The Universe Rom on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch [REVIEW]

everyone qbking 77-year here to do a full review on the universe rom on your samsung epic 4g touch i do have a video showing how to install this ROM I will link to that in the description of the video alright so this would be the universe from all loaded on up you will see right away you do have the launcher from the galaxy s3 so it gives it a nice galaxy s3 feel to it obviously going your app drawer have some nice transition animations on the home screen along with opening up the app drawer swiping through pages you have obviously a widget widget spot and apps as well so that’s very nice lockscreen wise you do have the lock screen from the Galaxy Nexus straight to camera straight to unlock either one so a lot of people do like that lock screen you can still pull down the notification bar while you are on your lock screen up at the top here we will check out the nice theme here i am very low on battery which is why i’m charging it at the moment you’ll see battery low but there would be the battery icon you can turn on the percentage in the settings this is a TouchWiz based rom I will get to that in one second pull down the notification bar up at

the top you will see very cool icons that do light up blue when they are selected otherwise down at the bottom here you will see this transparent if I didn’t have it plugged in these two icons would not be there obviously but it would be fully transparent from here to here so a lot of people do like a transparent notification bar I think it looks very clean I like the looks of it a lot as I said it is a TouchWiz rom let’s go ahead and go into settings scroll down go to about phone you will see android version 4.0 point for ice cream sandwich it is based on the latest leaked build LF I 03 you will see under build number does say universe fi 03 right there I can zoom in to show you that so universe fi is 0-3 otherwise though other awesome things about this rom it does have the hotspot hack so you can go to sprint hotspot turn that and use that a lot of people do like that I do really like the theme to it you will see a lot of the icons have a more blue look to it the camera icons different messaging icon is different various icons phone icon you will see the phone dialer is the same but up at the top you have the for this would be because from the FI 03 leak where you can go straight to contacts from the dialer and you can go back to the dialer as well so very cool there you’ll see nice transition animations open up the messaging application opens up very

quickly keyboard you got a nice themed swype keyboard we can try a different one you have samsung keypad and google voice typing as well so you do have a themed samsung keypad if you’d like to use that i do like the look of the swype keyboard i do like using swype as well so i could say hey there and text google 466453 and hit Send it’s not going to send my number isn’t how my epic 4g touch at the moment you will see a little themed icon there for the messaging application it’s not going to send over although a nice themed messaging application comes the fall with this very cool background you have other ones you’ll see I just got a notification that the message was not sent you have jelly bean gallery as an application you will see of all the jelly bean wallpapers that you can set so if I wanted to set one of them I can and there we go I’ve got a nice cool Oh new wallpaper a bunch of different ones that you can choose from of course camera wise camera or everything works great in this room you can take a quick picture it does not have any sound though when you take a picture you’ll see 00 noise whatsoever doesn’t have focused noise it doesn’t have it the noise when it takes the picture you do have a gallery application from the Galaxy Note 2 so go ahead and go into that gallery application you will you have a bunch of options you can go ahead and go to camera and it loads up the quick snapshot of all the images on the right side here that you can view you can go between

screen capture camera all the other various ones this is from the Galaxy Note 2 remember so that’s a very cool application that is included with this rom go ahead and select an image that you want to see you can swipe wean them and I you’ll see I have a bunch of pointless pictures that I took but otherwise awesome gallery application a neat feature from the universe rom application wise in the app drawer nothing to it you do have Beats Audio that you can mess with the awesome beats application you have better Wi-Fi on/off that’s an application where you can change some settings with your Wi-Fi with saving battery and such other than that though nothing out of the ordinary just pre rooted you’ll see supersu in your app drawer you do have the google map voice command so we can go ahead and try that what’s the weather like in Phoenix Arizona so you’ll see it’s at 34 degrees which would be in Celsius you’ll have to change those settings Yossi 93 degrees Fahrenheit but yeah Google now search results working great ask it whatever you would like I do have a video talking about cool things you can ask Google now so I can link to that in the description if you’d like to but great that this Rob does include Google now with it being an Ice Cream Sandwich base from and all how many people are used to seeing that yet still that’s really about it though you do have the stock browser I believe from the galaxy s3 it is so you have the browser from the galaxy s3 where you can open up a new a new

page if you’d like to and go go in between those two pages it’s definitely a rom that’s reminding me of my galaxy s3 of course with the launcher with the browser I mean you get the awesome galaxy note 2 gallery

application everything seems smooth and fast press and hold that home button and you have your recent running apps list and you can swipe away applications that you don’t want to see that feels very smooth as well so that’s it that’s about everything I wanted to cover a rom you’re definitely gonna want to check out if her battery life is great as well you’ve definitely a very cool theme to the rom and a rom you’re definitely going to want to check out for yourself so be sure to check it out again be sure to check out my how to install video if you are interested in installing this rom let me know you think be sure to leave a comment be sure to subscribe as well follow me on facebook twitter and google+ all needs to be in the description below and as always be sure to give a thumbs up

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