How to Manually Update to Official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 GB27 on Samsung Epic 4G Touch

every person Tim Schofield below from Cuba King 77 dot-com you’re doing a video show you how to by hand upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S to Legendary 4G Touch on Sprint from F L 24 Gelato Sandwich 2 GB 27 jelly beans so the official jelly bean update is lastly here I’m gon na proceed and also reveal you how to mount it if you are on FL 24 double-check go on as well as go in the setups scroll right down go to about phone as well as you’ll see under baseband version the last 4 numbers will state FL 24 you’ll see Android 4.0.4 and your construct number will additionally say FL 24 at the end after we run via this procedure it will say GB 27 as well as I think 4.1.1 if I’m not misinterpreted to ensure that would be the new jelly bean update come out to dash users once more this is this can just be done by hand similar to this you are not going to obtain an over-the-air update on your phone this is the only method to get your phone on jelly bean right here alright 40 touch on jelly bean the reason being due to the fact that the documents dimension is so big Sprint has actually gone on and also simply

stated ok we’re just gon na have it over over the your computer to install it simply since the data dimension is so big we’re not gon na send that over the air so that’s it anyways it’s fairly straightforward all you need to do is proceed and also see to it on FL 24 as I claimed earlier and after that go ahead and also click the web link in the summary and after that we’re gon na require to go on and also download and install an application called secrets keys can be downloaded right below you will certainly see it’ll take you to this Samsung site you can download it from Windows or Mac download it will edit the download finish once it’s ended up click the documents and also go through the setup procedure similar to you would any kind of various other application and then when the setup process is done open up secrets and also then as soon as you open Keys plug in your phone so you’ll see akiza’s right here I have it opened up right on up and also after that I have my Epic 4G Touch plugged right into my computer like so when you plug it in after the installment is done you need to see a turn up window right

below that says firmware upgrade and also allow you know all right we need to do this upgrade you’ll see existing firmware as well as most recent firmware version all you have to do is just go ahead and also hit upgrade and also then what it’s mosting likely to do is gone through the procedure you’ll see caution a device customized can create problems and so on etc ensure you disconnect all other USB just go ahead and go through these you can not make any type of calls while upgrading I have actually checked out all of the above and I’m gon na strike begin upgrade it says it’s gon na update the operating system I’m just gon na hit following and afterwards what’s gon na take place is I think it’s simply gon na go on and also by hand run via the process and also update the firmware so you’ll see it says downloading and install firmware upgrade components you will need a net link undoubtedly to download and install the data needed and also it’s simply gon na proceed and go through my hunch is that you may it might also put it in supply recovery the the phone itself in the stock recuperation so I’ll reveal you that once it does that I’ll maintain you upgraded alright it asks for customer

account control just go ahead and choose of course alright currently it says getting ready for firmware upgrade firmware upgrade development it claims it’s gon na download it please do not separate the wire connected to the PC so it’s gon na go in advance and update currently alright so it’s going through the progression bar it’s been taking a while really I intend to see possibly like four mins so much which 85 percent as well as currently it has actually begun to state unwinding binary files fine now it went ahead as well as jumped as well as set a hundred percent from that eighty 5 percent as well as currently it placed it our Impressive 4G Touch right into download mode actually which is sort of surprising so I think I shouldn’t be as well surprised so now we remain in download setting and after that I believe it’s mounting motorists on my computer currently allow those install and after that once it recognizes the gadget in download mode it’s gon na go in advance as well as do the update so you’ll see please do not disconnect the wire attached to the computer make sure you don’t otherwise you might have a bricked device alright so you’ll see of a progress bar as well as T’s state of mind regarding it 8 percent currently and also you’ll additionally

see a blue development bar on your tool it’s gon na take a little bit of time the file dimension is big so endure it allowed it run with I’ll be back once it is practically done alright so it’s just ending up you’ll see at ninety percent the bar on the phone is nearly completely full okay currently 100 as well as it appears like our phone is simply gon na immediately reboot and also it states it is complete it claims restart the device it’s restarting it on its own separate as well as reconnect the wire so we can go on as well as do that once it boot you’ll see it went right into supply healing currently looks like it’s just going to go ahead as well as complete the update it says solution version GB 27 GB 27 to make sure that is what our phone is mosting likely to state let it boot on up you will see nothing brand-new in concerns to the boot animation I do wish to make a fast note that this start up will probably take longer than normal even if you’ve simply did a an update of the software application so I would go on and also endure this update and afterwards we have it claims Android is updating depending on just how several applications you have this screen might take a while so simply endure it once this is done it must tickets to our house screen and after that we ought to get on jellybean all right and also there

you have it so now it is booted on up you’ll see these suggestions are revealing I’m just gon na go ahead and also swipe far from the display and there we go so currently we should be on jellybean GB 27 double-check go on as well as enter into settings scroll completely down most likely to about tool and you will certainly see Android variation of 4.1.2 so a little of an improvement at 4.1.1 4.1.
2 jelly bean baseband variation GB 27 construct number GB 27 too so there you have it we are currently on jellybean 4.1.2 quickly tap an android variation as well as there you go press and also hold on the guy as well as you got some jelly beans that you can boss around on your screen so there’s a little hidden hidden display there to make sure that’s it I just desired to go in advance and also show you men how to by hand upgrade I will certainly do a complete evaluation of this update so you people can look into some adjustments possibly get some suggestions on the new software etc so make certain to enjoy that I’ll connect to it in the description of the video additionally be doing a video on just how to root the gadget as well as set up a customized recuperation on GB 27 if you are on a previous leak of Kelly bean and so on then I will go on and also just proceed as well as enjoy my just how to root video I’ll be covering all details on that particular in that video clip yet that’s it so you’ll see it’ll wrap up the Android upgrade which is just how you reach jelly bean 4.1 point ideally this video clip aids be certain to provide it a thumbs up make sure to sign up for me as well I ‘d really value it you can follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google+ all web links to be in the summary below and also as constantly thanks make sure to give this video a thumbs up

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