Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: A Touchwiz Filled Device

hey bro on Tim Schofield here from Cuba King 77 calm here to do a full review on these Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Samsung’s latest flagship device the phablet style phone the 5.7 inch display I do have a lot of things to talk about especially because I’ve owned a note 3 and also with Google’s Nexus 6 coming out the 6 inch display I have a lot of things to say about the bigger size phone so let’s go ahead and just jump into the review which makes for a very large device as you can see I do have a case on it at the moment I I like that a flag up on this device especially because of the large size that being said it did not stick to the fold leather on the back of it which I will show you right now so I needed to get a case to have it stuck to it which was not a big deal for me because obviously in case adds extra protection so you’ll see you do have a leathery back to it this is an upgraded feel from the note 3 definitely I prefer this feel like I said I put a case on it so it’s not too big of a deal for me just for the added protection however it does have aluminum on the sides so as you can see it also does have a nice indent there flip it on

over just an overall premium feel to the device here’s the buttons on the side they feel good when you press them the power button and the volume buttons but with that extra aluminum and a little bit of weight it’s not nothing too huge but it’s a little heavier than a plastic design but I’d prefer the aluminum premium feel this is by far the best feeling samsung device that they have out right now of the newer devices for sure but as I said left side volume rockers down at the bottom you do have USB 2.0 which they’ve kind of downgraded from USB 3.0 which would add triumph aster data transfer speeds and faster charging through USB which is okay I mean I didn’t use it too much the charging is really fast they use adaptive fast charging and it works really well so if you’re in a hurry and you need to you can get 10 minutes a charge and that’s that’s really helpful for the battery you do have the stylus in the bottom right I’ll get to that in just a little bit power button on the right side of the device and then the top you do have the IR blaster along with the headphone jack on the back 16 megapixel camera you do have an LED flash along

with a fingerprint sensor and then also on the back you have the speaker which is a downgrade from the note 3 because the speaker on the note 3 used to be on the bottom which I prefer over the back of the device personally I prefer to the front but that’s not an option I guess so they moved it from the bottom to the back I’d rather have it on the bottom just for sound quality wise and just because the direction of the sound as opposed to it going away from you but that’s Samsung’s decision to go that route I guess let’s see at the bottom you do have two capacitive buttons a back button and a recent running apps button and in the middle you have a home button which also wakes the display it’s a physical button is not capacitive so unlocking the device press this recent running apps button and it brings up your recent running apps it is a revamped style it’s very similar to lollipop although it is running KitKat right now hopefully my guess is around January’s when the note 4 is gonna get lollipop so you can quickly navigate through open applications like so if I want to go to Twitter real quick but a lot of my

Twitter feed etc I can press this again it’ll go back to these recent running apps and you can go let’s say back the clock application and there you go so that’s the benefit of this button which is just like on stock Android with the saw the on screen buttons they have the recent running apps however you can press and hold it and it acts as a menu button so if you miss the menu button you can press and hold it some people like just having the menu button it’s a personal preference I don’t mind having the recent running apps button at all so it’s not a big deal for me moving right along I want to talk with the lockscreen I’m actually gonna pop this case back on out the flagger a little easier to hold well I do this video so anyways let’s talk about the lockscreen so going into settings you’ll see lock screen settings they do have fingerprint scanner as your unlock code that will work go ahead and go to screen lock and you can use fingerprint swipe your finger over the HOME key I have one set up I have my right thumb set up and it says fingerprint lock enabled on previous devices the s5 the note 3 I believe those two have it it hasn’t worked that well for me so they’ve I would say in my opinion they’ve done a better job with this with the note fours fingerprint ID but it’s not nearly as good as apples at all Apple definitely dominates the Morgan and fingerprint ID with unlocking the device you’ll see it does work though to swipe the

