CyanogenMod 10 JB Rom on the Samsung Galaxy Note II SPH-L900 [REVIEW]

every person Tim here from Cuba King 77. com below to do a complete review video clip of the signage of my 10 rom on the sprint samsung galaxy note 2 right currently the construct i am running it’s an alpha 2 rom so it’s mosting likely to have some bugs I in the future hopefully these pests will be squashed and also it will be a fully functioning rom so anyways allow’s go in advance and also speak concerning a few of the bugs that I pointed out that all right sorry regarding that i did get a telephone call but as i stated i did desire to speak about a few of those pests firstly you can not stream songs over bluetooth that is just one of the insects I don’t think NFC works orientation sensor is postponed as well as it can take a min or 2 to start working so those are some well-known pests that they’ve put up on their on their site I know that very early builds alpha develops can have some problems with data it seemed to be job it seems to be functioning fine as much as I’ve utilized it so far data appears to be simply great general practitioner can take a bit to turn on too I can proceed and also check it inside as well as see if it functions typically when I’m inside I can obtain a lock i can switch on my gps radio I believe maps is not mounted so Maps I’ve go to

the Play Shop and mount the maps application alright anyways while I have that downloading I intend to review some other very neat attributes to start with allow’s go ahead and also discuss the alert bar down right here draw it down whatever is made in the CM 10-round to look like supply AOSP jellybean like you would certainly a Nexus device I’m going to enter into settings initially scroll all the way down most likely to regarding phone and you’ll see it is android variation 4.1 point2 presently once again customarily you can click quickly tap on android variation as well as obviously you get these jelly beans as lots of people recognize yet you can rapidly tip on signs regarding version and they have actually included their own hidden food selection as well a lot of individuals like me revealing that off so simply promptly showing that so as I stated four factor one point to it isn’t 4.2 presently yet they are servicing obtaining this perfected once again they’re attempting to squash them several of those bugs that I did state earlier additionally what concerning phone you’ll see there’s an update section that could possibly allow you recognize when there are updates to the certain world that you have actually set up that they have actually a beta appeared or an alpha 3 anything like that this need to let you know that that that can be transformed alright so Maps was installed I get on 3g just so once it loads up it will certainly make use of 3g instead of Wi-Fi i am focusing up right here you you’ll intend to take notice of this little symbol right there just to see if as well as obtain a lock it’ll simply remain full it will not blink anymore so we’ll see if it can get a.

lock or otherwise as I stated it can take a little bit of time to get a lock we’ll see if it can do so I’m simply type of focusing like oh it did appears like it obtained a lock there we go so GPS appeared to function fine it switched on immediately as well as look for a signal and it obtained a lock I’m within today so what did that take 10 secs so excellent that GPS is functioning yet anyways allow’s take down the notice bar once much more as I established up the Tapia time day settings clear all you can switch on and off GPS you can edit these toggles I’ll reach that in a 2nd you can really press and also hold on the toggle and it quickly enters into the setups so there are my GPS setups that it packed up right away anyways allow’s go on as well as speak about these notification panels right down right here you’ll see I have maps effectively mounted you can swipe those away customarily you likewise see I have a text message from google here with specific notifications you can broaden and acquire them with 2 fingers you can get them as well as with one finger you can really broaden it you can draw it down to ensure that’s really neat you do not have to use 2 fingers to fluctuate with the notification you have to utilize 2 fingers to increase yet to bring it down you can just make use of that a person finger so that’s a truly cool feature and also among my favorite.

attributes about indication is your mod I understand it’s sort of trivial not always unimportant yet I know it’s not a few of the outstanding features that authorize my offers yet this is still in my favored with the messaging application you can swiftly respond to a message there you can note it as read or you can call directly from the notice take down bar which I actually love so if I intended to respond to google I simply struck reply as well as I can just claim hi there as well as struck send out as well as that’s it so it’ll send the message it’ll send out the message as well as it will certainly be replied automatically so that’s wonderful you see Google reacted today 466453 if you wished to mess around with texting google yet again there you have it you can push this symbol in the top right hand edge as well as it promptly swipes away all of those notices a bit a lot more on the messaging application go right into it you’ll see right here’s the threaded text message there I can go ahead and enter into establishing some settings i simply wished to mention there are some awesome ones however with shake you want to transform that also only one quiet or constantly if you would like your phone to vibrate some people constantly ask me why my phone isn’t vibrating and also with usage dark motif this is just for fast reply it does not transform the entire messaging application to dark style but that fast reply alternative you can additionally have a pop-up choice so to flaunt that dark motif i’m going to message google once more as well as state hi and send out that as well as.

