Android 4.4 KitKat on the Samsung Galaxy S4

hi everyone Tim Schofield below from Cuba twist 77 comm doing a video showing off android 4.4 kitkat on the samsung galaxy s4 the sprint variation has received an over-the-air update I will publish a link to the update zip and also just how to manually install it if you have not obtained it yet in the description however I wish to proceed and also do an evaluation of the upgrade so you obtained some of the modifications and also what to expect I desire to reveal you that I get on KitKat go to concerning device you’ll see Android variation 4.4.2 you can swiftly tap on it as well as you got a great little K there you can touch on it and also I’ll rotate press as well as hold as well as you’ll see Android 4.4.2 KitKat I believe you can push and hold on this too and it ought to raise a little bubble little squares of all the various Android variations as well as you can sort of play around with that so there’s a little concealed easter egg in KitKat simply showing you that I am on 4.4 KitKat 4.4.2 in this situation which is consisted of in the upgrade you’ll see that I do have the Google now launcher it’s in fact called the yeah it’s called the Google currently launcher that some individuals assumed it was the Google Experience launcher I do have a video clip demonstrating how to obtain this launcher if you wish to get it on your s4

that is only included in the Nexus 5 and the KitKat update so if you wish to get it on your gadget I will post a link in the summary if you intend to in fact practically any kind of Android gadget can get it so if you intend to get that I’ll link to where you can get it in the description so anyways desire to go in advance turn up in witness launch you can just claim all right Google what’s the weather condition like in Chicago so there you go you see you can just say that anywhere and you don’t also need to press on the microphone there you can additionally swipe over to the left and also you have your Google currently cards right within the launcher rather than having to really tap on the search bar you can discuss in the launcher now anyways other adjustments that have actually made has been have actually been visual changes you will certainly see up on top below in the notification panel if I and concentrate right there the icons up here have actually certainly changed they are currently just white so you’ll see no shade to them up at the top some individuals like the minimalism some people don’t it’s a personal choice and if you like it or otherwise go on and also swipe down and also simply I think up on top here the it really did not change

much yet it looks like things have gotten a little sharper and cleaner however besides that it seems pretty a lot the same in the notice the actual only visual changes have been this alert panel up at the top you’ll likewise see that the history does extend right into the transparent bar up at the leading so you’ll see you can kind of see with it as well as see the wallpaper encountering the icons too so that has to do with it cosmetically I intended to just go ahead and hop right into the settings application and inside you will certainly see when you go to even more there’s a default applications alternative I do not think that was there prior to I think they just included that so you can see which ones have actually been established by default you’ll see messaging application has by default their Android system is our home by default so those are simply the default applications you can quickly enter into those instead of having to go via the application supervisor currently additionally another thing with KitKat is that you have complete display cd artwork I do have should have the Play Music app open you’ll see I do so if I intend to go in advance as well as play this track I can go on as well as hit play let me proceed and also transform everything the way off for you and I most likely to the residence button press the home switch and go home so you’ll see it’s playing currently I’m gon na go on and also most likely to my lock display and you’ll see the album art is complete screen it’s simply got a little brand-new redesign to the Google Play Music app right here simply flaunting the cd art work entirely it’s excellent it’s simply a great little visual

touch to KitKat and also that’s included in your update so you got that wonderful upgrade additionally you have immersive mode when you are carrying out in specific apps that have the alternative if you’re running KitKat such as Play Books have this setting where if you’re reviewing a publication it’ll go in advance as well as enter into immersive setting where it makes use of the full screen and you’ll see it’ll bump up that alert bar you can swipe down to see it actual fast and after that it ought to vanish while you’re back into your application so simply letting you recognize there that that is available it’s only in particular applications it doesn’t work in every one of them they require to be enhanced for the KitKat operate system overall though multitasking must be a bit quicker it does really feel rather quick going through it’s been going rather well also with tick feline it brings some even more emoji support so if you intend to go on and also begin making use of emojis you can get the Google keyboard from the Play Store it’s simply called Google key-board so proceed and also browse it and afterwards you’ll require to enable it today I’m the Samsung key-board allowed so just most likely to input technique go to Google keyboard as well as within that Google key-board there need to be some more emojis if you go in advance as well as discuss press and hold the go into button and go to this smiley you’ll see you have a great deal of numerous ones readily available now that you have actually rejected you can go via and also send emojis I understand a great deal of people simulate doing that so yeah you have actually currently you now have that available just get the Google key-board

as well as ought to function other ones in the Play Shop ought to have it as well kik can not just brings even more alternatives for that as well as brings more emoji support and also naturally with kik felines on the Nexus 5 your only choice for the messaging application was the hangouts app you can now make use of that for message messages photo messages if you want to integrate that all within the hangouts you don’t need to you still have the option for the stock messaging application too that’s actually concerning all of it the changes I wished to proceed as well as cover not too much with KitKat overall it does feel pretty fast I would not state battery life changed quite it appears really comparable to it got on 4.3 so actually nothing different also large to large there however as I stated general quicker you obtained some good little changes there to kick catch it’s great that Samsung has lastly updated the s4 which was a front runner device to KitKat took them enough time a little disturbing the length of time it took but ultimately they’re turning out the updates to the s4 yet let me recognize what you believe please leave a remark so I’m gon na learn through you men please register for me also I ‘d really appreciate that you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all the links will remain in the description below and as always thanks make sure to offer this a thumbs up