How to Root the Samsung Epic 4G on FC09 – Latest

everyone can be king 77 below from the ec organization group right here to do a video an upgraded video clip on exactly how to root your Samsung Legendary 4G on the most recent gingerbread develop fco 9 so we’re gon na require to do is proceed as well as press menu go to setups scroll down go to about phone you’ll see you are on gingerbread FCO 9 right there that would certainly be the most up to date develop what we’re gon na need to do to path it is in fact there’s a quick some files we’re gon na require to download and install on our PC so we’re gon na need to do is proceed and also click the initial web link in the summary of the video clip the first link is gon na take you to this web site this web site has nothing to do with directing so see to it you do not comply with any kind of instructions I’m simply taking you to this website to download a number of the files we’re gon na need so the very first data we’re going to require is the legendary 4g drivers file so you’ll see Legendary 4G chauffeurs right here click on that and download it and after that install your motorists on your computer to make sure that’s the very first step I’m not going to show you exactly how to do that if you require aid just let me know yet initial click on the vehicle drivers download them and install them on your computer when you’re done

with that said go in advance and also download and install the odin 3 V one-eight-five data so we’re gon na require to download this too so these are the only 2 documents you require disregard any kind of other things but mount your motorists on your computer and then go ahead and download this odin 3 file and following after you’re done there go in advance and also click the next link in the summary of the video clip it will take you to this website with the clockworkmod healing documents tar file right below proceed and scroll down keep scrolling down as well as you will certainly see clockworkmod 5 factor no factor two factor seven right there Epic 4G tar dot md5 click on that documents it’ll download it right away so simply click that data and also we’re gon na need that also and after that go on as well as click on the next web link in the summary of the video clip it will certainly take you to this web site huge shout out to Kenny glass one 2 three as well as what this is is essentially the pre directed FC oh 9 round for us so you’ll see those 2 variations and also MTD and VML if you don’t recognize the difference between the 2 I advise simply downloading and install the BML one so click down right here and know that it’ll be another a zip file ensure you’ve obtained that downloaded and install

If you do recognize recognize the difference you can pick which one you desire however I recommend BML to those that do not recognize so as soon as you have all of those data downloaded we’re just about prepared to go go in advance and also go into your downloads folder as well as inside your downloads folder you will see that there is that that tar file the rom data and also the Odin 3 documents so what we’re gon na need to do first is go in advance and install your phone you can plug it into your Computer so plug it on in while it’s on plug it on in and also then go in advance and hit mass storage and also struck connect PC storage struck OK as soon as done there it ought to pop up on our Computer as well as we’re gon na require to move this DX F co9 BML data or MTD depending on which one you downloaded and install over to our removable disk so simply click and drag and move that on over to detachable disk I already have it on there so I’m not going to so that’s the first point we’re gon na require to do once done there just go ahead and press separate from storage space and also then unplug it from your PC when separated as soon as done there go in advance and also go to

your desktop computer really and when we’re on a desktop computer we’re mosting likely to create a brand-new folder so go ahead as well as strike brand-new and afterwards folder so make a new folder you can simply call it impressive root if you want so simply call it impressive root it does not matter what you intend to call it once you have that folder go back right into your downloads folder actually and also click and move that clockworkmod 5 factor absolutely no point 2 factor seven file into that folder right there when done there currently we’re gon na require to increase click Onan three if it doesn’t open up we’re gon na need to download a data such as 7-zip if you can not open it up however anyways once you have odin 3 and also right there open it on up we’re gon na need to transfer the bottom two data to odin three and odin three 1.85 you do not need to move the guidelines over but down transfer these 2 documents right into our legendary origin folder so once done there we’re almost ready to go dual click the root folder as well as inside you’ll see those three data where these transferred proceed and also right click our odin 3 file as well as hit run as manager and also struck yes as soon as it opens on up we can go back to our

phones actually and also proceed and also just power off our gadget so go ahead and also strike power off and also strike okay so just power off your Impressive 4G one that’s powering down we’re gon na proceed and skip Odin off established up for us so to set up Odin this is Odin we are mosting likely to need to press the PDA box here on the ideal side as well as after that it ought to take us into that epic root folder otherwise browse to it that is on the desktop computer so going back right into that folder as well as double click that clockwork plant 5 factor zero point 2 point 7 tar data double click on that it must go right into the PA piece when it examined and after that after that here on the left side we’re mosting likely to require to uncheck automobile reboot so see to it automobile reboot is unchecked as well as nothing else is inspected here on the left side so ensure everything is uncontrolled over here and we only have the clockwork mod data in the PDF slot of Odin as soon as done there we are ready to go go on and go in advance and place our phone into download mode press and also hold the one switch and also the power button at the very same time press as well as hold both of them it

