a a lot more exceptional feel to it it also provides it a bit extra vulnerable feel and afterwards you have the LG g4 which is basically plastic around you have an option to have a natural leather back too with the plastic plastic back you

have a little bit of a structure here and with the plastic it seems much less vulnerable than the s6 nevertheless it additionally feels less premium you’ll notice that the g4 is bigger and additionally a bit thicker with some added weight to it then the galaxy s6 however the g4 has a little a larger screen a 5.5 inch display versus a 5.1 inch screen on the galaxy s6 there’s likewise a little a layout distinction the g4 has a contour to it whereas the galaxy s6 is completely level with the cam a bit protruding from it now the rounded layout in fact permits it to be a lot more comfortable in your hand when holding it or holding it approximately your face when you get on a phone call etc an additional style distinction between the two is that the LG g4 has a detachable back so what that implies is that you can in fact change the battery if you ‘d like to draw it out put a brand-new one in and likewise it has expandable storage space right below where you can pop a micro SD card in if you 32 gigabytes is not nearly enough for you whereas the s6 does not have a removable back entirely embedded as well as also no expanding storage you really need to pay some additional money for some added internal storage and afterwards right here’s the rear of both tools you’ll see you have a 16 megapixel cam on both you in fact have a heart rate sensor on the back of the galaxy s6 which I do not locate myself utilizing significantly yet the

g4 does not have one of those you also notice you have switches on the back of the g4 instead of power button on the side of the s6 as well as quantity rockers on the left side with the g4 it’s pretty easy to locate the volume rockers rather than the power button since there’s structure on them rather than a smooth power button it does take a little bit of time to get used to using the power button on the back however after regarding four days I locate I have no difficulty using it all you likewise have a double tap to wake function dual to sleep too they kind of maintain you away from that power switch on the s6 you have a home button down near the bottom and also capacitive switches the house button really functions as a fingerprint scanner also you’ll see I unlock the gadget very quickly and it works truly really well the g4 does not have a fingerprint scanner also as well as I think it needs to have I do not know why they really did not add one currently the g4 has on-screen switches instead of capacitive switches down at the base you see of current running apps on both of them you see the s6 took a little bit longer than the g4 on that particular one allow’s attempt that when more you’ll see the s6 took a little quicker on that particular one so it’s kind of various both of them take around extremely comparable times after they have currently booted once now the on display buttons versus capacitive buttons discussions is honestly just an individual choice for you if you like the physical home button the capacitive buttons too or the on-screen

buttons the on-screen switches on the g4 are really personalized I obtain to that in simply a second to make sure that’s certainly an individual preference I most likely slightly favor the on-screen switches over capacitive they likewise have a different positioning of audio speaker you’ll see on the g4 it’s on the back ideal and after that on the s6 it’s in the bottom right I favor the placement to be under just since after that when your phone resting level on the table you can still hear it nevertheless the rounded design of the g4 allows you to in fact place your phone down you can still hear it a decent quantity doesn’t obtain as well stifled however the g4 audio speaker does obtain louder than the f6 is both are simply average sound top quality so I mean I would prefer the g4 s when it comes because it’s louder nonetheless I like the s6 is positioning currently placing lining up the scree at the end of the display on both of them you’ll see that all-time low of the two devices line up simply about the same nevertheless the g4 it obtains a little bit taller up at the leading however the g4 has a great deal more much better display to body proportion where when you’re considering it it looks like a great deal even more display rather than this void obviously these capacitive switches and the volume rockers

getting on the back a tribute to that alright so I wish to proceed and also take a look at both of these great screens truthfully they are both wonderful however there are some differences on the LG g4 you have a 5.5 inch display screen resolution of 1440 by 2560 but it’s an IPS quantum LCD example as well as honestly I truly enjoy it it’s a fantastic screen whether I’m playing video games or viewing a film having a look at pictures and then right here on the galaxy s6 you have the exact same resolution 25 1440 by 2560 yet it’s a little bit smaller sized a 5.1 inch display and it makes use of Super AMOLED technology which is a more focus on blacks so the blacks are in fact completely black because it doesn’t in fact transform the screen on like an LCD display does nonetheless both are honestly simply superb you can just see both of them I mean you can not go incorrect with either them there are subtle differences within the color reproduction on both of them I discover the s6 emphasis is a little bit extra on environment-friendlies in fact making them a bit brighter yet I think simply total you can simply see simply from this 4k example videos that they are just actually excellent at whatever they do and I suggest you simply can’t fail I I do not intend to nitpick with them you got the screen dimension difference and you have two incredible display screens I prefer the 5.
5 inch display just screen size in general nonetheless if I needed to select a color recreation that I choose I ‘d a little offer it to the s6 even if I prefer Super AMOLED over LCD yet both are really just wonderful display screens

