CyanogenMod 10 JB Rom on the HTC EVO 4G LTE [REVIEW]

each cubic inc 77 right here from the air conditionings and also nicotine right here to do an upgraded evaluation video clip on the signage of my 10 jelly bean rom on your HTC evo 4g LTE i do have a video clip revealing you how to mount this ROM if you desire to check that out i will connect to that in the summary of the video clip otherwise though you will certainly see lots on up right now certainly pile jelly bean ice lotion sandwich launcher i’m mosting likely to first most likely to settings scroll down most likely to regarding phone and you will see this develop is in fact from indicator jamaat version it’s actually from august 26th simply today’s date it says build day august twenty 5th though so this is the one i am running simply you recognize you will certainly see android variation 4.1 factor one you can rapidly touch on it obtained a great covert easter egg there press and hold you got some jelly beans drifting around and also you additionally can promptly tap on signage in my version and it’s the same thing however with some signs ahmad mascot heads Sid otherwise though you will see clearly on 4.1 point one first thing I do intend to look at is some insect’s HD video recording does not work you can in fact most likely to my cam you will see continuing the video camera button does work yet I believe if I most likely to

video clip recording I don’t think you can videotape in HD I believe you it’s just not in HD so just sort of keep that in mind you can videotape in HD I believe you can tape-record though so you can still record video it’s simply not HD video clip so you’ll see that job enjoyable I can swipe back play it if I would love to and there it is so you’ll see each video clip recording does function it’s just not in HD an additional pest with with this you can not video clip document the front-facing cam if you even change to the front encountering video camera it’s in fact simply going to secure the phone I simply attempted it and also it didn’t secure the phone and secured the camera application so you obtained ta reboot so don’t even while in video recording do not also switch over to the front facing camera but taking pictures works fine that is a fast bug right there I rejoice it showed that in some cases switching over in between camera modes is going to cause the gallery to compel close but you should be able to go right back right into it and there we go so now we can take some pictures you will certainly see taking an image job simply fine lots it on up take another image you can swipe through once more as well as view your photos so there’s an additional insect within the camera application so again it’s it’s type of buggy obviously the

cam application is buggy yet still you can primarily you can still video clip record you can still take photos so no massive deal there you’ll also notice when you first boot the phone whether you’re rebooting it or initial running the ROM it will say that the phone has actually quit working and you need to require close it or simply struck alright that actually disappears so simply maintain striking alright till that phone message disappears you will see certainly in jelly bean you have the pinch in notices that you can check out um you can swipe them away naturally also one even more bug in fact is that mms image messaging in some cases does not intend to download incoming one little repair that you can try is using go SMS to download the image messages so if you are are having concerns with image messaging downloading you can proceed as well as try go SMS and also usage that to download and install that usually works for those having problems so go in advance and try that otherwise they’ll keep that in mind that image messaging can occasionally download it sounds just fine but it may have problems downloading once again these insects can be repaired in future updates you’ll need to inspect the rom string to see if they have been upgraded i will connect to

that in the summary allow’s go over a few other things so draw my very own alert bar you will certainly see you do have some fast panel toggles there you’ll see it’s a sprint near the bottom extremely cool notice panel exactly how to see the supply jelly bean with the included fast panel alternatives you have the time and the day right there you go ahead and also go back into setups you have a number of various settings you have some launcher settings or you can change the grid size the amount of homescreens default display if you desire the search bar there or otherwise you can change that or size any widget you so you have a number of choices there you have drawer setups also and basic setups where you can have it vehicle revolve the house screen if you like to so if you get on the residence screen you can actually have it automobile revolve there to make sure that’s type of neat likewise you can press them home display you have some signs your mind wallpapers I kind of intended to show those off really pretty cool so you have some some neat signage amount wallpapers that that the centimeters team has included in there extremely cool so definitely make certain to inspect them out i do like the city one that’s rather great however otherwise you can alter that say i want to establish it to that wallpaper there you go so there’s a brand-new wallpaper that you can establish it to or else you can go back in the settings there’s a number more options obviously you have actually block display options transform the safety and security

change the background whether you want the battery status there so you will see I changed it to constantly on you will certainly see it’s as discharging 56% so I such as to have that there lockscreen sensible certainly have that jelly bean lockscreen going the electronic camera unlock or Google currently I’ll reach Google now in a second you can have weather condition details as well you can strike display screen climate as well as it need to really include it says no data tap to freshen you tap on it rejuvenates give it a long time it will update at some point you’ll likewise have slider faster ways so you’ll see you can include in custom faster ways right here so if I intended to add one I can choose that hit applications and allow’s claim I desired the messaging application to be there just struck okay and after that it obtains at it so you’ll see i can hit save black screen faster ways conserved now when i most likely to my lock screen i should see a messaging faster way there which i do so quickly goes right into that messaging application of program text messaging works reason work the only concern with it was inbound image messaging so if i intend to send google a text 466453 i could state hey you do have the jellybean key-board where it does have some word forecast so you’ll see hey there or you can undoubtedly select a different word as well so you send it hey it should send just fine i really tested it previously

