Review of Beta CyanogenMod 9 ICS Rom on the Samsung Epic 4G

hello every person can be king 77 here from the AC organization team here to do an evaluation video clip of the most recent signage of my 9 beta rom on the samsung epic 4g so virtually everything is working there are just a pair pests i will certainly link in the summary of the video to discuss those insects i’m not mosting likely to look at them in the videos just vital so this video clip stays existing yet anyways check out the insects i will certainly publish them in the description of the video so check that out if you ‘d such as to but right here it is waiting nine made to mimic the supply gelato sandwich experience but practically every little thing functions whatever essential general practitioners mms SMS phone whatever i suggest truly if you individuals r an alpha rom you virtually understand that everything works just a couple of sort of nitpicky insects are still there but that that’s really it not also any kind of nitpicky insects i indicate it’s basically obtained every little thing functioning it remains in beta now alpha is ever see the even more insects beta is just only a couple and also then authorities need to be soon hopefully but anyways let’s proceed and also leap right into i do a video clip training want to install if you want to examine that out i will link to that in the

description of the video but here it is as you can see right now you got your gelato sandwich a black screen where you can swipe down the notification bar while you’re locking if you wish to swiftly most likely to a messaging a message or a miss telephone call or what not a gmail however anyways as you can see it’s made to imitate the stock Gelato Sandwich experience basically up at the top you obtained your supply stock clock blue clock Gelato Sandwich battery Gelato Sandwich symbols I do not have my phone my number on my phone right now so it truly will not get on 3g clearly considering that my number is out my phone so you will not see 3g taking place 4G does not function i mean as i claimed practically whatever does function you obtained your quick panel widgets up here you obtained a quick setups switch right here we can go promptly to settings as you can see let’s go in advance as well as go back currently swipe that down again however truly that’s that’s it for the notification bar it is it a little bit transparent it does have a dark color to it though i get your sprint down here to make sure that would be the

notification bar right there icons clearly stock Ice Lotion Sandwich symbols I simulate those a great deal you have your essentially your changed stock Gelato Sandwich launcher it is basically stock however it does have tweaks that you can do courtesy of the signage quantity 9 rom of course if your widgets you have your applications you do have a Ford you would certainly you’re right there if you intend to examine that out however allow’s proceed and most likely to menu most likely to settings real quick scroll down most likely to about phone as you can see it’s Android version 4.0 point three ideal there signs your man version 9 I get on the beta now so there you have it there which is great that the they got that going with us anyways various other things concerning this rom that there are many extremely awesome things in fact so in the appropriate or no no applications unusual in relation to voicemail though there is no aesthetic voicemail app you will certainly notice that that’s not compatible with signs concerning 9 I believe you can simply call your contact number if you desire to inspect your voicemails or you can obtain it establish with the sprint google voice sorry you can get your voicemail configuration with google voice if you desire to do that i will link to other choices that you have in the summary of the video if you desire to establish up voicemail with another option so you obtained that option there cam clearly functions video clip video playback now does work so keep that in mind that I imply video playback does function currently I indicate

practically everything did obtain repaired I suggest your video camera certainly is going to function I’m going to take an image real quick took one actual fast undoubtedly to a couple really and also after that we go video recording we can do that we can tape some video clip as well as taking a recording video clip of me tape-recording video clip so I have actually got some creation taking place there yet yep sufficient sufficient with the video camera other things that they did deal with there disappears vanishing SD card ringtone missing out on some individuals that did have that insect they actually maximized a lot more memory so there’s 36 Meg more of memories so that’s excellent that they did that general it really feels really smooth extremely snappy pretty much no lag whatsoever going on in this ROM so very wonderful that they they most likely exercised virtually every little thing it’s most likely extremely close to official release let’s return right into the settings actually and also as you can see of launcher setups that sends a customized stock launcher can change the number of homescreens that you have you can have it resize any type of widget you can remove the search bar so if you