all ideal it’s time to contrast the video camera allow’s cool start both of them so you’ll see it will certainly resemble the s6 a little bit up just a little quicker I suggest honestly not extremely noticeably faster so take 2 extremely extremely quick pictures and also here’s both of them they’re gon na look different on both displays even if of the color reproduction truthfully so you’re gon na really have to kind of throw them up on a computer screen so as well as compare both of them now there’s different faster ways to open the camera application on both devices so firstly allow’s speak about the g4 you’ll see you can have a camera shortcut down the bottom right there’s additionally an option where you can double touch the quantity down rocker so I simply double touched it as well as opens and also it takes an image without you even doing anything you can have it not take an image if you do not want that alternative on but that’s simply one means to open the video camera it’s a number of methods to open the electronic camera application obviously if the symbol also currently allow’s proceed and also look into the s6 as well on the screen you have an alternative right below in the lower appropriate hand edge swipe up it loads up and afterwards additionally you have a double tap home switch to open that as well obviously you can transform those off if you don’t want those there currently there are

software program differences between the 2 with the s6 you have extra impacts and also settings and all that things on the g4 it’s quite merely of double mode scenic view and also automobile going right into setups like I claimed you can really have voice activation to take a picture HDR mode on both currently there’s a hands-on setting on the LG g4 you’ll see as well as then you additionally have a setting right below in the lower right you’ll see setting a professional setting so those are both competing settings if you’re something that takes a great deal of photos as well as wishes to sort of select exactly how the photo obtains taken with the light to the ISO focus all that things Epicure all that good things so you’ll see right below take a quick photo I imply you simply have all of these various options as well as I locate g4s adds a lot more personalized capability as well as more alternatives when you’re trying to take a I think specialist kind picture so I indicate simply overall LG does a much better job with that said software however I do not assume that attract the typical consumer I assume lots of people when they take a picture it’s just an automobile setting particularly when you’re on your

phone and then when you obtained 2 various images side-by-side it’s gon na look a little different just due to the fact that of the two various screens like I stated currently both honestly simply take amazing images you actually can’t fail with both I’m gon na provide a small edge to the S 6s cam simply total I type of like it and it I favor the camera on the s6 it really feels less tense and just a little much better task at recording video clip and also finally with the front-facing video camera you have an 8 megapixel cam on the front encountering camera on the g4 and five on the s6 nonetheless the s6 is consists of more points you’ll see you have more of the umbrella behind me more of the window also it’s a little bit better on the g4 top quality is very similar so I just favor the s6 because it consists of more points alright allow’s take another big point that individuals take in factor to consider when buying device the battery life on them and also they are different really and also they include different points so the g4 like I said has a removable battery it’s 320 900 or 3,000 million depending upon the design that you obtain and after that on the s6 you have a 25 50 milliamp hr battery both assistance fast charge so both can bill extremely extremely rapidly via the micro USB 2.0

ports however the Galaxy s6 out of package sustains cordless billing integrated in the g4 if you have include a particular back it’s gon na include wireless charging also but you’re gon na need to buy an extra accessory and so on whereas the s6 has it built-in now when it involves battery life generally I improve battery life on the g4 of course it has a larger battery it also has a bit larger screen however I mean like I said the battery life is simply a little much better when it involves evaluate promptly I get regarding 3 hours as well as 45 minutes ordinary on the g4 and also on the s6 it’s regarding 3 hours and also 20 mins as well as this is over an extended period of time of using both gadgets daily and also just sort of tape-recording all of these these numbers these these are really true three hrs 45 minutes this is with hefty use getting great deals of emails periscope stuff all that great things and also I mean so general battery life of the g4 has been regarding 25 minutes better screen promptly now when it concerns performance and some internal specs both have 3 gigabytes of RAM nevertheless there’s a little bit of a difference when it concerns the processor currently the LG g4 has a Snapdragon Qualcomm 808 cpu

which is 6 cores as well as after that you got the galaxy s6 which utilizes their very own Samsung processor Exynos 7 which is an octa-core cpu currently when it concerns standards the s6 is going to kill the g4 any day but for those of you that really see my videos I honestly do not respect standards in all so this is Nova 3 working on the g4 currently and also I suggest it’s extremely smooth I rarely run into any kind of lag when gaming whatsoever nonetheless I want to speak about multi entrusting simply general UI real-world performance once more exact same opts for the s6 like I said basically no lag whatsoever when pc gaming so I imply you’ll see Nova 3 running completely efficiently extremely little jittering whatsoever yet currently to provide you a fast comparison possibly of some real-world multitasking is you need to swipe up with the on-screen switches to bring the soft switches back up so let’s go as well as push the current apps switch the very same time you’ll see both open it simply about the specific very same time allow’s go on and also switch over to a nap both packing up really swiftly allow’s attempt a various one you’ll see both extremely

smooth I imply truly no concerns with multitasking I locate that the overall UI efficiency is a bit faster on the s6 over the g4 and with the better processor it’s a little much more future-proof in the future for also higher quality video games and so on currently several of that performance is due to the skin that mores than you see the Samsung uses TouchWiz LG basically just uses LG UI as well as out of package both have different Android variations that’s going to alter in the future the s6 is going to get a software program upgrade however right currently the g4 is gon na come with 5.1 as well as now the s6 is on 5.0 so there’s a little bit of a difference with the software program it’s not insane various however it might aid with RAM monitoring with the 5.1 upgrade see a total distinction in just the launcher looks and so on you’ll see the LG one as widgets constructed in you press as well as hang on the house screen you’ll see of apps to include widgets right below if you press on widgets here it’s just a little bit various honestly in between the 2 it’s gon na be a personal choice to see which one you like far better you’ll see both have quick panels up right here that you can swipe they’re very comparable as you can see you have your notices right below total I would certainly state from real life usage I would certainly offer the edge to the s6 not essentially the edge as if you understand what I suggest but I indicate it’s just from real globe performance it really feels a bit snappier with the TouchWiz as well as simply LG requires to do a bit much better task with their UI making it a little even more liquid now both the UI is deal split