and it will certainly send or else though back to these choices of course you got your slider shortcuts currently you additionally have some motifs you can really simply go to the Play Shop and kind in cm10 as well as it will develop a bunch of various motifs you’ll certainly inspect those out and hit apply there it alters the entire motif of the ROM that’s in fact very amazing you likewise have system setups where you have status bar settings you can have it not reveal the clock am PM style battery condition design so you can have I fool or a percent with a symbol up there so it type of gives you a quick percentage of an icon or you can return or you can conceal it as well reveal a notification account you additionally have notification cabinet setups this is where you can change those choices up on top you will additionally see I simply obtained a sms message action from google so obviously the sms message did send you will see with the text message you have an alternative to call as well as it additionally provides you a sneak peek of the message you can touch up and also go right right into it so you can keep increasing your messages or contracting them also so really trendy there otherwise though you can transform your widget buttons which ones are revealed you will certainly see you can uncheck as well as check certain ones whether I want certain ones to reveal allow’s state I intended to have taco brightness on their toggle

aircraft mode on there you’ll see I draw it down both illumination as well as aircraft motor on there you can see you can scroll with them you also have a lantern one which switches on the LED light obviously so obviously you can change that you can additionally transform the order of them if you would love to let’s see you on plane setting up on top you can change that too so really amazing there you can have closed drawer drawer on adjustment hi scroll bar and haptic comments choices also so those are some wonderful notice drawer settings alter for wallpaper font dimension power food selection which is when you press as well as hold the power switch you can have it hit or have a reboot menu display shot and profile switcher so if you wanted to press and hold the power switch you’ll see you can take a screenshot there or you can press as well as hold quantity down and power so if you wished to take a quick screenshot volume down and also power it will take a screenshot for you so maintain that in mind or you can just use the power food selection screen shot alternative if you like that too hardware keys you can able some customized custom actions down here you also discover that the capacitive buttons have been remapped you have actually obtained back house and also the recent running apps switch is now a food selection switch so you will certainly see it brings up the menu of whatever application you are in if you intend to reach recent running applications you have to press and also hold the residence button and you will see it shows that there which is extremely smooth in fact so if I wish to

you’ll see you obtained that wonderful dialer pressing on the residence button once again you can swipe away particular applications when you do not want to run or you can push it and also go straight back right into a press and hold the residence switch allow’s say I intend to return into messaging hello there tons messaging back on oh so you see the sms message to send out as I told you it would but yeah so that those are several of the other trendy options within this rom you do have the supply jellybean browser which is really smooth allow’s state I wished to most likely to a/c distribute web i’m really on 3g currently so type of maintain that in mind it will certainly load it on up it is really smooth as well as i tried it out myself there you go so extremely awesome there an additional great thing is certainly I took that screenshot you will certainly see it offers a fast sneak peek of the photo of training course which is a very trendy jellybean attribute that it’s got that fast sneak peek of the image or else though let’s go and examine out google now so i can most likely to the google search bar or on my lack display and also compress and also holding go up it should load up google now which naturally everyone does like so there we go tons up google currently it ought to offer some cards whether it be weather web traffic details squirtable a game it type of essentially the cards that turn up base it on your previous google

searches to make sure that’s kind of why it does that good so allow’s proceed as well as ask a concern what’s the weather condition like in phoenix az arizona okay so there we go 91 levels in phoenix metro arizona and also partly cloudy very amazing tons it on up you can also say something allow’s state what is the highest building in the globe I don’t understand if it’s gon na respond to that or not I guess not so you could claim something like how high is the Willis Tower Willis Tower is 1729 feet high there you go so loads that on up very good I do have a video speaking regarding other trendy points you can ask Google now so I can link to that for you people I don’t intend to go over to way too many things with Google now however as you can see Google now functions perfectly functioning wonderful however yeah various other than those couple of insects I stated previously this could absolutely potentially be an everyday motorist general practitioner must function simply great but yeah that’s basically whatever I wanted to go over every little thing really feels really healthy smoothie do a Google Purse your visual voicemail too those are 2 key points that a lot of people always ask concerning it is pre rooted with superuser you have the Apollo songs application from centimeters obviously you obtained albums artist recent songs all that good things oh yeah that’s virtually it you’ll most definitely have to allow me understand you think make certain to leave a comment make certain to subscribe as well follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all links will be in the summary below and also as constantly many thanks make certain to provide this a thumbs up