Google Nexus 6, 9, Player, and Android 5.0 Lollipop! What to Expect

hello Roland tim schofield right here from Cuba King 77. com today is a very interesting day google motorola HTC as well as isus have all introduced and also revealed their most recent tools to the nexus line so we have the nexus 6 by motorola the mix is 9 by HTC and the Nexus gamer made by a sous so that would certainly be an Android streaming TV media tool i’ll reach that in simply a second as well as ultimately google has introduced android l is currently recognized as android lollipop it it’s main so lastly you don’t have to have anymore conjecture anything like that so it’s excellent that they have put any kind of rumors apart it was type of obtaining irritating the amount of individuals come up many different concepts on what was android l was mosting likely to be now first intended to proceed as well as provide you men a direct on what to get out of all these gadgets and also software program and additionally just give a few thoughts of mine on it so firstly we’re mosting likely to talk about the nexus 6 i have in front of me the galaxy note 4 I have actually some notes made a note of so I’m mosting likely to go on as well as use this just since I don’t want to remember all this information I have a lot of it memorized and also I understand most of it I just wish to make sure I have it in order so anyways like i stated no for which is

us has a smaller sized screen than the nexus 6 the nexus 6 has a 6 inch display really 5 point 9 six inches yet a six inch display screen so that is HUGE consider it it’s larger than the note 4 very intriguing certainly when it appears i’ll do a contrast of both due to the fact that they are obviously neck and neck rivals in the smartphone market so it does have a 1440 x 2560 display screen though so same as galaxy note for comparison quad HD display now a few other I think points I wanted to chat about I presume spec smart you do have a 2 alternatives 32 gigabyte and also 64 gigabyte for internal storage rates are 650 and 6 and 7 hundred off contract to ensure that’s something to keep in mind because obviously Nexus line was constantly called being a less expensive option for an opened cellular phone so 650 and also 700 is type of pushing that and also i would claim these are not simply economical android phones out they weren’t necessarily inexpensive affordable in a sense of inexpensive that they’re you so in ennis inexpensive andrew phone i would say 615 700 set transcend the line so Nexus phones are currently more premium as well as also extra pricey now like I claimed it is expensive nonetheless the specs get on the same level with just regarding any kind of various other flagship device out there so like I said you have a Snapdragon 805 top-line processor you have 3 gigabytes of RAM you also have like I stated the quad HD display 13-megapixel rear rear cam with optical photo stabilization I really wish

they do a good job with the camera now that they’re charging this much for a phone they require to put even more efforts right into utilizing far better hardware for their camera Nexus 5 nexus 4 we’re quite upsetting when it pertained to camera top quality 2 more points to note among them being it does have any 3200 20 milliamp hour battery exact like the note 4 so my hunch is battery lights can be wonderful it running vanilla stock Android I make certain it’s going to be excellent that being stated you can additionally wireless cost so heads up there you can wireless cost on the Nexus 6 and also ultimately it does have stereo front-facing speakers so both of those little ridges that you see on the top and base of the gadget are going to generate audio so HTC boomsound lastly as a rival it’s it’s regarding time someone actually tipped up and did that with their gadget have a front dealing with speaker I’m so fed up with I guess paying attention to songs with my rear facing video camera down a few of my fit displays down so have to flip it over if I want to look at the display for anything anyways huge news regarding the Nexus 6 it is readily available on every significant provider in the US and also USL you’re so Sprint t-mobile Verizon 18t and United States mobile are all obtaining the nexus 6 and undoubtedly there’s gon na be a global unlocked version yet that is wonderful news i recognize a great deal of sprint people were a little anxious and even verizon where did that originated from i did not assume verizon would certainly allow a Nexus device on their network simply did being so unlocked as well as I think simply so totally free as well as open sourced now for a launch date pre-orders do begin late October that is what Google as well as Motorola have actually claimed so that’s pre-order so my guess is going to be shipped early November like most likely