do not like the search bar on your home display you can obtain rid of that you have change effects tablet let’s attempt that tablet real fast II have a number of them now if you did see that tablet changes does not look like a modification I do not understand if a reboot requires to take place prior to those 2 enter into effect it might so maintain that mind shot and also reboot your phone i’m not mosting likely to do that now however if you intend to tinker those transition results you can do that but anyways various other things you have cabinet setups where you can alter the shift impact of those web page indicator as well you have doc you don’t have doc you don’t have icons those 2 are simply empty right now basic vehicle rotate display so you can have a car turn the house display without needing to take out the the key-board so as you can see a vehicle turn despite having the key-board in or out so keep that in mind that’s type of nice there should not be any type of keyboard skipping for those of you that did ask concerning that with the current with the various other indications of my 9 constructs there really isn’t any so keep that in mind yet besides that I indicate it is practically a very stock Gelato Sandwich

experience as all indications of my 9 roms are back into the setups though motifs is just a placeholder for currently so they have actually imported that over yet indication in to my group hasn’t actually so you obtain system setups too notification cabinet you have various other alternatives right here impressive comments notification cabinet up up on top you got these buttons right below you can really modify those with your switches you have a lot of various options you can include so let’s claim I wished to add toggle aircraft setting up on top currently when I swipe down it must be there as you can see airplane setting is right there currently so it behaves that I have that choice you can in fact scuff of them just go widget button order and also let’s state I intend to put airplane setting over sound today it obtains transformed so airplane mode is now over audio so it’s really terrific that that that’s that custom-made eight modification is readily available to make sure that’s that’s really really wonderful that you can add all of those font dimension you can alter also if you want huge font dimension if you have I troubles or just like having a larger dimension you have that alternative which is in fact very nice to have black display still a basically a short-lived location owner there will be lock display

settings in the future I do believe to ensure that’s type of nice that they will certainly be adding those but apart from that I suggest you have efficiency settings down below I do not however I do not know if they allow you overclock let’s have a look at go to maximum they do not however I make certain they exist will certainly be personalized kernels out for your tool if you do too to overclock on your ROM to ensure that you can mess with in the efficiency alternatives in the setups itself so that’s really great clearly you got your basically with gelato sandwich you have your widgets that you can scroll their scrollable widgets and resizable widgets so i indicate you can scroll via them obviously you can scroll through them right below which is great pick it up decrease it right back down you’ll see some dots around it you can resize it nonetheless you wish to resize as large as you want as little as you wanted as you can see so just tap outsider and also press the becker to quit editing that only works on a few of the widgets the resizing but you can not make it work with every one of them as i said in the essentially the launcher settings you can change that various other points obviously with the shift i claimed that it wasn’t functioning neither to reboot it really is functioning out if you can inform in the

video however does have the tablet design rotation as well as screen change computer animation in between there simply didn’t I didn’t observe it due to the no widgets on my home screen so keep that in mind that that is there you do have your collection choice naturally just drop gallery on the camera and also there you have it enter into it you can rename it if you would love to you can just go faucet on unnamed folder and also relabel it you get your stock Ice Cream Sandwich key-board below which is terrific I actually love this key-board hi so allow’s relabel it to high and there you have it falls and you got your folder which is very terrific you can have them down below as well if you want to get in touches with to be on top of messaging you have that they’re down in the the dock bar you push and also hang on to me as well as remove them you can edit those as long as you ‘d like which is which is excellent yet overall every little thing seems very extremely smooth as well as quick really pleased with the rate of this ROM so excellent that they’re they’re truly making big

progress on this rom big shout-out to everyone that got entailed with the centimeters team and obtaining this taking place our phones so actually great that this is working I imply everything jobs bluetooth gps Wi-Fi whatever as i claimed previously in the video so really wonderful that everything does function as well yet yes that’s really about it simply a quick overview of the signage my 9 rom on your impressive 4g if you’re mosting likely to do a complete evaluation for you guys as i said currently you have market as well as such since you mounted the G apps add-on certainly yeah that would certainly be that would be it I understood if you have any kind of inquiries whatsoever let me recognize what you think leave a remark on the video below I’ll more than happy to speak with you people be sure to sign up for me follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google And also all links to be in the description listed below and also as constantly thanks for be certain to offer this a thumbs up