ParanoidAndroid JB Rom on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus [REVIEW]

everyone can be king 77 here from the AC syndicate in here to do a video reviewing the Paranoid Android jelly bean ROM on my sprint samsung galaxy nexus this is basically a cm10 sign Jamaat 10 hybrid rom i’m very excited to show you guys it as it has some very awesome features I do have a video showing you how to install this ROM if you want to check that out if you have a Sprint Galaxy Nexus I will link to that video in the description but let’s go ahead and get into it so right away after you install you reboot it yo you’ll basically get the feeling of it being basically stack jellybean as I said it is cm10 based so I mean you got your your stock launcher you have all your nice jellybean features that jellybean lock screen where you can go to camera unlock all that good stuff you have those jelly bean animations that make everything feel very fast buttery smooth you have that new notification bar from jelly bean right there I can hop straight into settings you do have some settings out of the ordinary you have lock screen settings right here where you can

change the security of them you have screen lock where you can have face unlock slide pattern of the basic ones you can delay the screen lock you can have quick unlock as well change the background owner info you can have weather or calendar on the lock screen you also have some system settings within the interface which means you can have some status bar settings where you can show the clock am PM style battery status style where you can have the normal one or percentage up at the top you can have it show just a percentage with the battery or you can just hide it so if you don’t want that battery there or you can just have the normal icon of course up to you whatever your preference is you got those different preferences those different options signals status style brightness control and show notification counts so a bunch of different status bar settings you also have notification drawer settings which I couldn’t get to work basically what you should have is maybe some notification options quick panel options up at the top here I couldn’t get them to work some widget buttons there you can hide scrollbar hi indicators but I couldn’t get it to work so i don’t know if it’s a bug or just hasn’t been implemented yet but hopefully that will come in the future

i’m just doing something wrong but anyways you can change your wallpaper font size as well so those are your two interface settings within the settings you have cm10 profiles so you can change default home night silent work you also have some performance settings be careful proceed with caution when messing with these depending on the colonel you’re running by default I believe you can overclock to 1350 megahertz 1.3 5 gigahertz so that’s nice you just check set on boot and you can change your CPU governor as well so those are within the ROM itself memory management and other things so go to about phone you will see android version 4.1 point 1 it is based off of jelly bean of course quickly tap on it you got that nice android 4.1 jelly bean thing going on and you can push those jellybeans around anyways um again you got your assignment mod version paranoid android paranoid android rom and we also had that’s really not even the best part of course that would be more of the CM 10 features within this round but the best part about this is the different modes that you can basically put your device in again as I said it has those all those nice jellybean features application wise it is

pretty rooted your rom manager play music you have a pollo that’s cm10 see signs of my music application but really nothing else out of the ordinary basically all stock applications but you do have Paranoid Android settings application right there which is basically very cool so we can go into not user interface but configuration and you will see you have a bunch of different configurations I’m completely stock right now i believe so i just went to stock and it’s basically like a normal device running cm10 you have phone which doesn’t change too much and then you also have phablet and tablet options so what i’m going to do is show you the phablet and tablet options from my experience I had to reboot after I change so you have phablet small and fell it big I’m going to do small just because everything I like to have it more condensed but again you can try and both and have it be big so it’s really up to you what you like it’s it’s basically your options so and you also have tablets moms have a big I’ll get to that in a sec so I’m going to change it to fab phablet small it’ll go ahead and apply but it won’t apply right away again as I said I always had to reboot so I’m going to go ahead and hop and do a reboot

and I’ll be back once it’s rebooted alright so my phone is rebooted you’ll see same stack lock screen but you will notice some pretty major changes you will see down here basically our on-screen buttons are much smaller and up at the top are icons up at the top are much smaller as well so you will see these icons up here are very tiny the clock is very small again you can choose the the bigger option with phablet mo because this is the phablet mode so you can choose the bigger option if you don’t like it being this small you pull down the notification bar you’ll see it has basically a more condensed notification panel nice and small right there show those notifications you can turn on and off screen rotation and go into those settings so you have that option as well again you have the phablet larger option which you can choose but down here those on-screen buttons are much smaller as well which gives it the feel of a lot more screen but screen space excuse me so you’ll see I mean you’ve got recent running apps being smaller as well it being so small

gives it that feeling of bigger screen space which it is which it does have I mean if you think about it it’s extended down and extended up so you definitely have more of that screen space going on so that would be the phablet small mode again we can go into settings and you’ll see it’s a little bit different you’ll see within those settings you have basically all your settings on here when you go into one of them they show up on the right side here so I mean about phone basically it shows up on the right side so kind of given that more of a tablet feel to it again it’s phablet so phone tablet that that kind of feel which is very cool other than that though let’s go ahead and hop back into that application that paranoid android settings application when we go back into it we will go into configuration once again and under configuration you will see that we have tablet so we have tablet small tablet big again i’m going to try pamphlet small show you guys that there is a bigger option though if you if you don’t like the smaller option so we can apply tablet small and as I said it will most likely need a reboot so I’m going to go ahead and reboot my phone once again and I will be back alright my Galaxy Nexus has rebooted go ahead and unlock it up at the top you will see there is