the very first week november’s when you can anticipate them to actually be delivered after you pre-order the gadget all right relocating along let’s go on as well as discuss the nexus 9 currently made by HTC it’s additionally mosting likely to be running Android lollipop 5.000% alternatives so you have a 16 gigabyte option 32 gigabyte and 32g yet with LTE 16 gigabytes 399 32 gigabytes 479 as well as the LTE is 599 so a different preparation 404 the base version 16 gigabytes excusable I think for a tablet computer it looks wonderful in my sincere opinion obviously like I stated I’ll regurgitate some photos next to me but nine inch display nine inches remains in probably my excellent shot screen dimension for a tablet immediately when you initially pre-order you’re going to be able to pick white or black there is also a tan version that will come later I’ll most likely go with the black I’m not set on it yet supriya doors do begin on October 17th my guess is going to be shipped either late october very early november much like the nexus 6 too now i guess we chat regarding pair specs like i claimed 9 is shown point 9 inch show its resolution is 2048 x 1536 situation you were questioning so certainly more than 1080p of course it additionally has I’m so delighted HTC is making this tablet computer so they’ve included their boomsound speakers their front encountering speakers which the HTC One m8 as well as m7 have and I’m so delighted regarding it simply because their sound high quality is fantastic it’s my favorite phone with audio top quality at the

minute now while we can see if the Nexus 6 can exceed that with their double front-facing audio speakers I rejoice that we’re mosting likely to proceed and obtain some competitors choosing audio speaker tune since I do pay attention to a respectable amount of video clips and music out of simply my phone audio speaker the tablet has an 8 megapixel back cam as well as a 1.6 megapixel front-facing camera not precisely sure why they didn’t go with a 2-megapixel front-facing cam I was really wishing to see a higher megapixel or simply a nicer video camera on the front I suggest is a quite good cam I presume for the reduced quantity of megapixels megapixels don’t always suggest it’s going to be a better cam but I wish to see a great deal more emphasis on front facing cameras specifically with tablet computers due to the fact that with tablet computers you’re going to want a video conversation in my opinion that’s type of what I utilize mine for is to sit there and also video conversation so the front facing cam is a lot more crucial than the rear camera to me on a tablet anyways it has an NVIDIA Tegra k1 cpu excellent processor it also has 2 gigabytes of RAM so I was a really hoping for three but I presume it is what is android doesn’t necessarily require as much RAM specifically when it’s running stock Android it likewise has a 6700 milliamp hour battery it says concerning around nine hrs of Wi-Fi standby or eight as well as a half hours of video clip playback so I would certainly say it’s it’s possibly gon na last for an excellent amount of time and like I stated android 5.1 pop currently one more point prior to i reach lollipop wish to discuss the

nexus gamer it’s a media streaming gadget they called it a sleek console that’s a quote i hunch but anyways it’s like jason stated in the article you wrote on my website it’s type of a mix in between a chromecast and also we a few keep in mind that that i think it was just to play android video games so what this permits for which makes it far better than a chromecast i hunch is that you still obtain all your media simply streaming applications i’ll publish a list of all the lack etcetera but Netflix YouTube you get all your google play solutions google play songs all that stands up Pandora yet you likewise can play video games on it so what they’ve done is included individually you can buy a controller which in my point of view I believe it resembles the Xbox one controller you inform me if you think it does I raised to Jason as well as he resembled and also possibly but I in my point of view I feel like it looks extremely similar to an xbox one controller which is fine I like the xbox one controller so it’s not a large offer currently just some really fast specs 1.8 gigahertz quad-core intel atom cpu which is excellent for pc gaming clearly if you’re going to require to be doing these extensive things one gigabytes of ram 8 gigabytes interior storage space hdmi out at 1080 at 1080p it has a micro USB 2.0 port bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity so those are i assumption i’ll appreciate someone to talk with it is one hundred bucks so obviously like I said it resembles a chromecast

