Alcatel OneTouch Watch Hands On: Affordable and for All Uses

all right hey everyone tim schofield here from here i am with the alcatel one touch smart watch which is actually compatible with both android and ios it does not run android wear which i get asked a lot actually when people ask me to show off this watch but they do have their own proprietary software which is a little bit different and i’m going to give you a quick hands on show it off for you guys as you can see uh it actually has a very nice design the watch face is a little bit smaller than the moto 360 which my opinion might actually be a good thing especially with smaller wrists here’s both of them side by side real quick if you want to take a look so you’ll see it’s just a little bit smaller similar design i mean obviously with the circular design they both have a button on the outside here so let’s go ahead and take a look at the octal one touch though so as you can see i’m kind of a more rubbery band on the outside it is comfortable i have one on my wrist right now if you can actually pan to it so that’s what it looks like on my wrist it is comfortable so you don’t have to worry about i i’ve worn a couple smart watches that weren’t very

comfortable so let’s go back to the operating system though so as i said their own proprietary software you tap on the screen and it just goes kind of to these tiles these colorful tiles you can swipe up from the bottom as well and that’s where your notifications are going to show up so it pairs to your smartphone i’ll get to that in just a second with the companion app they have all right so continuing on you’ll see you have these colorful tiles you kind of have to determine which is which they’re pretty self-explanatory for example the clouds of course it’s going to be weather tap on it they have their own like i said proprietary software so these apps that they have on here are their own you get the data as you’re connected to your smartphone of course if you need to go back you just tap this bottom bezel right here and it goes right back you have a heart rate monitor at the bottom of it actually i’ll show you that in just a second along with the charging slot then you also have uh just fitness capabilities i’ll show you the companion app you’ll see we have a stopwatch going here where you can if you’re going for a run you can see how long you run forward it’ll keep your heart rate you can pause it etc and you’ll see that was all running in the background and it’s still uh it’s still running very smoothly so i haven’t had very many hiccups at all i’ve

heard that it is smooth from people that have used this day-to-day you’ll see you can open a music camera on your smartphone of course a compass just various apps you can change if you want notifications at all right here if you want vibration on or off airplane mode let’s continue on swiping through and then at the end it looks like uh brightness right here and then you have inverted colors as well that’s pretty neat so like i said you can swipe up from the bottom it shows your notifications whatever’s push it companion uh let’s go over to the companion app so i can show you this now so let’s go over here um you’ll see this is the companion app if i go home actually you’ll see it’s a one touch fit app it’s available in the play store right now it is coming to the um it is coming to the app store as well so one touch fit which will be a companion app so now right away you’re showing your steps uh if you’re running if you’re sitting how long you’re sitting not much data obviously because the watch has been sitting there all day but you’ll see going through if i go to a dashboard that was the dashboard i’m sorry the timeline it’s going to do something similar it’s going to tell you when you’re sitting sitting obviously it’s just going to always be sitting but when you’re walking running etc all that good stuff your goals you can set goals if you want a certain amount of

steps we go into settings and this is where you can configure your notifications so right now there aren’t too many apps that are on here but if you had instagram twitter facebook all of those apps get directly pushed to your smart watch all right now continuing on into the settings you’ll see my device settings watch settings let’s go into the watch settings music use watch to control the music control your camera as well wallpaper that’s an uh interesting thing that you can change so you have very different watch faces as well you can swipe through whether you want analog you’ll see a digital one right there a new thing you can do is you can choose a new wallpaper so you can actually select from pictures that you’ve taken on your smartphone camera which is different from android where you can’t do that so you’ll see i have pictures let’s say with the camera here just chord pictures so you’ll see it’ll take that picture you can customize it whether you did it horizontally horizontal or vertically crop it out and then it should show and hit apply to set the wallpaper i’m not connected directly at the moment so don’t worry about that but yeah it works well um and it shows up on your watch face that’s just something that android wear hasn’t allowed you to do that this proprietary software that alcatel has made um does allow you to do all

right now i want to talk a little bit about the design you’ll see you do have a button on the outside here as i said the watch face a little smaller it is 1.22 inches it does have blue bluetooth 4.0 uh accelerometer gyro heart rate sensor down at the bottom here as you can see that’s good there you go so it’s got that nice heart rate sensor um so when you’re running or you just want to sit there and play with it ip67 water resistance of course another neat feature it does not have wireless charging qi charging uh but it does have you just kind of open this guy up right here and you’ll see it’s a usb slot so you can plug that into any usb port whether it’s an ac adapter or your computer or anything you just plug it right in and it charges and it does only take about an hour to charge it’s what i’m told speaking of battery life it has a 210 milliamp hour battery which i’ve been told is better than android wear the proprietary software on here um he said that his watch lasts my friend that works at alcatel actually said that it uh lasts longer than his moto 360 which is a complaint i had on the moto 360 so hopefully i will be doing a full review so be sure to subscribe but hopefully that um hopefully that it does

improve on battery life they said it’s great it says it lasts can work for two to five days depending on usage all right and that’s everything i did want to show you guys it does have a 149 dollar price tag which is a great price point so this might be very very attractive to iphone owners and android owners alike it’s going to launch with the black band and also a white variant as well later on in the year they’re also going to have steel bands if you are someone that looks for that you’re just going to have to wait a little bit longer they are shooting for a march release so stay tuned for more on the alcatel one touch a very uh exciting smartphone actually in my opinion i’m excited to get my hands on one try it out real world use get you guys a review so that’s it again be sure to subscribe for more ces thanks follow me on facebook twitter google plus check out my website for more on the alcatel one touch

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