absolutely no status bar to pull down anymore it is completely tablet-style you’ll see down at the bottom you have those on-screen buttons recent running apps home and back going on and you down here you have the clocks statuses of battery life signal strength Wi-Fi 3G all that good stuff tap down the bottom right you’ll see it brings up basically the time the date lets you know other stuff you have a Settings button here let me zoom in because it is small as I said this is the tablet small option and when we tap in the settings it brings it up and you have a bunch more settings so I mean you got airplane mode Wi-Fi auto rotate screen brightness notifications and you can go straight into settings so you can hop open those settings and there you have it so again given that more of a tablet-style feel to your device it’s actually really great on the Galaxy Nexus because it gives you more screen room of course it makes your screen bigger at least your workspace bigger and with it being bigger than obviously it just is a bigger screen and we have on-screen buttons

so you don’t have to deal with these on-screen buttons being extremely large or anything like that recent running apps is on the left side you can swipe those away so overall it’s a very cool modification that you can make with this paranoid android rom as i said i mean you have you can have tablet mode on other phones with capacitive buttons but you have on-screen buttons still with this tablet mode because again you need to have a status bar somewhere so it really combines the two the buttons and the status bar all-in-one with this tablet mode as i said there is a bigger one so if you’re not if your eyes aren’t accustomed to seeing such small icons down there you can definitely use the bigger one which is great that they give those two options we can go back into those paranoid android settings you can actually customize certain things so user interface if you only want to customize certain things you can set certain default one status bar system default user default framework res be careful with all that good stuff I mean there are preset configurations that I would recommend just messing with as opposed to do going in-depth unless you know what you’re doing then feel free application wise gives you a list of them you can actually change did the / app DPI there

with that so you can mess with that if certain applications are causing you problems any of that good stuff you can mess with that in their backup and restore you can update the rom as well so you got backup and restore update I’m not connected to Wi-Fi or anything because my number isn’t on my galaxy nexus at the moment but I mean overall though gives the screen a little bit bigger of a feel I mean applications opening up running greats I mean as I said that stock jelly bean look and feel to it as well because obviously it is jellybean 4.1 point one also when notifications come in they hop in on the right the bottom right there if you’re in the certain modification how do I take a screenshot volume down and power take a screenshot you’ll see it’s a saving screen screenshot in the bottom right there and there we go so it’s a screenshot is saved while actually a notification comes up so you’ll see that it went away that savings screenshot went away you can pop it up and you’ll see screenshots captured you can swipe away that notification again if you get a text message anything like that you can swipe those away tap on it it goes straight into it but when you actually get a specific screenshot I mean a specific notification let’s say a text message comes in for

example this screenshot notification is going to act as a text message in notification so let’s say I take a screenshot the text message notification will pop up like that if you tap on it if you I tapped on the message notification it would go directly into that message afraid I believe it sits there for what 35 seconds and then it goes away in the background like this we have to tap tap the bottom right to go into it so that’s just a very cool thing that you can do so so very nice with those notifications they look very cool so I mean if you have a Galaxy Nexus you’re definitely gonna want to try out this paranoid android rom I don’t know of any bugs it isn’t alpha state so I mean you might run into a couple bugs but you really I mean it should just about everything be working let’s go ahead and go into the camera application I mean really nothing out of the ordinary with the camera application take pictures got the jellybean one swipe swipe swipe over and you should be able to view pictures it doesn’t look like you can do that in tablet mode because other we go so I mean you just have to press on this certain spot as opposed to the status bar so again just continuously take those awesome pictures you have more settings right here I mean you got many different settings to mess with with this i mean the buttons are kind of small in the bottom right

here they do seem kind of small but again you have the bigger tablet mode option so no big deal there let’s go ahead and hop into a YouTube application it’s not going to work I just realized that let me go ahead and hop onto Wi-Fi all right so hopped on the Wi-Fi let’s go back into that YouTube application again I mean these are very condensed but you can see so many applications within your recent apps list because of it being so condensed so I mean it’s very quick and easy to hop through you got that new YouTube application so very cool there I mean you can browse through all the different stuff if you want to check out different gaming so happen to that I mean you got the new basically jelly bean style YouTube application that Google has pushed out other than that though I mean that’s really about it you got that awesome tablet modification I mean you can also run your device basically I as a just a normal phone and see them 10 if you if you don’t like a certain option I mean so I mean you can switch between them on the fly if for any reason you want it at a certain

time and you want to go back to the other one you can go back and forth but other than that though that’s really about it you’re going to let me know you think the Gmail application is actually kind of nice to on this side it’s basically like the settings I don’t really feel like setting up my

gmail account at the moment but when you go into settings you’ll see how there’s a list of all this good stuff on the left side and then it shows up on the right it’s basically the same I can tap on let’s say inbox and then it will go show my inbox on the right side I can scroll through it go into an applet go into a message so the Gmail application is great with this tablet modification as well so you’re gonna have to let me know you think what do you get what you guys think of this rom I think it’s very awesome very cool give that screen a nice bigger look to it as a lot more features so let me know you think leave a comment be sure to subscribe as well follow me on facebook twitter and google+ all links will be in the description vide below as always thanks be sure to give this a thumbs up

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