Review of the Nocturnal Venum Rom on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

we’re on cue became 77 right here from the air conditioning organization team right here to do a complete testimonial of the nighttime venom Rahman our samsung legendary 4g touches so i do have a video clip showing you how to install this ROM I will connect to that in the summary of the video clip I definitely intend to look into that video clip if you don’t recognize exactly how to install this world however anyways this is it so menu setups scroll down go to regarding phone and as you can see right there nocturnal venom rom construct number right there android version 4.0 point for so Android 4.0 factor for the most recent so I do wish to discuss the pests initially insects firstly 4G is not working yet so no 4g if you require 4g i wouldn’t try out this rom because there’s no 4g likewise the difficult buttons down right here occasionally head out so in case you were questioning those little occasionally randomly go out your SD card does not function however there is a workaround i will certainly publish that work about in the description of the video clip listed below if you intend to get SD card your SD card working and also video electronic camera will ice up so no camera either electronic camera functions just fine them so you

know see camera take an image there you go so cam functioning great certainly various other points allow’s proceed as well as review the rob so it is based off of aokp that is generally what is a what it’s based off of if you individuals have ran AOKP prior to after that you will recognize a great deal of functions of this rom you have way too much choices you have primarily the supply Ice Lotion Sandwich surveillance you have actually nova launcher nova launcher offers you a little bit much more added functions and such as you can see of shift animations when you go between web pages you obtained simply various faster ways and such so i mean it’s it’s really as much as you which one you want to make use of one has even more functions one just is generally supply Gelato Sandwich so messaging app wise you get your supply messaging app but it is themed it’s got a dark theme to it which is extremely good as you can see i texted google already as well as this is what the messaging application looks like which is which is truly wonderful other than that you got a themed power widget right there up

at the top let’s go ahead as well as look into the standing bar and they’re right there so you know there’s you’ll notice there’s a great deal of theming to this rom you’ll see that up on top you got a black and white motif you’ve got a white battery symbol white status bars white Wi-Fi symbol as well as white by rundown icon so let’s go on and also swipe down up at the top here you’ll see that you have actually obtained essentially your white and also black motif together with some blue message with the date and also our tacos right below those toggles are personalized I will certainly get to that in a bit yet as you can see extremely good theming there the standing bar rather transparent as you can see it’s much like the supply Ice Cream Sandwich notification take down bar right there so total extremely nicely themed black as well as white must assist with battery life just a bit not significantly however a little anyways other points you intend to look into let’s go and go right into our appropriate or as you can see just with the supply Montreal your supply application cabinet you have some brand-new widgets that are included this directory bind application is for your SD card as i stated i’ll publish that in the summary the solution you obtain your miui

music application which is certainly a songs application gon na wish to take a look at to play the songs on your device which is in fact extremely quiet I don’t have any type of songs on my phone right now but as you can see at musicians albums all that stuff so it’s really absolutely a good good music application you’re going to intend to take a look at other things you have primarily your stock Ice Cream Sandwich applications your calculator your gmail your your calendar the calculator is themed as you saw schedule i don’t recognize if it’s themed or evening it is so it looks like they themed everything upside down and also dark which is excellent i definitely instead have inverted dark applications as opposed to the lighter applications if i go to gmail you’ll see my email as you can see it’s it’s inverted as well as dark there too so overall extremely extremely cool that they have themed essentially all these applications when you have a notification here you can swipe it away so you can simply kind of swipe it away as well as it’ll disappear various other points that they consisted of as i claimed there’s brand-new widgets that they included you get a 40 widget although you’re not going to have the ability to utilize it as i said 4 g’s not working however you obtained android climate widget

allow’s go ahead and examination that out so press and hold let’s drop it on screen I don’t recognize what it resembles yet there you go so it’s in fact sort of trendy I do not think that’s that’s really precise 28 degrees oh alright yeah I do not know why the moon showing though so there’s a wonderful weather widget that you can try they have another one too really let’s see where is it this feeling for clock so let’s experiment with the feeling for clock let’s decrease that down as you can see it’s primarily the feeling four-point-oh clock they intended to attempt as well as obtain a sense for factor 0 experience I think they’re trying to motif around even more like sense four-point-oh obviously they’re not going to be they haven’t reached port it over but they definitely are obtaining some some things going however anyways as you can see really amazing looking clock there one more amazing remain on the subject of sense anyhow one more awesome thing is he or she hold the house switch to visit our recent apps running apps you’ll see you have actually obtained your

feeling for factor very own design current apps current apps listing so really extremely amazing that they obtained this going right here on our tools so really great there you can swipe them up or down to leave out of them so there you have it you can exit out as lots of as you want you can go with if you intend to go to one you can touch on it so let’s proceed as well as look into the dialer so good black and also white dialer really extremely trendy there you can swipe in between your contacts call logs and also your dialer so very nicely themed particularly if you’re right into the black and white minimalistic theming and also it looks extremely really awesome so general very wonderful as you saw the settings menu is themed black and also white with your white/ scroll glow also you got your pile gelato sandwich internet browser I ask yourself if it’s upside down I’m not exactly sure I haven’t gone to it yet of course looks like at the top I believe that is darker than it normally is however static gelato sandwich internet browser functions really well of program so aside from that let’s proceed and go to this back into the settings menu as well as go to rom control so if you people have not experimented with aokp

