The Galaxy S4 and HTC One Nexus Experience: What is it?

It’s main both the samsung galaxy s4 and also HTC One are going to be obtaining stacked android nexus experience versions as well as they’re going to be marketed in the google play store by obtaining a lot of inquiries regarding it so i’m going to go in advance and also cover that in this video everybody tim schofield below from Cuba King 77. com just doing a video as I claimed speaking about the freshly announced versions of the galaxy s4 and HTC One and also they’re going to be a nexus user experience which is very exciting so both both of these gadgets are mosting likely to be running supply Android no touch without any sense will be completely like a Nexus tool such as a nexus 4 running completely stock Android both of these tools are mosting likely to be marketed in the Google Play Shop on jun 26 so if you have an interest in getting one of these then you can proceed and take an appearance in the Google Play Shop live roulette right alongside the Nexus 4 or sold with it so hopefully he googled uh pimple mess it up like they performed with the nexus 4 that was a whole nother issue and also shopping a nexus 4 so we’ll see what they do there yet anyways the s4 is going to be six hundred fifty dollars and also the HTC one’s going to be six hundred dollars so fifty dollars less for the HTC One when it comes to specifications both of them are going to be practically the exact very same s for accompanying the u.s. Variant the AT&T t-mobile version it’s gon na have a quad-core it’s going to have 13 megapixel camera 16 gigabytes of interior storage make note of that as well as also LTE abilities as well as the HTC One requirement all throughout the board quad core little 404 pixel electronic camera and also it’s sort of 32 gigabytes of interior storage again bear in mind that the s4 does have a micro SD card port to increase memory and the HTC one does have LTE support as well so wish to make a note of that now once more as I claimed it’s mosting likely to be a nexus experience I don’t think these are mosting likely to be called Nexus gadgets simply like the Nexus 4 so you see the Nexus 4 right here is a Nexus gadget and also what I suggest by the Nexus user experience you’ll see it is running totally stock Android doesn’t have any kind of clients from the supplier no touch without feeling nothing like that it does have on-screen buttons the nexus 4 does just make note of that also I’ll get to that in just a bit yet likewise it obtains the most up to date Android updates as soon as possible as quickly as quickly as Google presses them out you don’t have to wait for supplier execute it right into their system now again I intend to make note that if you do buy a nexus experience s41 you are going to lose those most of those TouchWiz and also feeling functions nevertheless I have actually heard that HTC is going to leave in beats audio so you’re still mosting likely to have that you’re not gon na have a toggle to turn it on as well as off it’s just going to

constantly get on by default then I also think they are going to integrate their software for for the ultrapixel right into the the Nexus video camera experience so you’re going to utilize the stock Nexus video camera software application nonetheless it’s going to have the ultrapixel software integrated right into it so you don’t have to fret about it losing that now when it concerns the s4 you’re really not gon na have any of those TouchWiz functions s beam s whatever air sight all those functions are mosting likely to be gone once more it would certainly be simply like a Nexus tool they are going to carry out any of it be fascinating to see without those software program includes exactly how the electronic cameras are going to execute again the HTC claimed they are mosting likely to attempt and apply it so the ultrapixels do obtain made use of to their maximum capacities nevertheless I’ve ever before listened to much regarding the Samson’s 13 megapixel camera if it’s just still mosting likely to be actually great since truthfully in my opinion I choose the Samsung that’s for cam over the HTC One it’s just an individual choice of mine but once more we’ll see exactly how different software program influences the equipment of these tools currently one point that makes me not intend to call these ss4 and also the one a Nexus tool just one of the important things is the style of it once more what Google is going to do is generally just take the current layout of both gadgets as well as just slap supply android on it it’s very straightforward in fact one note is going to be they both have different button combinations down near the bottom

various layouts certainly there you have various styles however what’s actually various about them is that they have both have capacitive switches the house button on the s4 is a physical switch yet HTC has a home in a back capacitive switch whereas you have your nexus for only having on-screen buttons down the bottom of back residence recent running applications down at the base to ensure that’s a bit different particularly when running stock Android it is kind of based around these on-screen switches to make sure that is kind of a disappointment that you have these physical buttons on here which is a bit intriguing that they have actually determined to do so nonetheless maybe an advantage again you could see in the future you may see even more and also a lot more devices in the Google Play Shop simply running stock Android which is great because a great deal of individuals similar to running stock Android nevertheless they don’t have much choices to do so since there aren’t that lots of devices available currently I’ve stated this all along it’s one point that I really hope ultimately produces will certainly do I actually very doubt they do however one point I would love to see was is options to integrate TouchWiz as well as stock Android attributes such as like you transform points on and off however still run a supply Android experience out of package but after that additionally implement particular TouchWiz or sense features into your gadget I assume that would certainly be pretty cool to be able to integrate both with each other because certainly

