How to Install Leaked FK23 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Rom on Samsung Epic 4G Touch

every person Tim here from Cuba King 77. com below to do a video revealing you exactly how to mount the leaked FK 23 improve your sprint samsung epic 4g touch this has actually been rumored to be an official over-the-air update integrate in the future nobody recognizes for certain yet however i’m going to proceed and also reveal you how to mount it now it’s absolutely very recommended by me if you’re looking for jelly bean on your epic 4g touch so first off you can be on any kind of build any kind of rom it does not matter it entirely over legal rights everything likewise i want to make a note this does wipe your data and also your interior storage so if you have any kind of data any images anything like that create a folder on your desktop computer and click and also drag all of your interior storage over to you that folder to back it up because it will certainly obtain wiped so that’s my please note there next you’re mosting likely to need to click the link in the description of the video clicking the link in the description of the video is going to take you to this web site big proclaim to garwin together with SF hub sex tape as well as our wilco 12 for getting this leak opting for us just be certain to thank them however go ahead and scroll down maintain scrolling

down as well as you have other some download options really so you have one click choices to download and install there are rooted or supply whether you intend to be rooted or completely stock it depends on you i downloaded and install the rooted one myself due to the fact that I do desire origin gain access to if you do not if you just want stock you can download the stock one I very recommend making use of the reset customer data variation of both with whichever one you pick I certainly recommend the reset customer data the only method to use the one that keeps individual information is if you are presently on the FK 09 develop you could be able to utilize the keeps customer information one otherwise my individual suggestion is to use the reset customer data option once more I believe both of them will wipe interior storage so just kind of maintain that in mind yet anyways now click and find the one you intend to download and install download it will be an exe documents then proceed and also open up that downloads folder that you do have as well as you need to see it as called right here FK 23 rooted recover it’s an exe data currently what we can do is dual click on it and after that struck run once we run it we are mosting likely to intend to remove it so before we remove it I recommend mosting likely to our desktop computer actually so proceed and browse to our desktop computer and honor desktop go on as well as right click and hit create brand-new folder so struck brand-new folder you can call it anything you want i’m mosting likely to recommend FK 29 was it up k 29 I can not bear in mind yeah no

FK 23 I’m sorry getting these builds blended but anyways you can call it FK 23 you’ll see I have it on my desktop sorry for the restlessness there now just go in advance and also click on these three dots and afterwards discover that FK 23 folder that we did just make right here so FK 23 picked hit ok then hit remove what it’s mosting likely to do is immediately extract the essential data right into that folder that we just created I will certainly take a little bit of time that you can inform so I’ll be back when it’s done alright once it’s done extracting you can double-click on that particular FK 23 folder we just made and inside it you’ll see one more folder called Odin OC you can double-click on that particular Odin OC polar and afterwards double-click on this application right here this will open our Odin one click so below is our autumn one click you’ll see it states FK 23 origin restore it can claim something various depending on which alternative you downloaded and now when this turns up we’re concerning prepared to go we just require to obtain our phone ready so you can simply power off your tool so completely turned off your impressive 4g touch alright and once fully powered off we’re mosting likely to require to get into download mode to do so press as well as hold volume down in the power switch at the exact same time press as well as hold both of them maintain it held down and after that this screen will certainly appear this warning screen press volume up to continue and after that this will certainly take us right into download setting or odin mode whatever you want to call it once

you are in this setting you can connect your tool into your computer now so get your wire and plug it into your computer system as well as you should see a yellow box with tranquil and after that a number pop up this allows you recognize rodin acknowledges your device otherwise what we might do is if for any kind of reason odin does not acknowledge your gadget or if you have any concerns the primary repairing steps is to try various cable television that’s the one please try various cords before you claim it doesn’t function otherwise you can try a different USB ports you can try reinstalling chauffeurs besides that you can additionally attempt utilizing a various computer those are the fundamental troubleshooting steps with Odin as soon as that yellow box turns up you prepare to go go on as well as strike start and afterwards this will run with as well as mount the result in FK 23 improve our legendary 4g touch this will also install the modem so it’s absolutely the very best way to install it if you wish to root it or unrooted you will see a green progress bar in Odin and a blue progress bar on your tool while this is running there’s the blue progress bar there as well as you’ll see a slight environment-friendly one this will take a little bit of time so you’re going to need to be patient with it shouldn’t take any longer than 15 to 20 minutes if it does something failed try those troubleshooting steps I stated

and attempt it again but I’m mosting likely to let this run via and I’ll be back once it is nearing completion see to it you do not let your computer system hibernate anything like that make certain you do not disconnect your cable television too great so it resembles it is practically ending up as soon as it is finished it needs to instantly reboot your device you’ll see it says reset pass green green box letting you understand it worked and after that our gadget should automatically reboot and once it start up we ought to be on FK 23 once it states past you can unplug your your device you’ll see it’s taking me into stock recuperation I believe this is since it is doing a factory reset in supply healing due to the fact that I think I downloaded and install the reset user information choice but yet once more you should encounter this display after Odin runs through as well as once it does that then again it’s going to reboot so I’m mosting likely to allow it boot and after that I will certainly be back as soon as once it’s on alright so simply boot it on up takes us to the welcome screen pick your language I’m not mosting likely to send any of this stuff up i simply desire to reveal you people i get on AF K 23 I will do a full testimonial video clip of this letting you know points

when this display stands out up i suggest pushing the back arrowhead and after that unchecking the optimizer so proceed and also uncheck it that’s simply want something that i suggest and i go in advance and strike finish configuration total as well as that should be practically it so now what we’re mosting likely to need to do is just go on as well as swipe down go in advance and go into set Eddings scroll right to the bottom as well as go to concerning gadget and also you will certainly see Android variation 4.1 point2 and construct number FK 23 there it is potentially official we don’t understand yet as of this video i’m uncertain however again be sure to inspect out my testimonial video i’ll be looking at various stuff make sure to sign up for me too follow me on facebook twitter and also google+ all links will remain in the description of the day below as constantly thanks make certain to give this a thumbs