entire pad trying to get it to work it took me a couple times but overall I wish I could just put my finger on the home button and it would recognize my thumb that’s that’s one thing Samson needs to work on if they actually want to compete in I guess secure to you with your thumbprint now specs wise as I said 5.7 inch display 1440 by 2560 at I mean top of the line display I love this display especially with auto brightness on if you’re outside and direct sunlight it’s going to turn it up enough where you can for sure see everything on the screen so you never have to worry about not being able to see something when you’re outside Samsung’s done a good job at making sure of that it might I guess wash out some of the colors when it turns up really bright but hey it’s totally worth it when you actually want to see something while you’re in direct sunlight as I said it has eight it has three year bytes of RAM Snapdragon 805 processor top-of-the-line specs no doubt like I said IR blaster which allows you to control your TV which I believe should be come standard for any device I don’t think the Nexus 6 is gonna have an IR blaster it’s not built in the stock Android which it needs to be now as I said earlier it does have a 16 megapixel camera on the back of the device

and it is fantastic trust me on this one if you’re someone that takes a lot of pictures with your phone consider the note 4 because the camera on it is one of the best I mean honestly out of any phone I’ve used this has taken the best pictures I also have a 4k video recording demonstration I’ll link to that in the description of the video if you want to watch that now not only does it take great picture that it has a lot of settings with the software Samsung always does a good job with that so as I said take a picture very very short shutter lag I guess to show you a couple pictures that I just took inside let’s go ahead and swipe through they’re all in somewhat low-light situations without a flash let’s continue so you’ll see it’s very clear honestly just all of the pictures I’ve taken really have been great colors look great textures are clear even when you zoom in that much I mean when you zoom in that much it should be a little fuzzy but that was really fantastic so overall just a fantastic camera so highly recommended if you’re someone that takes a lot of pictures now I want to go ahead and talk about the stylus real quick when you do pull it out whether the screen is off or on it does open this air command right here you have screen right image clip smart select an action memo so screen right it’ll take a screen shot and you can draw on it if you want to I guess circled something for someone and sent it to him image clip you can just take a clip of something smart selective select something as well an

action memo which I want to go to will bring up a notepad like application where you can write on it as a as a note so if I say hey Tim and what’s awesome about this you can hit check to save it you can erase things you can do a bunch of different edits if you highlight over something air I’m not touching the screen it’ll let you know exactly what the command is so if I said save discard this will pin the home screen this is one of the best features it has with an action memo pinned at home so what I would I want you to do is touch all you touch and hold it and then it acts as a widget and you can put it on a home screen so probably the drop it on my home screen right there it’s right there and you can resize it and you’ll see it’s there on my home screen so it’s good if you want to put a quick note and throw it on your home screen and it’ll be there for you you can tap on it and edit it some more and then press and hold it again and there you go add an extra one or I believe if I just hit save it should update it let’s double check that so this one on the right I’m gonna do this and then I’m gonna hit check and we’ll see if it updates that it I would updated both of them since they were the exact same file so very interesting I didn’t I’d thought this one would be separate but it’s not so no big deal you can just always add a new one obviously there’s other commands you can do there’s a button on the stylus didn’t want to talk about the stylus a little bit it has some ridges which is updated from the note 3 which adds to the comfort however it is really light and it’s

also kind of small in my hand I don’t have huge hands by any means but I wish it could be a little bit bigger which would add to weight to the device and also I guess eyes to the device so that’s why they choose a smaller design but in my opinion I wish it could be a little bit bigger and also heavier I believe if I press and hold the button and DoubleTap it’s gonna bring up that action memo as well so if I wanted to just do something else and hit check it’s gonna save it to my gallery also another feature I want to show off I’m gonna go to Google keep is that you can I guess type two right so when you hover over anywhere you can enter text a little blue bubble goes and you can say you the question mark and there you go so it attempted to interpret my handwriting and there you go his how are you I’m gonna hit check and it will add that quick note you’ll see it’s right there so it acts as it does I guess writing to text on your phone so that’s another nice feature of the stylus I really don’t find myself using it too much occasionally I will occasionally I won’t with a bigger screen though it is helpful it’s nice to have I guess to navigate around the device but I wouldn’t say it’s a huge major factor and for me personally for you it might be it definitely helps it it forces you to use two hands I didn’t use the phone I’m someone that likes to quickly text someone back and use one hand so I don’t find myself using the stylus

