JellyBomb Domination Rom on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III [REVIEW]

every person can be king 77 here from the a/c syndicate team right here to do a video clip reviewing the jelly bomb supremacy rom on your sprint samsung galaxy s3 before i do begin and also you wish to make a couple news to start with shout out to buddies luis surat as well as CC Vasquez they simply obtained married so congrats for them additionally legendary 4g touch proprietors I will be obtaining some video clips going with your device quickly so stay tuned for those as well however otherwise let’s proceed and enter into the testimonial alright so here it is the jelly bomb supremacy ROM politeness of josh beech i do wish to give a massive proclaim to him and many thanks for this rom so make sure to go thank him in the rom danger i can connect to in the summary i do have a video revealing how to install this ROM I can link to that in the description video clip as well firstly you do have 3 alternatives as home launchers you have touched with residence nova launcher and also pinnacle launcher peak nova are both pile AOSP launcher styles you will certainly see those via downloaded widgets and so on with horizontal screen you have displays right there but yep to make sure that coincides with nova as well peak and Nova are very similar they just have different tweaks so you have to mess around with those to discover which one you like more or else you have the TouchWiz house as

well being the stock touch with launcher your home display there one of the main things you will discover concerning this rom is the amazing style it has it is definitely one of my favorite themes to a rom it is actually a style that you can set up over various other realms also but you’ll see every one of the app symbols are basically themed much of them are themed you’ll see really blue looking style to it up at the top alert bar right here we can check this out you’ll see you got a blue clock you got a great honeycomb style battery icon that has blue blue signal bars boo Wi-Fi I can actually turn off Wi-Fi we can look into that 3g symbol too draw down the notification bar you see you got some toggles up here you’ll see that you obtained some new toggles and some various ones you swipe over you obtained shutdown reboot lockscreen auto sync turning airplane mode location flash flash light GPS a bunch of different choices there there’s a 3d symbol they’re extremely cool blue one as well you additionally see it claims jelly bomb there you have a great blue auto brightness or brightness changer you have a Setups button you can certainly sweats wipe away notifications as you choose down near the bottom right here you’ll see it additionally says jelly bomb very trendy little icon there so otherwise a very wonderful clean motif to the notice bar you can really modify these icons up the top I’ll obtain to that in a second yet you can edit them which is undoubtedly a substantial plus

if you don’t need a few of them on there or not yet otherwise as I claimed you have actually various themed applications I do not recognize if the cam an electronic camera application is themed you’ll see you obtained that wonderful dark look that black as well as blue going on so you can take a lot of photos there or else though you do have the stack AOSP messaging application so if I intend to produce a message state I wish to text google 466453 and also i will certainly state hi there to them you’ll see it is the basically the supply messaging application for am gelato sandwich or jelly bean this is a gelato sandwich based rom i’m going to go in advance and go right into setups scroll down most likely to up out gadget it’s in fact a touch with ROM you’ll see it’s android 4.0 factor for based on LG 8 you understand see jelly bomb rom right there android variation 404 quickly tap on android version 4.0 factor for you will see this little person stands out up for us as well as hold maintain it held back and after that you obtained some flying jelly bean guys there to ensure that’s in fact obviously a themed concealed menu there which Google suches as to include so extremely awesome that jazz coastline did consist of that but yeah you’ll see I obtained a message back from google find out more you’ll see this team this is inverted keeping that black background as well as blue as well as white so I do like this messaging

application or else lockscreen partners basically stock lock display you will see it does not have always that causal sequence yet it does have an extremely awesome want to it you also notice when opening application is it applications it does have the jellybean home window computer animations so you’ll see I open gmail you see upside down Gmail application also but you’ll see it’ll kind of open up obtained that great jelly bean animation going different home windows as well as such you will notice that throughout the video clip however yeah generally a truly wonderful theme I do enjoy the upside down applications go to the dialer you’ll see very remarkable black and also blue dialer there continue one and also it will certainly illuminate blue you can establish rate floor tiles if you want to really cool there it additionally has a 1x 3g alteration where up on top if you do see one 1x you will certainly understand you remain in a very sluggish information rate area so it switches over in between both and letting you know if what kind of information rates you are getting on your tool you can actually take pictures while in telephone call it’s a modification if you get on supply you’ll observe while you’re in a telephone call you can not take images while here in this ROM it’s included where you can take photos while in the telephone call which is terrific to have and also it likewise has google now you can you’ll see you

got a google search bar there you can put it on any display you desire i’m mosting likely to proceed as well as go right into it you’ll see it loads up google now lets me know how much i am from my residence as well as lets me understand that the white sox won today amazing so allow’s go on and also ask them an inquiry what’s the weather condition like in chicago illinois in 74 degrees of black rainfall in chicago there you go so 74 levels light rainfall chicago certainly you can ask google currently all those various concerns i do have a video revealing some trendy questions you can ask so if you wish to examine that out you can i can link to that as well for you individuals but yeah so you’ll see google currently functions wonderful it is inverted i think when i go on and also return into it you’ll see i think it was inverted with the cards as well as such i’m not exactly sure why these automobiles damaged and so type of goofy but anyways regardless of that it is i think upside down but yep as I said meant the motif is really thorough and also it looks great all those application icons I imply

applications such as a calculator style there you’ll see the schedule is themed also calls all those excellent applications are themed as you saw so on the whole an actually wonderful theme drum and it’s very smooth in fact I’m opening up applications shutting them changing between applications everything is extremely smooth and also quick as well as from what I hear battery life is terrific also so once more you proclaim to josh beech for this rom together press and also hold the power button you have quiet setting information network airplane mode reboot power off restart you can hit healing or download mode if you ‘d like to yeah I imply in general an actually wonderful rom and it really doesn’t have any type of bugs so it’s a really stable rom as well so certainly around you’re going to intend to look into yep so you’re gon na need to let me know you believe make sure to leave a remark be sure to subscribe too follow me on facebook twitter as well as google+ all links will certainly remain in the summary v listed below and also as always thanks make certain to give this a thumbs up