there’s ones that I utilize from TouchWiz that I want on my stock Nexus experience and then I additionally love my supply Nexus experience therefore I want that in a few of my touch with attributes now one point that I have actually always wanted but I do not assume it’s mosting likely to occur is ultimately is where producers will ship gadgets out with just the alternative to run stock Android however then also have an alternative to execute particular maker functions such as the TouchWiz attributes of the sens features again such as blink eat the HTC One for instance if you are a fan of that you have your device running stock Android however it does have an alternative to include blinkfeed to your home screen so I think that would be really neat to have that simply as options and afterwards you can additionally if you are something that likes just that stock Nexus 6 supply Android experience you might just run that all the time you don’t even need to transform on any of the feeling or touch with attributes so simply an individual opinion mine I believe that ‘d be neat since again I do locate myself utilizing several of the touch with several of the sense features so I assume that would certainly be trendy to just integrate the two as well as have the user have the option to incorporate one or the various other now one more inquiry I recognize you’re mosting likely to ask is hello i simply acquired a s for i simply

acquired an HTC One and it has touchwiz or feeling on it as well as I intended to have a nexus experience on my suggestions will I have the choice to possibly switch to a nexus nexus experience on my tool that is an extremely fascinating concern I have actually read a post that HTC has been pondering possibly having some means to flash a nexus experience on your tool or not I don’t understand my guesses suppliers are considering it I don’t understand if they’re really going to enable that as a result of simply potential issues that could climb however I assume that ‘d be really cool if HTC or Samsung did do this as well as where you purchase the gadget and you have a choice to like I stated my vision of the future yet an alternative to Ronnie just a supply Android experience or the TouchWiz experience after that you can attempt them both out see which one you like see which one you make use of even more as well as then simply choose based upon that I think that would be quite cool once more going towards that goal of trying to incorporate both of them having your alternatives in between one or the various other but I assume that would certainly be a very awesome alternative once more I check out a post about HTC considering it may be having an ruu that you can flash on your tool or rom upgrade utility or it will certainly overwrite the entire the entire software application of advice and just run supply Android so we will certainly see that would certainly be extremely interesting I would really like to see that I understand a great deal of you have been asking that as well as saying hey they really did not announce this when I pop my tool that’s a little bit unreasonable if I.
desired to go on and go with the supply Android variation I’m out of luck.

No we will see once more I do not understand right currently i’ll keep you guys upgraded if something does come out of course i’ll be doing guide videos if there does become a choice to run supply Android experience so absolutely stick about for that now one last thing i want to touch on is the price tag with the nexus 4 you had concerning three hundred fifty buck rate tag for a 16 gigabyte variant and also now with the HTC One having a six-hundred-dollar as well as s for every six hundred fifty dollar price rate tag a lot of individuals are like what yet you got to take an appearance at it as well as say hey the specifications are much better you already have some advertising and marketing projects going for both tools it’s very fascinating again it’s even more of a flagship device the nexus 4 is a great gadget don’t obtain me wrong the video camera could utilize a little bit of job once again the specifications are simply various as well as the timing of them coming out is various as well yet now I’m very interested to hear from you people you have to leave a comment allow me know if you individuals are preparing on buying neither the s4 the one running supply and rave will be extremely intriguing once again both of them are going to be unlockable on the boot loader and the s4 is going to be unlocked and also I think on the HTC.

One it’ll I believe have actually a locked bootloader however so does the nexus 4 however I assume it’s mosting likely to have a bootloader comparable on Nexus 4 where you just type fastboot OEM unlock and after that open the bootloader so it’ll be really straightforward by means of fastboot commands to my expertise but anyways again allow me know if you are playing and obtaining one as well as if not would you think about blinking over to equip Android if that option came to be readily available it’ll be intriguing to see hey I love my touch with features I don’t intend to switch to that stock Nexus experience let me know I’ll be like I stated I’m truly interested to hear from you individuals as well as allow me recognize what what you individuals consider the nexus experience on the one and also the s4 that’s regarding it I would actually value if you men would register for me that would be incredible you can also give this video clip a thumbs up that would certainly be awesome you can follow me on Facebook Twitter as well as Google Plus all links to be in the description of the below and as constantly many thanks men.