which is like I said why really like having a flagger for this device just cuz the screen is so big but yeah so if I want to use one hand it’s difficult to do that without it so that’s why I put it on there and have the case on there and I mean just without the stylus I wouldn’t be too upset it would it’s a nice added feature though so Samsung keep including the stylus with the larger screens I thought Google might have included the stylus with the Nexus 6 but they didn’t I kind of wish they would have though all right now I want to talk about something that I always rant about and I I really wish Samsung would do something about I want to talk about TouchWiz which is Samsung’s manufacturer overlay on stock Android if I go into settings scroll all the way down go to a bow and all the way down go to about device you’ll see it’s running Android 4.4.4 kitkat which is at the moment the latest before lollypoplollypop would come out very soon but however with that being said Samson puts their entirely different overlay on it so it’s gonna be completely different from a Nexus device which I don’t like I used to like TouchWiz but then it just got bad however you want to make a note that they do have good things that they have added which should be added to stock Android however they have other things that just make it awful for example it just feels slower I guess it’s a lot slower than it should be if I had stock Android on this it would fly specs are like top of our top of the line so it should have no issues however for example when I press the recent running apps button did you see how long it took for that to come up I can do it again I accidentally press it clear all button of course so it might

show up a little bit faster but I tap it and it does show up a lot faster with no recent apps but when I have recent apps it does take a little bit of time for it to show up and it shouldn’t with a Nexus device if I tap it it shows up right away so it I mean it does have multitasking like that but if it doesn’t show up right away it’s not gonna be very quick so that’s just one example I’ve also ran into a couple lag points when I open up the camera application and triangle into the gallery sometimes it takes unnecessarily long that took a good amount of I mean quickly I believe because I had it open already if I reboot the phone and do that it might take a good amount of time and I don’t have a lot of pictures so there was really no excuse for that to happen I’ll just randomly get slow parts went slow I guess slow glitches not too often but it does happen so and it’s unnecessarily especially if we’re coming from a new Moto X which basically runs stock Android and it really doesn’t have much lag at all pretty much never and never on stock Android of course however you do have TouchWiz which is very heavy intensive and it needs a lot of RAM I

guess to run if I go ahead and go to storage which I can show you how I guess much space TouchWiz alone takes up so if I go to storage let this load up alright so here we go it says minimum amount of space required to run the system is 7.78 gigs and that’s a lot to run just that with TouchWiz overlay it’s just so I guess bulky which there are added features like I said let’s go over some of them now that I really like now one of my favorite features that touch with TouchWiz adds to the Galaxy Note 4 is the multi window application so you press and hold the back button it brings up a bar right here so if I I can click and drag it’ll open up the my files app now another thing that if I click and drag it that’s what happens now another thing I can do is I can person hold the back button and also continuing on if I want to do add let’s say the playbooks application I can drag that down to the bottom and it’s gonna open up both of them this is what a lot of Samsung users are used to with the multi window where it has two apps open top and bottom you can flip-flop them you can make one go fullscreen etc now you can also exit out of it if I hit the back button while in one of them or in both of them they’re gonna go away now another fantastic feature that I really really like is let’s go ahead and go to this app list again and if I wanted to open up an application like the calendar let’s go ahead and open up the calendar now if I do it like that this is pop of view which basically runs applications in little windows

where you can have multiple ones open and use and switch between them all at the same time which makes it more like a desktop operating system and makes it so you can really multitask so it’ll work fine x equals there you go so that’ll work fine if you tap this little icon on the top you can either minimize it you can expand it into full screen or hit an X – I guess close out of it so let’s go ahead and go full screen so there we go another way you can get if you’re in an app that supports it pop up view you can swipe from the top right corner and also change the size of the app and there we go so now it goes in a pop up view so let’s go ahead and bring up this list again if you wanted to open up the calendar like I said you can press and hold it and drag it out it’ll open up full screen if it isn’t supported and pop up view so let’s go and do that and I don’t think calendars ported in pop-up views so let’s go ahead and try oh it is so there you go so for example if we have another one open there we go now we have two applications open at the exact same time let me go ahead and open up another one let’s go ahead press and hold back button I believe I can open up the camera application and pop up view as well you can so oh I guess not oh yeah so camera does support pop-up view so there you see my camera applications open if I want to go to