which is $35 i simply uploaded a bargain on my social media sites for it was i believe twenty eight bucks yesterday so i mean i’ll post those do continue to post those deals on various technology stuff you wish to follow me on on social media sites anyways continuing like I claimed it’s advertisements basically the pc gaming function to the chromecast I’ll make certain it’s mosting likely to add a couple other things as well perhaps even more apps something like that and it has a really good cpu so it can do a great deal of things has a prospective to do a whole lot extra so i assume i’m going to get one and afterwards do an evaluation on it as well as allow you people know what i assume so i assumption i can tell you men whether you ought to get it or not if it’s worth the upgrade to the chromecast since i like my chromecast I utilize it all the moment and it’s an amazing little gadget okay ultimately allow’s speak about an android l or currently understood as lollipop android 5.0 the most up to date version of Android that will certainly be coming out with any luck quickly there is a Developer Sneak peek out now i will publish a web link to that in the description if you want to view that just flaunts i think a designer preview it is what it says it is so allow’s proceed as well as discuss what I think adjustments to anticipate and also what Android has actually posted is going to be different with android l and once it does come out naturally right away i will certainly do a full

review video clip on it so you can subscribe to me so you’re notified of that likewise talking of that there is a way to get e-mail notifications if you’re subscribed to me so if you wished to do that you can I think it’s best alongside the subscribe switch there’s a settings and afterwards it states alert me of any video clip updates so you could do that if you want you do not need to obviously yet anyways so worldly style that would be one of the main points that they’re updating as well as it’s great since I such as the look of product design so I’m looking ahead to it if you do not like it you’re type of out of good luck due to the fact that apps are mosting likely to be upgraded the entire os going to be updated with this product layout so the strong vibrant and also responsive UI style for constant instinctive experiences across all your tools i’m looking forward to extremely refined computer animations in andhra in material style so like I chatted about in my Play Store video I like I suched as the refined animation with the simply touching on it did a little flip as well as that just makes a the os just total look much better just those little quick animations doesn’t need to be flashy however I believe worldly style will certainly bring an excellent mix to those animations anyways notifications it claims there’s a way to regulate you can I guess shut off alerts turn them on for a set amount of time what’s nice is that with alerts it does have a little drop down on top of your phone that allows you recognize if you get a sms message if you obtain a call it’ll bring

that fall on the leading you simply respond to a reject it doesn’t take you to a totally brand-new screen to address the call which is excellent because that needed to occur it was such a pain if you remained in the middle of something playing a video game and so on and also it took you to a completely brand-new display simply to address or reject a phone call they’ve included a battery saver feature which states it can amount to 90 minutes I don’t know specifically what it’s mosting likely to switch off my guess is some primary functions could be switched off such as information just certainly because that kind of uh that drains your battery a whole lot more one point that I’m expecting is a lot much more I guess combination with android wear and also i think all multiple tools currently that you have the nexus gamer and all that various stuff every one of your android devices are probably mosting likely to be synced in some method to make your general experience just seamless now there’s upgraded quick settings and also new quick setups which I’m pretty thrilled regarding it has flash Lite hotspot cast display and display turning buttons likewise easier on off toggles for Wi-Fi Bluetooth as well as area lastly that they actually mess those up why do I.

have to press and hold it for it to turn on and off when I should have the ability to just touch it to activate off and press as well as hold to enter setups so finally they realize they required to take care of that also expecting Android ala’a art which is a Android runtime that they use I resemble it states an art an entirely new Android runtime boosts application performance as well as responsiveness approximately 4 times performance renovations a smoother UI for intricate visually rich applications compact condensing back rounded apps and solutions so you can do even more simultaneously additionally sustain for 64-bit tools such as the nexus 9 so it’s desktop-class CPUs to Android so the Nexus 9 does use an intel cpu as i said previously so assistance for 64-bit is currently there currently they additionally stated they’re mosting likely to be updating the video camera application as well as make it better so hopefully like I said Nexus 6 requirements to actually work on their video camera top quality ideally this software application will certainly aid as well alright to make sure that’s nearly it what I intend to talk regarding with Android lollipop 5.000% every one of the essential details that you desire to be right here allow me know you assume leave a comment give it a thumbs up if you liked it I actually appreciate that assists a great deal you can register for me discovered me on facebook twitter google+ if you follow me on social networks you get all those updates as quickly as they appear and also I simply I warned you concerning if I’m making a video clip all that great stuff and also that’s concerning it though so thanks for taking some time to view.