Saygus V2 Hands On: The Super Smartphone

hey everyone Tim Schofield here from Cuba kink 77 calm here with the Sega’s v-squared it is a packed device with so many different features whether it’s front stereo speakers you got a fingerprint scanner lots to talk about so let’s go ahead and get a hands on and check it out alright so here’s a very close look at the V squared it does have a five inch display you’ll see no capacitive buttons physical buttons it is all on-screen buttons with the finances plate comes a very nice compact design that’s going to talk about the design real quick you’ll see it does have I have a white version in my hand right now behind me there’s a black and a red variants as well so you’ll see they’ll have different colors available now going back to the device let’s go and look at the sides so that is like I said earlier it’s very feature-rich so you’ll see we have a lot on the right side here and that’s the bottom right here you do have a camera button so quickly access the camera application you can take quick pictures with it it’s very nice honestly I wish they would include the camera button more so I’m glad that they included it right here you have a fingerprint

scanner so you just swipe your finger real quick it looks at told that you can do in any orientation so I’m pulling the phone like this I’m right-handed so I always use my right hand I should be able to go like this with life and it should work they don’t have it like I said this is a pre-production device so it will come in due time anyways we have the power button right here so press that very conveniently located right essentially right where my thumb sits so my thumb is always going to be sitting on this power button very nice I mean some phones have it on the top you have to readjust etc and you have volume volume buttons as well and then right up at the top here you do have wireless HD beaming technology – a dongle so essentially what happens is it connects to the dongle which is connected to your television or another display and it will showing anything that’s on your screen so if you’re watching the video I want to show off some pictures you can just show it off it’ll directly transmit rights to that dongle that’s connected to your television now turning it over on the top here you do have infrared IR blaster so you control your TV with a remote etc and on the left side you have absolutely no buttons whatsoever so everything it’s feature-rich on the right side so

they’re utilizing your thumb especially there’s more right-handed people to look at people however it still be easy if you use your four fingers as well down at the bottom you do have a little bit about interesting design you even get that yeah there we go okay so it goes up a little bit on an angle that’s very nice you do have a micro USB 2.0 slash 3.0 on the internal they actually have made it so it is cross compatible with 2.0 and 3.0 and then you have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the bottom which I like I love having the headphone jack down on the bottom of the device now flip it on over you do have a 21 megapixel rear camera does have optical image stabilization it is a pre-production to my so I can’t necessarily stock the software it does run Android 4.4 KitKat and it’s just completely stocks you’re running the stock camera application so obviously in the future they’re gonna go ahead and be able to show off picture quality etc you have LED flashes as well now you see a nice design down here that’s not just for show it’s actually fractal antenna technology which as I was told will give you maybe about an extra bar of coverage so it’s going to boost the antenna within the device so that’s actually kind of cool that they included that so you’ll see right there it’s not just the design on the device it’s actually functional as well now let’s flip it over on the front some awesome things I’m gonna talk about it

does have front-facing stereo speakers Harman Kardon speakers which is awesome I mean with other devices I don’t know why other manufacturers don’t use front-facing speakers when it’s on the back it’s just it’s awful cuz this sound goes away from you over watching a video anything like that listening the music I was in musical out of my phone so front-facing speakers a great addition to the phone and you’ll notice of course it does have a front-facing camera now this is a very unique front-facing camera is 13 megapixels crazy and not only is it have a lot of megapixels but it has optical image stabilization which is crazy I wish I could show it off right now like I said pre-production it’s in the future they’re gonna include it but however like I said with optical image stabilization you don’t have to worry about glory selfies anything like that I believe it’s the only phone in the market right now with optical image stabilization in the front-facing camera and finally with the design it does have Kevlar on the back so it adds a lot of grip actually it’s very easy to hold and it’s gonna obviously protect your device as well and now on the front it does have a 5 inch 1920 by 1080p display at 445 pixels per inch and it looks great actually like I said five inches they didn’t decide to go

with a huge phablet device which I know a lot of people are going to like this is such a feature-rich device it does run stock Android it’s actually Android 4.4 right now KitKat and like I said it they said they just got these devices this pre-production devices right before the show they also it is as it says it’s root access available and they also talked with cyanogen mod so you will get a signed amount rom coming out for this phone very soon alright and as you can see here processor info it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor it does have three gigabytes of RAM and then also you have 64 gigabytes of on-board storage now not only do you have sticking about 64 gigabytes of on-board storage you do have two microSD card slots let’s show those off now alright so I went ahead and took the back of the device again this is an engineering device so please dismiss in the next to not going to get that on the final product but you’ll see dual micro SD card slot expandable 256 gigabytes so that’s crazy it’s awesome that they’re including I mean so much expandable storage and a lot of people especially with 4k coming out I mean file size is getting larger and larger and I know that’s going to be a

huge thing like I said a feature-rich device now let’s go out and go to the battery a 3100 milliamp hour battery it’s removable as you can see so I’m sure you can potentially if you like to have extra batteries in your pocket and there like that you can take the back off and pop in a new battery and also it does have a wireless Qi charging built-in so you can go ahead and slap it on a cheap hat or anything like that and it’s gonna charge wirelessly and also they tout a power of saving chip with 50% improved battery life that’ll be interesting to see in real world performance but like I said a huge feature-rich device running stock Android they did say it’s going to be a priority to update to lollipop so hopefully that does come soon they did say release by the end of quarter one a crazy feature-rich like I said so many things fingerprint scanner I mean up to 256 gigabytes of storage that’s just insane lots of stuff like I said it’s a pre-production device so I can’t really get into the software too much but again stock Android 4.4 KitKat the screen looks great honestly I mean as you can see with just the background and such it feels good in the hand is very very durable so I’m very excited so I will hopefully do more coverage on this device once it is actually released so definitely be sure to subscribe a lot more comfortable CES as well follow me on Facebook through Google+ always in the description below and as always guys thank you

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