Review Lenovo Legion Duel Phone Gaming 144Hz Gaming Beast!

hello gorgeous peeps i’m chris from texpert and this absolutely freaking enormous box here holds the lenovo legion jewel an absolute beefcake of a gaming smartphone set to take on the likes of the asus rogue phone 3. here in blighty it’ll set you back 899 bob and yeah that’s a serious chunk of change but you get some super premium specs and some very smart gaming features packed in there so let’s whip it out the box take you on a full on tour of the hardware and the software and all of those great gaming features and i’m going to benchmark the performance as well and for the latest greatest tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers i’m liking the look of this trixie box this is very cool and then this kind of opens up oh and your phone falls out so the company meant of very dramatic music so hang on i think i did that ever so slightly wrong i think it’s supposed to open it up this way there you go it’s a bit more effective when the phone doesn’t just flop its way out of the box where on earth is that sound actually coming from anyway it’s one of those cards where you open it up and it sings happy birthday and scares the living out of you anyway let’s check out what you actually get inside of that musical box so you’ve got one rigid plastic case to help protect the edges and the back end of the lenovo legion jewel you’ve got a very beefy psu of course is the european model because it’s a european review sample you’ve got a type c to type c usb charging cable you’ve got another type c to type c usb charging cable you’ve got a type c to 3.5 mil headphone adapter and then of course you’ve got the actual smartphone itself and there we have it in all of its glory the lenovo legion dual definitely unmistakably a gaming smartphone through and through now first impressions of the legion dual definitely a very chunky hefty device but that’s pretty commonplace for all gaming smartphones out there including the likes of the rogue form 3.

you can grab the legion jewel in a couple of different finishes blaze and blue all this here vengeance red effort very dramatic indeed and i love the sort of rainbow hue flash of neon that pops out of that back end when you sort of tilt it to the light and that arc end is constructed from glass already getting quite smudgy as you can see there but at least you do have the two mottled edges basically where you would grip the phone while you’re gaming and that’ll just help to prevent the phone from slipping around and you’ve got to love that slogan as well stylish outside savage inside just like my good self in fact i love how that red coloration carries around to the front as well just in these narrow little streaks where the stereo speakers are found and there’s lots of fine detail and on here as well it’s definitely a very interesting smartphone to look at now let’s pop on open the lenovo legion jewels symmetry and see what we got inside there so a very simple straightforward affair as you can see it is a reversible sim tray so you can pack two sim cards in there at once but there’s no micro sd memory card support thankfully you can get up to 512 gigabytes of internal storage that’s right half a terabyte packed inside of this beefy wii burger and it’s ufs 3.1 as well so it should be nice and fast and energy efficient okay so the lenovo legion jewel is all set up and ready for action and the first thing you’ll notice when you boot it up is let’s see you’ve got basically a stock version of android on here but lenovo has slathered on its legion os as it turns it what this does is it basically gives everything a funkified gaming sort

of aesthetic the default wallpaper unfortunately is a bit sort of dull and non-descript really but if you dive on into the wallpaper section you’ve got lots of brighter efforts that you can choose between and a good bit of dynamic wallpaper action as well so let’s get this one on the go oh very nice and then when you power up the legion jewel you’ll see that animation spring to life very cool indeed and of course you do have that in display fingerprint sensor as well there’s no fearsome knock here on the legion jewel probably because of the uh slightly unique selfie camera arrangement more on that in a bit quite like the icon design on the uh the legion jewel as well quite a funky effect to it almost sort of industrial but the rest of the phone be very familiar to any android fans you’ve got usual your notification bar which you can drag onto the screen like so you’ve got your apps tray and thankfully not much in the way of crap wear on here as well it’s mostly just the stock google stuff and any more all the fans out there will be loving the fact that you’ve got the same uh gesture support on the legion jewel as you do on most moderate smartphones or chop twice for flashlight and also the double wrist twist to load up that camera tech and of course because the legion dual is a gaming smartphone naturally you’ve got lots of great gaming features packed in there as well which we’ll touch on in a bit so whenever you’re kicking back for the game or just enjoying a couple of movies or netflix or disney plus or whatever you can enjoy it all on a gorgeous 6.65 inch amoled display with a full hd plus resolution by default the colors are set to natural in the display settings but you can boost them up to make them look more vibrant as well if you prefer more vivid poppy image and certainly in that default state visuals are very lifelike helped along by the gorgeous contrast because of course all that always excels in that area and because it’s all that tech you also get the likes and always on display feature as well with a small selection of different options and of course gaming smartphones you would expect to come pack in a fast refresh rate as well and certainly no disappointment here on the lenovo legion jewel as you can see it’s set to 90 hertz by default being boosted up to 120 or even 144 hertz just like on the rogue phone 2.