will take us into download mode which is required to utilize Odin on the epic and also once done there go ahead and also connect our phone into our PC so plug it on in while it remains in download mode as well as once you do that you need to see a yellow box turn up and Odin right there it must say common than a number it matters not what the number is however it ought to be a yellow box stating calm if it does not it could be setting up chauffeurs as I claimed some troubleshooting pointers is cable television together with various USB ports and re-installing motorists so those are your troubleshooting suggestions if olden doesn’t acknowledge your device the cable television is the major one typically the wire is poor if PC is not recognizing your earphone but anyways when you got it identified we are practically prepared to go we’re gon na go on and also hit the begin button so go ahead as well as strike begin it’ll go in advance as well as put a blue bar on our phones progress bar in addition to an environment-friendly one in Odin and after that it should reset and after that let’s say pass yet as you can see

our phone’s not going to immediately reboot because we untreated auto reboot so it’ll be stuck on this screen so what we’re gon na need to do is go in advance and also return to our phones now alright and as soon as we are back to our phones we can go as well as disconnect it since Odin currently claimed pass as well as once we are done there we’re gon na require to take the battery on out so go on and also pop the battery out since that’s our means to get out of download setting pop it on out and now make certain you do not put it back up yeah we’re gon na require to do is go in advance as well as press and also hold the volume down video camera switch and also power button at the same time press and hold all 3 of them at the exact same time so keep them all held back till the bottom backlit tricks brighten so maintain it held down maintain it held back and also after that once those brighten proceed and also release as well as once we let go there as you can see it takes us right into our new custom-made based recovery clock with my based recuperation so let’s go ahead and also discover how to use this so you to navigate via usage the volume up as well as down buttons and the video camera button to choose what you intend to choose so what we’re mosting likely to require to do now is mount that FCO nine rather rooted ROM so go in advance and press the quantity down button up until you get to install zip from sdcard and also press the camera button to choose it and afterwards proceed as well as select it from sdcard with the electronic camera switch and afterwards go on and scroll to

where that F co9 file is allow me go on and see what it’s called I can not remember what what he called it it’s f co 9 DX f co 9 v ml zipper NTD zip so you get DX F co 9 v ml zip so we will certainly require to select that documents right there and you’ll see it’s right there it brings us to this page go on and also scroll down until you hit of course set up that zip so go on indeed it’ll go ahead and install the full run it need to not wipe any kind of data whatsoever it need to just go ahead and also overwrite whatever keep the exact same applications and so on and ES Submit Traveler app on my residence screen I’ll show you that that’s still there everything will certainly be the same yet this will generally simply overwrite your rom and also it will be quite rooted you also will keep clockworkmod so if you want to blink any various other rom you can if you intended to blink a specific ROM you can simply flash that rom currently you do not require to with particular various steps certainly but anyways I’m gon na proceed as well as let this mount and also once it is done I will be back okay as you can see install from sdcard

complete it is done you recognize go ahead at the back backlit button right here to return and afterwards go ahead and also choose reboot system now with the cam button so we’ll go on and also reboot your Legendary 4G once it restarts you ought to really just be transmitted you’ll have clockwork my base recovery and you will certainly still be primarily supply directed which would certainly be it so I’m gon na go as well as let this boot up it’ll take a bit of time too up the very first time simply create it seeks you install that that pre transmitted rom so go on as well as let it start up and after that I will be back as soon as it’s done alright so as you can see my phone has booted it did take longer than typical as I stated so go on and also unlock it appears like Z concept came with it you can go and also uninstall it if you don’t desire it but anyways you started into your touchwiz launcher will be the just the same as you can see yes data

traveler still there on my residence display it’s all my information was saved no no differences there which is wonderful so I suggest I’ll return into settings scroll down go to about phone you’ll see I still have FCO 9 right there my develop version and also in my after I need to have the Super Individual app which is right there so there you have it Super Customer is right there I am now fully rooted my Samsung Epic 4G I do have Clarke of might as well in case you wish to set up other roms and so on yet that would be it to ensure that would certainly be exactly how to path your Samsung Impressive 4G the most up to date method on FCO 9 if you face any troubles have any kind of questions simply leave a comment I’ll enjoy to help you people out make certain to sign up for me follow me on Facebook Twitter as well as Google+ all suches as to be in the summary listed below as always many thanks be sure to give this a thumbs up