the calendar I can add something and use it to its full extent or just take a quick picture like that there you go so I’m thinking pictures while it’s in that pop-up view and then go back to the calendar I mean calculator and do something so it’s just gives you an idea obviously I’m probably not gonna be opening these random three apps at the same time but it gives me an idea of what you can do however you can minimize it so if I press the minimizing and it brings a little bubble like so I can do that with all three of them and it will have all three applications open you can move these bubbles wherever you want so they’re out of your way but they will always be running and open so let’s say for example I am doing something right so I open up reddit you’ll see those bubbles are still there I can go ahead and open up that camera application it’ll open up in that pop-up view and take a quick picture if I need to or watch it and then if I want to go ahead and just minimize it real quick there you go and it will be open still same if the calculator application same thing I can move it around I can use it I can switch back and forth between these apps and I know I’m covering this extensively but that’s because it’s cool it’s fantastic think about it it just really adds to desktop functionality on

your Android device which I think Android needs to start going more towards is Dex desktop functionality so you can start adding especially with tablets adding keyboards and just make it more like a desktop experience so you can do things with Android devices that you can do with a desktop or a laptop and real quick if you want to get rid of them you just press and hold on it and a remove button will go right there and you can do that real quick you give a little bunch of little dots open you just have to press and hold it you can move it around so there we go just getting rid of all of them one goofy thing about TouchWiz is as I said this device screen is extremely large a lot of the Samsung applications like calendar calculator anything starts with an S s voice s s whatever they open in full-screen mode so if I this calculator I don’t know why my notification bar goes away I have to swipe down twice for it to work properly I don’t know why it does that it’s a calculator app and I have a 5.7 inch display please don’t put that in a full screen I don’t know I have no idea why they did like I said they do it the calendar application it’s not necessary they need to leave that it’s called immersive mode and Caqueta was added and immersive mode is great for things such as

watching videos or reading a book or something that you’re focusing on a content for awhile not when you’re doing tasks such as a simple addition problem or adding a calendar event you want that notification bar there so it shows up when any notification comes through one little quick note that I do like about TouchWiz one thing to note is if you swipe all the way to the left to get this Flipboard application you can turn that off you can just press and hold on the home screen and go to home screen settings and turn off Flipboard briefing you can change the transition effect to the home screen also with widgets a little neat thing is they’ve added folders to the widgets I don’t think I’ve noticed that before maybe I just missed it on other devices but it’s nice that it’s there for example if there’s multiple widgets for one app by tap on the s health app you’ll see there’s two widgets right here so it doesn’t clutter up the entire widget you’ll see you have a flashlight in a mobile hotspot all that

good stuff so it’s really nice that they do have that there emember that being a stock Android maybe I’m wrong but either way it’s on the note 4 if you want to do check out I guess some of the screen colors we can go out and swipe through some of these wallpapers the screen is fantastic I mean it’s a huge display when you’re playing games or watching videos it’s just one of the top of the line I guess is what I’m trying to say is then if you’re looking for a great screen this is one of them great camera as well like I said the specs of this device are just fantastic going back to here so this wallpaper which was already my wallpaper so there we go and finally you want to go through some of the settings on the note 4 at the top you do have just quick settings Wi-Fi Bluetooth wallpaper locks room just kind of aggregates the the main ones up at the top and then we’re connections pretty standard there you do have download Booster actually which will allow you to use when you’re doubling a larger file use Wi-Fi and mobile networks at the same time connecting you have screen mirroring mirrorlink printing NFC sound display settings multi window settings front change some of those notification panel which I didn’t really go over you’ll see at the top you do have quick quick widgets to turn certain things on and off you can kind of change those around you have available buttons and a bit active button so you can mix and match whichever ones you use the most continuing on you do have a one-handed operation so like I said it is a huge device so you can reduce