And while there doesn’t appear to be an auto refresh option here on the legion joel there is at least an option to immediately bump up that refresh rate to 144 hertz whenever you start a game and before we move on from the display as well it’s also worth pointing out that in those display settings you’ll find the lighting effect as well where basically you can control that flashy led logo slapped around the back end you can actually use this as a notifications light whenever you’ve got incoming calls or messages you can change up exactly the color that it flashes as well and you can also get an led effect on the go while your game and either have it dynamically adapt to whatever’s happening in the game otherwise you can have it breathing flashing uh going in waves all sorts of stuff and the legion also boasts dual front-facing stereo speakers and boy do they pack a punch bump that volume all the way up to the maximum level and your facial region will be blasted with crisp clear stereo audio now the legion jewel has its very own gaming mode known as the legion realm and to enter this you’ll want to press the dual ultrasonic shoulder buttons which aren’t actually buttons they’re just uh sort of force feedback haptic efforts up top as you can see there they’re completely flush for the surface you don’t actually push them in or anything just give them a light tap and they’ll completely touch

sensitive and when you enter the legion realm you’ll have fast access to all of your games as you can see i’ve just got call of duty mobile installed at the moment and you’ll also be able to access settings when you’re actually playing games and you can also access various game settings while you’re in the game as well just drag your finger down from the top end of the display and as you can see there it shows you exactly how much gpu and cpu usage is going on gives you a rundown of the quality of your wi-fi connection as well which is of course very very useful when playing games like pubg and call of duty where they are online shooters lots of other useful m4 being fed back here as well including the current time in case you suddenly realize oh crap i should have picked up my son from school 20 minutes ago got the actual internal temperature of the phone there as well make sure it’s not getting too hot especially if you’re charging it at the same time and the battery life as well definitely a good one again if you like your extended gaming sessions and you’ve also got access to various other gaming features on here as well including the ability to set up a controller for instance get a screenshot action on the go actually record your action and if you are recording as well you can get a bit streaming on the go with a quick tap up there and as you can see that’s where the selfie camera is

scrolled away actually on the edge of the device now definitely be a good one for capturing my reaction every time a horde of school children mow me down in cold blood and you’ve also got a quad mic arrangement here on the lenovo legion jewel as well so your voice will clearly be picked up if you’re providing a bit of commentary or simply yelling at your mates mid-game and rounding off those features you can also control the haptics you can clean up the memory for whatever reason the legion jewel is struggling with the game which i don’t think is going to happen anytime soon you’ve got notifications blocking none likes the whatsapp support as well so when you’re gaming with the legion phone jewel you don’t actually need to use a separate controller because you’ve got a gorgeous hertz touch response rate that means that every poken swipe instantly is replicated there on the screen and with those haptic shoulder buttons as well you get a good bit of force feedback it’s very very handy for games like call of duty’s who can aim with the left trigger shoot with the right very responsive and i found that these shoulder buttons work just as well as the equivalent on the likes of the rogue phones the red magic stuff like that still not a proper uh

replacement for actual shoulder buttons but definitely does the job you’ve also got two very strong rumble mortars are packed inside of the lenovo legion jewel as well which offers some extreme feedback as well when you are playing to support the game sadly call of duty is not one of those supported games now performance on the lenovo legion dual is provided by qualcomm’s mighty magnificent snapdragon 865 plus chipset that’s its most powerful most capable platform right now used by the likes of the rog43 but not many other devices although it will be superseded by the 875 which is going to launch next month probably won’t see phones actually packing that for another few months though and with up to 16 gigs of ddr5 ram packed inside of this thing it’s no surprise that when i did my benchmark with call of duty even on those maxed out graphic settings it maintained 60 frames per second consistently and reliably great stuff in further good news i found that the liquid coolant system definitely did its job the lenovo legion jewel did not get even a little bit toasty even when i was gaming on call of duty for a good hour or so now if you’re halfway through a call of duty match and you get the dreaded low battery warning something like that no worries as long as you’ve got your charger on hand you can actually plug it in on the side of the lenovo legion jaw so as you can see there you can continue gaming without having the cable jutting into your hand and really disrupting you that’s for the battery tech itself it’s

actually a 5 000 milliamp capacity battery but it’s not just one battery it’s two batteries so it’s actually split into two separate batteries with 2 500 milliamp capacity each and you may remember when we were checking out the contents of the legion jules box there are actually two usb cables in there that’s because there is actually a second usb charging port down here on the bottom end of the legion jaw if you plug in a second usb cable at the same time as you can see it then enters dual charging mode and you can get a full charge of that 5 000 million battery in just 30 bloody minutes absolutely freaking mental and last up let’s just finish up this unboxing of the lenovo legion dual gaming smartphone with quick squint at the dual lens rear camera tech what you get here is a 64 megapixel primary lens backed by a 16 megapixel ultra wide angle and the camera app is pretty straight forward stuff you can snap away as merely as you like you can drag down on this bad boy to swap to that ultra wide angle lens at any time looks like the color temperature is a little bit warmer with that one but that’s pretty much standard and as usual we’ve got a whole heap of camera features that you can play around with including the portrait modes just to

keep your uh totoro nice and sharp and blur out the background you’ve also of course got the likes of a night mode which just takes lots of different shots of different exposure levels and then melds them together for a nicely more balanced result and of course the proper pro controls as well if you want to mess around with the likes of the white balance to shut the speed the axle levels at your good self that’s for video where you should be able to shoot up to 4k resolution footage let’s just dive on into the settings and check so 1080p by standard ba you can jump that up to 4k resolution if you like and then of course if you want to get better selfie action on the go you have to pop out that’s uh that camera and turn it into good old portrait mode and away you go smile and that’s over definitely that one is a keeper and that right there in a nutshell is the lenovo legion jewel an absolutely fantastic beefcake of a gaming smartphone with top end performance thanks to that 865 plus chipset and some really strong gaming features on there to rival the likes of the rokform 3 the red magics and all that other good stuff so be great to hear on personal thoughts about the legion down below and for more on the latest greatest tag please do poke subscribe click that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week cheers

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