Once they reply as well as i hate quick reply in that notification bar there should be a dark option so draw this down i struck reply you’ll see it was white before and also currently it has that dark history to it i like that dark background much a lot more i can just hit sight it’ll go directly to that message or i can shut it out so there’s that just going over some attributes of the messaging application i use that a whole lot so i want to cover that go right into the dialer there is that dialer as you saw that incoming call screen currently that it looks really a lot like an AOSP device of training course going to our app drawer you’ll see straight alternatives likewise desired to make a fast note concerning the s-pen I understand a lot of people were probably asking yourself concerning it the s pen works great with the touch display it works simply like it should really responsive picks everything up grades you’ll see extremely smooth however you aren’t going to get any of the functions with the s-pen such as cutting out a display double touching for a pop up note anything like that there are some in the rom thread which i’ll connect to in the description there are some applications such as stick it for a pop-up gamer I think a float note for some kind of note or animal there’s other applications that you can try.

to obtain those memorandum applications but again you aren’t going to be able to do any type of actions while pressing the button double tapping the display anything like that it does definitely nothing with signs Ahmad those are all TouchWiz features so just type of maintain that in mind if you’re somebody that really makes use of the s-pen you could not intend to mount this ROM again it does get rid of some of the capability of the s-pen another aspect of the s-pen I believe air sight functions go on as well as go into settings and after that go to language and also input I think it is go to that as well as then style gestures I believe right there stylus motions as well as after that you can enable stylus pen motions where you can have some details gestures with left swipe right swipe up swipe so if i desired left swipe to open the calculator let’s try that i don’t understand if it’s going to work i don’t know specifically how this works it claims by holding the stylist switch so let’s try this there we go so there it is so swiping from right to left appropriate opens the calculator you do have to have the switch press so I think I was incorrect with the switch choice I did I forgot regarding these one-of-a-kind attributes that it it enabled so that’s really great that it has that option so you can install a details memorandum application and you can have it claim right swipe opens up this memo application you can go clean to the right as well as then it will certainly open it up as well as you can write on it so that’s really neat that those are featured once again I assume air view you can check show symbol while utilizing stylus pen and also I think it’s some kind of air sight you’ll see a little icon there so it appears like a computer mouse trackpad there so that’s truly cool that that choice exists I don’t recognize if it’s mosting likely to bring up particular developments all right discovered I.

understood a great way to evaluate out the air sight I’m gon na fill up qbking 77. com once more here is my sites filling up on 3g it appears to be quite quite great i do have some drop-down menus so if i desired to zoom in genuine quick below with pre you see in the interview when i floated over them it would certainly expand it and also it does not look like it’s doing so so it does shed some air view functionality yet on a touch with ROM it would certainly drop it down once again I do not understand if it concerns the certain web browser it’s utilizing once more it may be a bit various on on Chrome browser or certain browser sorry yet yeah so air sight you have actually obtained this computer mouse trackpad when you hover over your screen so that’s a little neat function that’s included alright however sufficient about the S Pen and also such let’s go on and enter into the camera application just wished to take a fast picture and show you men right here’s in fact the remote for the web cam camera that i’m using so if i want to take a quick image of that flashes on so you can take that take one more one if i desired to turn blink off i think in the upper not the top left-hand corner going to the setups down right here as well as you can turn flash mode off on etc so then you can simply swiftly tap and also take a lot of images as soon as you have actually those photos made you can go up and down swipe from the right and also after that you can flaunt those images promptly by swiping to and fro you can tap on it and share those photo or erase them promptly so those are features of the AOSP.

video camera application you have other various setups and such that you can mess with certainly store place power shutter photo dimension and so on so there are some modifications there you have video clip camera panorama and also simply right up cam too under right you can touch on that particular it brings up those pictures as well as opposed to swiping so simply figured I would certainly flaunt that fast video camera application it does have a documents manager Beauty is the CM songs gamer you have all the supply Google Application gallery google search which I’ll reach in currently in fact so it does have google voice not google voice google now with the cards so i can go on as well as set that up i simply hit next following next once more and also i’m just going to strike yes i remain in so it’ll load up google currently it will certainly appear some cards flaunt some birthday celebrations allow me recognize that the Bears did fire lovie smith i don’t assume i saw that yet if you’re a Bears follower very fascinating news i do not know precisely why they did so i make certain they had a good reason but really privileged for beautiful Smith I know Devin Hester is quite upset concerning that as well let’s fill the Bulls won though to ensure that’s some great information anyways so that’s Google now you can attempt google voice search what’s the weather condition like in Scottsdale Arizona it’s 50 levels in partially cloudy and Scottsdale there you go 50 levels partly gloomy as well as Scottsdale the voice search is working fantastically it feels like whatever is really smooth with this rum so seems to be functioning terrific very fast extremely smooth I met any lag problems whatsoever did intend to speak about changing those icons up on top so.

