Review of the AOSP ICS mod Rom on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

everyone can be king 77 here from the air conditioner distribute senior to do a review video of the epic touch AOSP ICS mod rom on your samsung legendary 4g touch this is a Gelato Sandwich FC 15 a leaked expense based ROM so it is based off the most recent FC 15 leakage first of all system concerning fawn and as you can see right there develop number FC 15 which would be the most recent Gelato Sandwich leakage generally what he has actually attempted to do when I say he TJ tjohnson81 he has actually essentially taken the supply TouchWiz FC 15 and tried to turn it into as basically a supply ICS as possible that’s why he calls it the AOSP ICS mondeo SP android open source job he’s he’s done an excellent job actually a really good task so he’s included some incredible applications as well as such first off virtually recognize Boggs notice sound as well as vibration helped me so the good news is that functions GPS sensible i simply installed the rom I didn’t do my gps deceive I must have however so I do suggest doing the GPS trick I will certainly connect to that video clip in the description however after you install it from a gingerbread based rom yet i can not obtain general practitioners

to secure i need to return to Gingerbread get a lock and after that go straight right into clockwork as well as then blink this rom which I’m mosting likely to do after this since this problem is truly terrific I’m anticipating utilizing this rom so anyways various other things I wish to point out it does have essentially stock gelato sandwich like applications however first off up at the top we have actually got a little bit different themed notice bar up on top you obtained the primarily supply battery icon with the TouchWiz percent below it in addition to theme blue you have blue signal bars blue ICS signal bars and also heaven Wi-Fi icon as well allow’s go as well as swipe down resembles you obtained an eco-friendly environment-friendly selections right up here I kind of shown up Wi-Fi so we can have a look at the 3g icon yet we have bluetooth there you have it you men heard an alert for this you can swipe away your notification stealth certainly you can swipe those away up at the top there’s your new 3d symbol a little bit different to ensure that’s kind of amazing however I.

imply all these points illuminate eco-friendly when you choose them obviously allow’s go in advance and also have a look at the 4g symbol I’m not as well certain just how that looks I haven’t tried it because I generally just don’t obtain 4G so there you go style blue there too so sort of awesome various other things it is transparent the alert bar as you can see you can see throughout it so or else an extremely amazing notice bar I kind of would have instead had them motif the symbols blue yet I make sure that will be available in the future considering that this is the initial release of this rom yet various other things i do wish to point out it features the supply ICS launcher you can obtain other launchers from the marketplace i installed nova launcher i’m going to try that a person out with this rom as well however I suggest you obtained all your gelato sandwich applications G apps your talk Play Shop play songs coming with its various other things he in fact included the dialer from Simon’s maan 9 so as you can see you have generally a themed ICS dialer that you can snap through go in between context current as well as your dialer as well so I mean it’s type of quite awesome in fact that he obtained that included as well as the style calls not themed with the Ice Lotion Sandwich calls app so I mean you.

have all your calls you can swipe with your favorites your contacts as well as your groups so really remarkable there that that’s included too offer your AOSP clock application which I believe is that right there you obtained your alarms and such I’m not as well sure just how this works because I haven’t actually used it so I mean you obtained that alternative you have your AOSP calculator so I imply a various style calculator as opposed to the TouchWiz calculator so you got that choice as well you have really an ad-free hosts file included so in some of your apps it must not show the advertisements which is rather wonderful you have an AOSP e-mail application to ensure that e-mail application will be ice lotion sandwiches while your web browser which he which is wonderful that he obtained it functioning really is the supply Ice Lotion Sandwich browser let me hop on Wi-Fi real fast before I do this even if my speeds are constantly horrible let’s attempt Google and after that as you can see tons right up and also you have your tabs which you can include a brand-new one as well as let’s proceed and also decline locations but you obtained two tabs open now as you can see you can swipe one away let’s attempt as well as fill up an additional website AC organization net allowed’s lots that on up and as you can see packed.

tons right up i mean actually no lag whatsoever at the pinch zoom while it’s still filling i can squeeze zoom it so i mean total just an actually terrific web browser if you men have not tried it yet you can flip away your tabs so extremely amazing there you in fact Chrome Beta did panic on me so in instance you were questioning their Chrome Beta still had not been helping me which is okay due to the fact that you need to stock Ice Lotion Sandwich browser and also I you have your current apps checklist running apps provide right here pressing all the house switch to reach that so you can snap them away got your task manager too so you have those outstanding i choices taking place generally your messaging applications the supply TouchWiz application but you do have the ICS key-board down right here which is excellent so we can message google real quick goog i have it conserved into my contacts now so we can message them mms functions SMS jobs trigger image messaging functions general practitioners was the only thing that’s a little bit undecided it’s most likely gon na service several of your devices most likely out others but it need to constantly work if you do that quick gps deceive that i do advise you doing but as you can hear.

my phone vibrated in addition to made that notice noise that I have a sms message so it’s nice that that is totally fixed because that had not been operating in various other previous leakages yeah other than that I mean you primarily have your supply Ice Lotion Sandwich experience where you obtain your apps horizontally in addition to your widgets going on right here you can click and also put your widgets anywhere there scrollable some of them are resizable also so you can you can scroll via your widgets you can pick it up drop it pull back resize it if you desire so I indicate you obtain a bunch of choices due to the fact that this is the stock launcher which is excellent because you don’t have your touch was launcher anymore certainly that wouldn’t mimic the Ice Lotion Sandwich experience electronic camera sensible you got your touch with video camera application so I imply it functions well though so it’s nice that you got that alternative yet truly besides that nothing absolutely nothing a lot various but it’s actually terrific that the theming he has actually done as you can see.

great blue/ scroll glow settings as themed as well however however I indicate really actually a nice job whatever is very smooth transitions are excellent very really quick as well as fast as well as stylish i’m extremely delighted with this run that is why i’m going to return to Gingerbread obtain my general practitioners secure and re mount this ROM due to the fact that I certainly wish to try it out for a while because it’s functioning excellent running great get your allshare app but yeah truly that’s truly about whatever I wished to to cover allow me understand you think leave talk about the video listed below also I didn’t obtain any type of overheating whatsoever even when I was syncing my google account so no overheating let me recognize he consider this rom if you’re running it or otherwise running it just leave a talk about the video make certain to register for me follow me on facebook twitter and also google+ all web links to be in the.

description the video clip listed below as well as one more thing i in fact neglected you got your lockscreen you got an ice cream sandwich lock screen which was.
in fact a large thing I can not believe I nearly failed to remember that so you can go straight to your electronic camera or your unlock so it’s actually rather outstanding that we obtained the supply Ice Lotion Sandwich lockscreen going remember you can swipe down on your notice bar while in your lock screen if you keep in mind that so you’ve obtained that as well as additionally one more thing I understand a lot of you people are going to be asking sorry concerning this little expansion to the video I can’t believe I failed to remember a couple of these things you do have face unlock as well so you got all those terrific options so don’t worry I reached them I apologize for almost forgetting about them you obtained your teams choice also might you have your stock launcher yet yeah that’s actually about if you have any kind of inquiries do not hesitate to ask yet as I said subscribe to me and thanks.