display or multi window as well as I discovered that the Samsung the S 6 uses a bit much more app compatibility where you can really include a bit more app so let’s try it so if I touch on the Play Shop it’s going to open up the top one let’s try over right here we can proceed as well as load up YouTube so we can move YouTube up there and you’ll see also the Play Shop is not even readily available on this set right below which is a little unfavorable obviously and afterwards allow’s proceed and also drag the data manager down there and afterwards as when it involves this set allow’s proceed and also simply open relay right below so right here there they function extremely similarly you’ll see you can sort of resize them how you wish to both offer options to flip-flop they essentially function precisely the very same but I’m mosting likely to offer the edge to the s6 because there’s a little much more compatibility with the applications Samsung additionally uses the pop-up window where you can drag from the edge as well as resize an application this works with numerous applications where you can relocate around then and afterwards also you can touch and after that when you lessen it it serves as a little bubble so if I go home you’ll see that bubbles right there so you can

have these apps open in a mini display right here and also they work you’ll see I can scroll through allow’s select video games and also there you go so I imply you’ll see they work simply fine if you intend to decrease it you simply touch on it oops I optimized it however you understand that’s just an attribute that the g4 does not have I mentioned earlier the g4 is a choice with these soft on-screen buttons right here we can alter the color of it whether you like the whites option or black it depends on you you can conceal home touch buttons if you open up a details application and also you do not want those home touch switches to stay open you can choose which app you intend to hide them in and afterwards you have switch mixes you’ll see if alert QML qslide as well as double home window I find notification aids one of the most so I include that there as well as you’ll see I can slide down alerts and slide up notices without also having to draw down from the top of the display so a wonderful addition you can customize them so if you desire the back button to be over right here you’ll see as soon as possible it gets foot tweezed it looks so unusual when I when I do it this way simply I’m so used to it the other way but you’ll see it’s an option the galaxy s6 has an upper hand when it pertains to theming

As well as customizing they have a full motif shop where you can you’ll see tailored application symbols a dialer that contacts your SMS application whereas the g4 does not really have any of this you’ll see there’s a shop we can basically get a lot of various ones and also a bunch simply maintain getting added so general I assume theming is going to be the method the future and I assume LG kind of missed out on the sphere on that one so on the whole when it comes to just fluidity more applications and multi home window theme alternatives I’m simply gon na get the side of the UI to TouchWiz as opposed to LG’s UI all right so I just desire to provide some last ideas on these 2 excellent devices and I truly imply it these are 2 wonderful phones you really can’t go incorrect with either of them there’s a pair points I want you individuals to take in factor to consider when thinking about these two tools now you have actually got the screen size so that would certainly be a personal preference for you develop that’s a significant one between these 2 whether you want the extra premium feel or the even more durable feel to it and you also have back buttons

that’s another individual choice like I said you obtain used to them so if you hate them at initially you might start liking them in the close to future you jumped on screen versus capacitive buttons too currently both cams are truthfully just great don’t fret way too much regarding the camera because you’re gon na obtain great pictures out of both of them and after that you additionally desire to consider the software application whether you desire TouchWiz you obtained some added features with a finger print sensor you obtained the heart price sensing unit as well on the back simply other included software tweaks to it with the style engine so I suggest if you you desire to have a look at the software program and which one you choose and also after that battery life like I claimed a little different you additionally have a removable battery expanding storage space on the g4 so there are contrasts distinctions in between both directly I do not need an added battery I usually find time to bill or bring an extra charger with me and 32 gigabytes has actually sufficed for me because I sort of locate every little thing in the cloud when it pertains to music video clip

photo all that stuff so my individual option I’m really gon na choose the s6 now I discover the cam simply to be a bit quicker I don’t require the extra battery or the added storage space like I simply claimed so for me the victor is the galaxy s6 I favor the UI I’m not a massive follower of the UI overall yet I would certainly choose it have a look at my complete review on both of these wonderful tools like I said if you desire extra extensive on them this is just a contrast of the 2 to make sure that’s it like I stated my individual viewpoint I’m gon na have this in my pocket now the s6 let me know you believe like I stated I wish you guys actually enjoyed this contrast I’m mosting likely to be doing more comparisons reviews tutorials whatever in the future so remain tuned click that subscribe switch if you intend to be notified of it I assume you get email alerts also if you intend to change it to that give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it you can follow me on facebook twitter google+ i pointed out periscope i’m gon na be doing a real-time video clip there that’s actually concerning it so many thanks people I would certainly offer a truly terrific