you enter into settings and also there’s a number of different setups in here we can go to launcher setups you can change the quantity of homescreens grid dimension you can uncheck that search bar that’s there you can have resize any widget I’m going to return once more go to the drawer once more some quick cabinet settings go to the dock icons you can have extra dock symbols down there so I believe you can have up to nine so we return you have nine dock icons that’s type of insane actually so it looks really silly though certainly with 9 you have to really crammed them in there however once again you can quickly touch on them as well as someone’s asking me what my favored chip is most likely the i7 haha ok that’s just kind of a geek joke there but anyways we can go ahead and go back into those settings those are all the fundamental launcher settings with doc you have actually general you can auto revolve that residence display too lock screen setups so there’s some trendy ones below you can display the lock display initially of all it goes to AOSP design where Google now increase cam to the left unlock to the right you can change the protection history clock placement battery status so i can have always on so that it displays that battery percentage right there or else proprietor information you can have climate screen on the lock display so that’s type of great you can examine that uncheck use metric since I want it to be in Fahrenheit camera and also slider shortcuts so right here’s the great one you have various other options to change shortcuts so if you wanted to include one you can have activities applications book markings.

contacts etc so I’m going to go right into applications you can have it switch on the messaging application hit OK obtain save in the bottom right as well as as soon as possible it’s conserved so currently I can go in advance and promptly increase to that messaging application you’ll see the climate is revealing I believe you can tap on it as well as it rejuvenates so there’s that so slider faster ways functioning while switch activities you can long press the back switch home switch and food selection switch also as well as establish some actions for that motifs you can simply seek out cm10 in the Play Shop and you can experiment with some different styles as well as system setups here is where you can mess with that standing bar notification take down you have am PM style none battery status style so you have various other battery icons that you can utilize we can proceed and also zoom in on that particular up at the leading so you’ll see the battery symbol you can attempt percentage you can attempt circle you can try circle with portion and also hidden so why would you want to hide it due to the fact that you can have I think it does not resemble you can but usually you could have a battery indicator bar up on top I do not see that choice there so I’m just going to go ahead and also just use icon in the meantime so there is the numerous battery icons that you can make use of kind of neat there you can show an alert matter notification cabinet right here’s those power widgets you can change which buttons turn up so if you desired LED flashlight down there you can include that it obtains added as soon as possible you can go ahead and turn that.

torch on amazing so I’m mosting likely to halo 4 so I can play with them anyways we got to ensure that functions great once again you can hit check out so I review it don’t need to reply actually I will respond once this video clip’s done yet anyways so there’s some alternatives that you can alter the order of those widget switch so you got widget button order you can go up as well as down there we go as well as today it gets altered so you’ll see the sound is right there in contrast to right on the right so fantastic that you can do that you can shut the cabinet on a change conceal scrollbar as well as transform it on and off haptic feedback wallpaper font size power menu when you press and hold that power switch you have various options for profiles power off reboot airplane setting etc so you can alter those equipment tricks too allow custom-made actions with home secret and so on so we can return press and also hold that residence switch you’ll see it brings up a listing of applications usually you ‘d be utilized cleaning away those applications by hand uh on an AOSP style ROM simply promptly go and also maintain going however in the top right-hand man edge you have an option to clear all so you can touch that symbol you’ll see it goes through and also does an animation to get rid of all those applications return.

and press as well as hold and you’ll see no recent applications so that’s great that that is included if I wished to go back into those settings we can there’s simply a couple a lot more I wished to aim out truly quickly go back in there with innovative right below device progressed settings there’s some display settings and stressful settings don’t mess with these if you do not understand what you’re doing those exist as well and additionally some performance settings once more I wouldn’t truly suggest tinkering any one of these whatsoever unless you really recognize what you’re doing with cpu you can not overclock you can not under clock with whatever bit is being made use of with this rom yet that is truly it on the whole extremely smooth it appears to be functioning wonderful once more you obtained general practitioners working I think picture messaging works let me try that out actual fast alright so i texted myself as well as left the picture message as well as inbound as well as outcoming appears to be working quite possibly so there is that functions great additionally i texted it’s in fact my partner i texted her as well as stated I I claimed an i7 was my favored as well as she’s like huh our food ship at least she comprehended what an i7 was I was actually quite amazed concerning pets so thought that’s pretty amusing as well as I daddy that however anyways that would be a full testimonial of signs my 10 on the sprint samsung galaxy note 2 i’ll maintain you people upgraded with beta builds or secure builds letting you know when it’s completely functional again it’s an alpha rum so you might face a pair bucks occasionally so keep that mind yet overall functioning terrific if you have any type of inquiries do not hesitate to ask leave a remark allow me understand what you assume too make sure to leave a remark subscribe too follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google And also all web links will be in the description would be below as always thanks for make sure to provide a thumbs up.