Leaked FK23 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Rom on Samsung Epic 4G Touch [REVIEW]

every person Tim below from Cuba Cain 77. com here to do a complete evaluation video clip of the leakage to FK 23 jelly bean build on our sprint samsung epic 4g touch this has actually been reported to be the main jellybean up over the air upgrade that need to be pertaining to our tool not favorable it’s official i have reason to highly think it is simply from speaking with different developers as well as such i assume that it might potentially there’s a good possibility that it’s the main build so just my personal point of view or else i did wish to do an evaluation of it to start with i’m mosting likely to go out and also go right into setups i do have a video revealing you exactly how to install this i can connect to that in the summary of the video clip scroll down go to regarding gadget you will see this android version 4.1 point2 and develop number is FK 23 which is the most recent dripped build as of today the 30th as you can tell right there however in general it is really comparable to the FK 09 organization area that i did a review video clip earlier i can connect to that in the description i show off i do a really a deepness consider that however otherwise some some differences in between the FK 09 leaked is initially of all this alert panel up on top below is the FK 09 leaked build that was leaked earlier prior to this develop you will see up the alert panels you have screen rotation sync general practitioners bluetooth 4g as well as Wi-Fi and also it is a little bit scrollable and after that on this build you’ll see it just Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS

audio 4g no scrolling at all you can swipe away your notices you can clearly have an illumination bar backwards and forwards automated you can hit clear you have the Setups button in the upper ideal hand edge and also you have the moment and also date so you can swipe that away to take a screenshot volume down and also power button press and hold or not a minimum of I thought that’s what it was maybe they transformed it to make sure that doesn’t function allow’s try residence switch and power button at the very same time all right so volume down and power button didn’t function you have to use house switch and also power button at the exact same time to take that screenshot to ensure that’s just a fast note you’ll see you can squeeze in and make the most of and also minimize notices you can do that with various ones such as e-mails texts mess you’ll see photo messages this is what a picture message will look like you can just merely erase it if you do not like it that’s rather trendy and also just struck OK which item obtained removed to ensure that’s simply a little neat attribute their overall it has a very similar seek to the galaxy s3 so it’s it’s terrific they’re trying to integrate the os so you have an experience similar to that of the galaxy s3 all the bloatware applications have actually been updated actually so they primarily have actually been updated you have a phone application that has the dialer much like the galaxy s3 looks the specific very same on the galaxy s3

you did have sorry concerning that didn’t suggest to go right into that reliable I saw a video editor so I didn’t see that prior to they have a video clip editor application I do not believe that got on gelato sandwich on the legendary 4g touch and also in general below are just some widgets that we can look via i’m not seeing any off the beaten track there’s a keypad one that’s kind of amazing one more messaging widget as well I wish they would certainly have consisted of the flashlight widget which is on the galaxy s3 and the note 2 with simply it utilizing your LED light in fact allow me grab my note 2 I have it ideal alongside me it in fact looks similar to this construct also so if I go back to my home button you’ll see the launchers look extremely comparable I’m so this the note 2 is so large that I’m as well zoomed in for it to even use the entire display however you’ll see assistive light there it switches on that led light to ensure that’s quite neat they’re simply kind of desire several of my desire that they would certainly have included on the big 4g touch yet not also huge of a deal for me there and otherwise pest sensible I do not recognize of any kind of pests at all the call bug has actually been totally repaired with the FK 23 developed if you had it on em KO 9 you can now make telephone calls gotten phone calls as well as you do not have any problems whatsoever so proceed as well as call anyone you desire and also you can speak as long as you want so i’m going to just make a quick phone call so you can see the in display it’s not going to work my numbers out my epic 4g touch so you see that’s the end call display keypad you can end the call as well i actually did intend to show you if I can call them back i don’t recognize if it’s mosting likely to allow me if I go home draw this down in the display it lets you know the number you called you can go back to the dialer you can end it mute and audio speaker so if I wish to just end the telephone call while I’m doing something on a.

numerous application you can to make sure that’s wonderful you can draw down in your notice cabinet I also intended to mention you can push as well as hold on one of them and it takes you right into those setups so I’m in fact going to connect to my network now okay so I connected to my network it does consist of Google now which is excellent it didn’t raise the google currently cards even if i do not have my google account sink to this yet however you can do the voice search let’s attempt it out what’s the weather condition like in paris france there you go so the voice search functioning fantastic google now works terrific as while it worked great on FK 09 so as well as it functions well on this expense otherwise even better even if it is an updated develop as well as they have certainly done away with numerous pests they want to proceed and also show you people something else mosting likely to the messaging application if i wished to send a message this would be the samsung keyboard I face-off my FK when I develop yet it is brand-new it does have swype so you can swipe or you can just kind typically hey there as well as you can certainly as I stated you swipe you can really press as well as hang on where the microphone is as well as you can most likely to where it states that T so and it raises handwriting so let’s claim I intended to state how are you you’ll see my handwriting is awful i’m trying to look via my phone screen as well as.

do this so it’s let’s try my note tues stylus and see the f pen and also see if it acknowledges on this device i don’t think it’s going to recognize so the s pen doesn’t service that however if you wipe this handwriting attribute it’s mosting likely to take a bit you used to allow’s attempt it i’m really going to concentrate on my phone screen as well as try it once more so hi just how are you ok so my handwriting is just dreadful takes a bit to get utilized to so after that it’s just a little cool function that handwriting is included to make sure that’s simply in fact a keyword attribute from the note as well that they have consisted of on the samsung key-board and also of course you do have those gesture features if you intended to allow’s say scroll down and where are they hi Polly activity sorry not gesture movement includes you can transform those on direct telephone call which is when you remain in a messaging app if you bring it approximately your admit it does directly call it dual tap to the leading tilt to zoom panda action symbols surf images shake to upgrade turn over to mute and also stop so those numerous mute ones the direct reason wonderful I use it all the moment in a messaging application oh I require to call he or she put it up to my face and it calls it it’s it’s.

truly great lock display settings as well you have lock display choices you can change the faster ways on your on your screen if you intended to transform this to let’s claim the clock application you can it changes it as soon as possible if I return right into that lock screen we can good you’ll see you have the unlock alternative or you can push and also hold on that symbol swipe up goes directly right into that application so there it is that’s nearly whatever I did wish to show you you can drag and drop you can not drag and go down applications in addition to one another yet you can actually drag it as much as produce folder I.
revealed this on FK 09 you can call it something whatever you want hit OK as well as then you can drag and also go down applications into that folder you obtained that awesome shift animation when opening that folder yet that would certainly be it that’s my full testimonial of the FK 23 leaked develop might be official can not be main allow me know you believe leave a comment allow me recognize if it’s running well for you exactly how you resemble it if you face any type of bugs whatsoever simply leave a comment be certain to sign up for me also follow me on Facebook Twitter as well as Google Plus make sure to provide this video clip a thumbs up and many thanks for seeing.