there’s many various controls you can do via this rom control whether it be basic you I allow’s go and go as well as go into that you can disable your boot computer animation I’ll allow 180 level rotation alter your density CRT display off computer animation so if you don’t desire that as you can see I have the supply black screen right now besides that let’s go and take a look at a few other points navigating bars that little bar that the Galaxy Nexus has I understand a whole lot of people don’t like that so I’m not going to enter into that you have actually obtained lock display wallpaper lock display message color lock display style so you obtained a number of different styles you have the honeycomb design which I like it’s actually extremely cool down the computer animations animations of it so you’ll see you’ve got this but you have actually obtained the honeycomb style so got a little a little bit different option to go through with the honeycomb style you just bring it outside the circle and also your opened so you got that option you have actually got a OSP which is essentially the stock gingerbread unlock with noise and as well as unlock so you’ve got that if you like that oops and allow’s see you’ve octo quad as well as supply so quad and also octo or basically you have faster ways to customized applications you’ll see I have actually got 2 vacant rooms here that you can customize I’ll get to that in just a 2nd you recognize lockscreen battery percent so on your lock display it always reveals

your battery portion as you can see mine is it 83% lock display whether various other points allow fast torment I thought this was rather awesome let’s inspect that and after that if my screen is off and also i press as well as hold the residence the power button it’ll turn on my LED light as well as when I release it regrettably system UI has actually quit so resembles it’s still a little buggy yet still it in fact functions so press as well as hold the power button it’ll activate your LED light up until you let go of your power button then I’ll transform it off to ensure that’s actually truly actually amazing I like that a whole lot so it functions well as well so extremely extremely good little arc display choice there and after that down here you got your custom applications that you can add so let’s proceed and also include one oops I don’t know why it said select a photo let’s most likely to customized app allow’s most likely to text so let’s include a custom app one SMS appears like it’s not included allow’s attempt adding it near the bottom at customized app for SMS as well as there it is so it kind of relies on which one you you include so I imply you can actually you can change around the order of what as well so extremely nice that that alternative exists you have power food selection choices which is when you press and hold the power switch what programs up you can have it reveal torch toggle reveal navigating bar toggle reveal a screenshot I imply if you wish to have it

screenshot you can also so to reduce hold the power button as well as you obtained all these different choices now so very nice there with aokp weather also power saver status bar basic I indicate you have different vehicle hi toggles something i failed to remember the food selection discussed when you press the Settings button it’ll get rid of the the toggle so if you don’t like those toggles you can simply push that switch and they disappear so it’s your choice if you intend to have them or otherwise which is actually wonderful toggles so let’s go ahead as well as alter the toggle order so you have actually obtained all these toggles you can transform your order made it possible for toggles so which ones you intend to allow you can able a bunch yet lantern data sync silent vibrates so if you want it to make it possible for torch allow’s do a lantern and also after that you’ll see lanterns there simply turn it on your lantern will turn on turn it off it will shut off and you have car brightness there you can transform your illumination degree if you do not like vehicle illumination so very wonderful that you can alter those toggle design you can change to symbol just instead of to message so you’ve obtained icons rather than text which is pretty cool i like the I the symbols far better or else you’ve obtained clock you can change your location of the clock

your clock design being appropriate center if you wish to place in the center you can sew or no clock it depends on you if you do not desire a clock am PM style clock color you can transform the shade of it which is fantastic battery you have different choices battery icon style message just icon with technology so if you desire simply text icon with messages and also after that symbol with center message it’s tough to see since white and it’s kind of white on white so with the with the text it’s really hard you got circle adage hide and circle mod so circle not is actually rather great I like that the looks of that and you have a battery bar where you can have it to be up on leading or near the bottom it essentially it will reveal you what your battery percent goes to performance setups you’ve obtained those you’ll require to permit it superuser approvals when you go right into it that’s why it’s taking a bit to fill up just permit it superuser consents as well as after that generally see to it you do not establish your Mac CPU down to 800 don’t do that order you will be you be shut out of your phone as well as you’ll require to do a factory reset so see to it you don’t put it down to 800 just if you wish to underclock you can de in megahertz just or 1200 be vetted 1200 so no overclocking there yet but that’s pretty

a lot it of all the settings that you do have generally all your same stock Ice Cream Sandwich settings as well as such other apps included the tapatalk application which is a discussion forum application if you didn’t know you’ll see tapatalk to a great deal of my applications got immediately downloaded several of them that I simply test it out so you get you have actually got that which is quite great overall however are really smooth rom feels truly excellent if you don’t need 4g you’re virtually great to go gps functioned excellent i got a lock so no issues there with gps it’s gloomy out also so overall though a really fantastic application application actually fantastic rom i’m certainly mosting likely to wish to examine it out I do like these recent apps running apps listings that he can leave out of so it’s in fact extremely cool that they obtained that going from transgression sporting activity went off but expect lots of other great points from group poison as well as team group nocturnal shoutouts to them also for this excellent rom most definitely something are mosting likely to wish to look into let me recognize you believe we end up being another video below make certain to register for me ultimately on facebook twitter as well as google+ all suches as to be in the summary the below and as constantly thank you for be sure to offer this a thumbs up