screen size one-handed input or side key panel as well there are other features that I never use easy mode which I guess is for people that don’t necessarily know how to use a phone like this I don’t understand why you’d get someone from this high end of a phone if they’re just need basic functions on their device now right here you have motions and gestures direct call which is when you’re looking at a contact and you put up your face and I’ll call I use that a lot that’s a nice feature smart alert which is where to liber8 again if you missed an alert or something new pause flippin poem swipe to capture I believe as if I go like this it’ll capture the device which I literally never use to take a screen shots home button power button at the same time if you’re interested in that continuing on with settings really nothing else out of the ordinary the battery life is something I want to talk about it does have a 30 to 20 milliamp hour battery you’ll see I am at 37% at 7/3 almost 7:30 p.m.

That’s pretty typical I get almost just about all day battery life has been great on the note 4 it is comparable to any other high-end device out there it didn’t perform that well when I first got the device over a samsung push on the update which helped a lot so battery life is good great actually I would say great it’s better in the Moto X 2014 it’s comparable to the s5 it’s comparable to the note 3 if you’re coming from the note 3 it’s actually probably a little bit better than the note 3 battery which I thought was great as well so no 4s batteries great as it should be with such a big device you can put a bigger battery in it I mean TouchWiz probably effects it in some way with with it being so intensive and memory hogging I guess so that probably affects it but it’s still great on battery life and it’s gonna last you just about all day one last thing I want to know what the s-pen is since there’s a physical home button it’s kind of a pain to press the physical home button let’s say I’m using this and let’s say I’m in an application so if I go into an application I want to go home I have to press this physical home button with the stylus which is kind of uncomfortable it’s just somewhat difficult to do the passive buttons work fine when pressing the stylus so you’ll see that works just fine but the home buttons is kind of a little pain to press while using your stylus all right so some final thoughts just finishing up the video as I said designs really nothing brand new but it has that premium feel which is a huge big deal for me actually I’m glad they decided to go with aluminum

as opposed to that plastic they’ve been using so it has a good feel on the device I like that direction however there’s nothing revolutionary about it it’s just kind of like an upgraded no.3 with specs etc I would say if you’re having l3 there’s really no reason to upgrade unless you you or I guess unhappy with the no.3 camera which is still a great camera or the feel of it but overall it is literally just a smaller upgraded Note 3 and they should have done a better job at adding maybe a new functionality maybe they should just skip this device and one with the Note edge just to I guess revolutionize something instead of which will be interesting to see how good that devices as well so in my opinion it’s too large for me personally other people I know love the bigger devices which is fine which is great that we have these options that’s why it’s so fantastic that so many different manufacturers make devices but again in my opinion it’s too big the flag herb helps a lot for me it’s essentially a necessity with a screen as large I’m gonna have to put it on my Nexus 6 as well when I get one of those I’ll be doing videos on that soon but overall huge device but it’s a great device the screens great the cameras fantastic TouchWiz brings it down though that’s the only thing but TouchWiz also can bring it up in

certain functionality features as well so it’s give and take with TouchWiz with speed expected to be a little slower than something run stock Android or senses quick just to give you an idea so I guess you do sacrifice some things with the bulky TouchWiz so that’s really about it oh I want to cover final thoughts as well so a great device great camera if there’s someone takes a lot of pictures definitely go to this vice the speaker was just subpar really not that good especially goes in the back of the device as well so if you listen a lot of music don’t really think about using this speaker to listen to the music anyways that’s really it let me know you think leave a comment what do you think of that note for if you’re gonna get one I know it comes out and Verizon tomorrow I believe what’s today 22nd yeah tomorrow is know for Verizon Day so let me know any think leave a comment I’m happy to hear from you guys follow me at Facebook Twitter Google+ all links to be in the description vide below and as always thanks be sure to give this video a thumbs up

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