Touchwiz Jelly Bean 4.1.1 LJ7 on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III

we get on Tim here from Cuba King 77 came right here to do an evaluation of the most recent leaked jelly bean develop lj7 android 4.1.1 on the sprint samsung galaxy s3 again now it is a leak however it could potentially be main someone has actually uploaded an image I will certainly post it right now kind of it appears like a leakages publish paper no idea if it’s real or otherwise it might be totally fake it could not be entirely fake yet you will see with this construct that I have actually mounted you can go on and go down to concerning tool and under the old number you will certainly see it does state P P B lj7 right there so you’ll see it claims P B lj7 in that leakages publish paper it says P a lj7 so I do not recognize if that’s simply a mistake or what it precisely implies yet just sort of bear in mind that it might be official it can not be official yet simply absolutely know that you are mosting likely to practically get a completely working build with this leak that being stated there are really no pests that I understand of whatever ought to function if you get on a previous leaked build I do have a video demonstrating how to mount this ROM and also discuss whether you require to wipe information or not but additionally if several of you were getting issues with

freeze ups anything like that i extremely recommend mounting this build anyways one thing I did intend to cover as soon as possible when I pull down the notification bar you’ll see I have a missed call right below I’m obscuring out the phone number for evident factors but you can increase it with two fingers and also pull it down and you will certainly see you have alternatives to call back or message so that’s really trendy when you get a missed call that’s certainly a cool feature of jellybean I didn’t cover it in my last video so I’m covering it currently I’m gon na swipe that away you can decrease and also take full advantage of these so you’ll see Robert S says you got on-line you get it repaired I did have problems with Sprint over the past 36 hrs I had not been getting service as well as now it’s finally dealt with fortunately otherwise though you can squeeze in as well as out prior to you had to squeeze like you were pinch zooming out a picture in and out like that which I believe still type of jobs and now they lastly repaired it to be a lot more like stocky and with 2 fingers in as well as out you can swipe away notices still it does have actually the upgraded Play Shop as you can see updates offered letting you understand what applications are specifically upgraded I do have a video covering the new Play Shop speaking about the

new functions of it and such I can connect to that in the description if you ‘d like to check that out there are various other things I did desire to direct out as I promptly showed with setups that build number I did I want to mention Android variation 4.1.10 information on that particular 4.1.2 again I’m wishing that this jellybean update will certainly come over completion of October or very early November the official one because this would be a leak developed from Samsung and as you can inform it is basically totally functioning must have the ability to utilize it as a day-to-day motorist virtually everyday I really did not wish to sort of explain something when you push the Menu switch I’m a home display you’ll see you have an option to add apps and also widgets when you press on it all it does is bring up your app cabinet that’s sort of funny why they do not simply let you determine on your very own that your applications and widgets are done in one area nothing uncommon in your apps as well as widgets in the direction of quite
a lot all the supply applications that are consisted of similar to a Gelato Sandwich I think some voice commands were fixed it does include Google now you can proceed as well as set that up if you would like to once more if you had not I make sure you have but if you haven’t looked into my video

on Google now I can connect to that in the description of the video clip as well just asking Google now different points we can ask it something currently what’s the climate like in Paris France there you go so 48 degrees and also clear in Paris if you’re heading over heading over to France however yep so Google now working great filled up rapidly I am on Wi-Fi at the moment and I also wanted to mention in that leaked paper that I showed earlier it did say something concerning LTE improvements as well as exchange improvements too I believe there are some voice commands that have actually been boosted upon also with this construct so type of maintain that in mind likewise one more great thing when you pull down the notification bar you’ll see you do have that all the standard toggles up at the top with sync plane mode power conserving mobile data display rotation noise GPS Bluetooth Wi-Fi what you can do currently I don’t remember having the ability to do this oh yep by the means inspect it out bears being the line sorry Lions fans yet that was a quite awesome defensive video game by the bears anyway sidetracked I did desire to explain when you have these let’s state you wanted to go into your Wi-Fi setups press and hold on Wi-Fi and it goes straight right into those settings I do not recall that being

on any other costs if somebody can correct me if I’m wrong I most definitely do not believe Gelato Sandwich had to be compress and hang on general practitioner opens up your GPS area services let’s state I intended to push as well as hold on power conserving I don’t know what that’s gon na it’s gon na open the power saving mode right there you can additionally proceed as well as press the hold on noise and also it mosts likely to your audio settings so overall really amazing that you can rapidly go into those setups as often if my Wi-Fi gets on I can prep transform it on press and also hold on Wi-Fi enter into it locate the network I desire to link to that’s simply an additional cool little attribute included additionally under messaging you do have swipe I did wish to aim that out it does consist of swipe hey there send to no-one and you can push the home button it does end spring links optimizer so ensure you enter into settings a lot more Settings mobile networks links optimizer as well as uncheck the check up there simply because Sprint connection is optimizer will certainly switch on your Wi-Fi automatically and out your command so simply kind of maintain that in mind that you can leave it on if you ‘d such as to however I suggest turning it off additionally with s voice that is likewise included when you go right into s voice once again I likewise suggest going ahead and also pressing menu most likely to settings and uncheck open by means of the home key it will certainly permit for much better responsiveness when pushing the residence switch you’ll see when opening

and also closing applications obtained that awesome jelly bean computer animations loading it on up very smooth very stylish haven’t had any issues whatsoever with with this build I’ve been running it for a little while today and it’s running great so absolutely be sure to examine it out if you have a Samsung Galaxy s3 sprint samsung galaxy s3 I additionally did desire to explain that it is pre rooted superuser right there yet nobody has figured out exactly how to secure free tethering on elite jellybean TouchWiz ROM yet so if you figure it out on your own make sure to leave a discuss this video clip as well as let people understand since I even myself can not find out exactly how to get heathering I don’t believe anybody has actually efficiently figured that out regrettably so if you do require tethering you might not want to install this ROM because that’s the only thing that really will not function and it’s not always around the concern it’s an issue with the tethering applications so maintain that in mind let me recognize you think make certain to leave a comment be sure to subscribe as well follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google+ all web links will certainly remain in the description of the below as always thanks make certain to offer this a thumbs up

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