How to Install the Blu Kuban ICS Rom on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

hi there Ron Kuby King 77 here from the EC Seneca group here to do a video showing you just how to set up the rootless 22 blue cuban rom FD 24 Ice Cream Sandwich based rom on your samsung impressive 4g touch so this is an Ice Cream Sandwich base prom you could have remembered his blue Cuban gingerbread ROM so however anyways the only requirements are you need to make certain you are on a gingerbread based custom-made recuperation so you can not flash this by means of a Gelato Sandwich based healing because it is not advised to flash any type of rom by means of a Gelato Sandwich based recuperation even if it is a personalized recuperation make certain you get on a gingerbread based personalized recovery it does not matter if you have what version of customized healing you have as long as it’s a gingerbread based and one anyways once down there go in advance and click on the link in the summary of the video doing so will certainly take you to this site first off I do want to give a proclaim to rue jealous 22 big thanks to him for this rum as you can see heaven Cuban rum FD 24 so what we’re mosting likely to require to do is proceed and also scroll down obtain some screenshots info concerning the ROM we’re mosting likely to need to download and install 2 declare this run actually

there belongs 1 and a component 2 so click on both of them you’re mosting likely to require to download and install both of them both of them are zip data once they’re both downloaded go on as well as transfer them onto your phone whether it be interior storage or external storage either one it does not matter so go ahead and move both zip files over to your phone and when done you can actually return to your device and when we are back to our phone we are mosting likely to require to you can disconnect your phone undoubtedly we can proceed as well as simply power it on off we’re going to need to enter our custom-made recovery as I stated it requires to be a gingerbread based recovery it can not be a Gelato Sandwich based recovery as a result of the truth that it can possibly break your phone so make certain you do not mess with that yet as you can see it has actually powered off now we’re going to need to reach our client protection and do so press and hold volume up and power button at the exact same time up until the Samsung display brighten go ahead as well as release once it lights up like so as well as it need to take you with your custom-made

recuperation as you can see i do have role healing which is based off of clockworkmod 5 factor no point two point 7 so what we’re mosting likely to initial requirement to do to install this ROM to start with go ahead and decrease to back-ups and bring back as well as make a nandroid back-up that is the initial point I recommend you guys do when done there we’re mosting likely to require to wipe the phone totally so go on and ensure you have actually whatever your supported your apps your contacts etc and also most likely to the white food selection as well as proceed as well as hit wipe data/factory reset so go on as well as do a factory reset which is going to clean whatever as I stated we’re mosting likely to need to do a clean install of this rom once unloading their gladinet clean cache as well as yes wipe cache as well as it’s going to go on as well as format your money once done there go to wipe dalvik cache maybe under the sophisticated food selection possibly yet go to wipe dalvik cache and hit indeed and hey return once done there we are ready to go and it mounts it from documents select it from SD card or inner storage space which ever before one you moved it over to and afterwards go on as well as choose that component 1 of the zip so go on and select the component 1 zip of the ROM and also go in advance and struck yes mount the

Butte blue dice in component 1 zip as well as go in it yes that would be the big documents that would be the main rom itself but go ahead and also let that mount really as you can see it as installing it’ll take a little time and as soon as done I will be back alright so as you can see mount total simply hit return as well as then hit reboot system now yes reboot system now so what it’s mosting likely to do is go in advance and start up our foam but we’re not done with the mount process we do require to allow it boot initially so allow’s very first I’m going to go on as well as let it boot up and I will certainly be back when it’s done this boot up is mosting likely to take a while much longer than normal so make sure to be patient with this boot up great galaxy s boot animation as you can see galaxy s2 boot computer animation but as I said go in advance as well as be patient allow it start up as well as I’ll be back alright so my phone’s simply booted up what we’re mosting likely to need to do is simply power it right back on down so proceed and also power off really so I believe you can’t hit reboot oh you can so go in advance and actually reboot and after that select healing in it fine really did not know if that was applied great little attribute there in the ROM so what that’s going to proceed and also do is reboot our tool right into our customized recovery if you desire to do it
by hand you can same technique as I revealed previously in this video clip so go on and let it reboot right into our personalized healing once again in this customized recuperation make certain you don’t blink any roms it’s a Gelato Sandwich based recuperation as of course you are on gelato sandwich so ensure you don’t blink any roms while in this personalized recuperation but anyways all we need to do is most likely to set up zip from documents and after that go ahead and choose it from SD card or internal storage space and after that so this will select component 2 of the

rum so go in advance and strike part 2 zip and also hit indeed install so it’s going to go ahead as well as set up part 2 won’t take long as you can see set up full hit go back and after that hit reboot system and that would certainly be it so proceed and let your phone boot back up when again might take a little longer than normal again but that’s it so that is how you mount the ROM you may not have a component 2 of the ROM otherwise all you need to do is essentially follow the technique for part one you don’t require to return in and also flash component 2 if there’s not a part 2 if you decide to update the rom whatsoever but anyways that would certainly be it so that’s how you set up heaven Cuban ft 24 Gelato Sandwich rom if you do have any kind of questions really feel totally free to ask leave a talk about the video make sure to sign up for me follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google Plus all many thanks to be in the description video below and also make sure to look into a separate review I’m going to do I’m mosting likely to connect to that in the description so be certain to inspect that out and also many thanks